The Latex Madame

I have had numerous comments about my latex pictures on my web page.

I am a bit of a switch. Sometimes I can be a dominating bitch and other times I can be submissive. When I wear latex, it defiantly brings out the controlling Madame. I have several latex outfits and when I slip it on my smooth body, my pussy has no choice but to get insanely soaked.

I become a different woman when I wear latex. I feel like I am Wonder Woman. When the outfit comes on, I become a Fuck Goddess of the night, someone you don’t mess with. When it comes off, I am the anything goes kind of girl.

When you see me out in public you would think I was a sweet, wholesome girl.  You would never think I was the boss of the best and most elite phone sex company on the net. But, like I said before, when my latex goes on, the girl next door turns off and the bitch within me comes out to play.

When the latex goes on so does my strap-on and I love feeling the power between my legs. I have high expectations and when they’re not met by you, I get feisty and only you that suffers.

Would you like to play with The Latex Madame or are you not man enough? Don’t cross the boss!

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