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You Can’t Get Enough

   I love making you do things that could totally fuck up your world. When she leaves you pull out the party favors and call me. If it is in the afternoon you know I am wearing skimpy shorts, a tight little tee and expensive as all get out tennis shoes. If you get the chance to sneak off at night I am in sheer, baby doll nighties and fuck me slippers. 

I easily talk you into giving me gift cards worth thousands from stores I love. Quite the loser, aren’t you? You imagine seeing me in a cafe where you’re with your wife. Not bad really, although she sure as fuck isn’t me. You watch me cross and uncross my tan legs as I tease the fuck out of you. No, I don’t care if she notices. In fact, I hope she does and she cuts you off completely. We both know you would rather phone fuck me than you would want fuck her.

You offer to pay for a weekend away with her friends, that is how much you crave alone time with me. She happily agrees. You better send those gift cards loser, if you want time with me.


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Relax With Kinky Elle Kat

      I know the holidays are always insanely busy for you. After a long day at work, you go to the mall trying to find that perfect gift for the lady in your life. She can be very hard to please, can’t she?  Even with all you do the ungrateful bitch does nothing to please you.

I would love to take away all your stress and do the things she considers dirty and distasteful. Actually lover, for me the nastier the better.

Let me fix you a drink and some dinner. Sit back and relax while you watch me cook. Watching me bend and stretch is making that yummy dick of yours hard, isn’t it? Do you know what I would love for you to do? My pussy is gushing thinking about later, and I need a quickie right here in the kitchen. Bend me over, pull down my jeans and fuck my beautiful ass. Fill me with cum, I will get back to your dinner and treat you like a king for the rest of the night.

Kinky Elle Kat



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My Cuckold Landlord

    My landlord never lets me know when work is being done at my house, and it is so fucking annoying. I stumbled out of bed in part of last nights lingerie after my hookup left after a hot morning fuck. I really just wanted something to eat and more sleep before tonight’s clubbing.

He was on the roof making sure all was good before the Fall cold set in. Mr Chase was staring at my perfect tits so hard I was surprised he didn’t fall of the roof.  At this point I came up with a plan thinking that maybe next time he will give me notice that he was coming over. 

I invited him in and offered him a cup of coffee. I could see the less than impressive bulge in his pants. I wondered how he would take getting a mouth full of jizz from the hottie I fucked all  night and this morning. He seemed mesmerized by the jizz dripping down my legs. Then I did it, I grabbed him by his hair and pushed his face into my dripping pussy. He licked and slurped it up like a good little cuckold. 


Written By: Easy Elle
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Rough sex For His Little Kitten

       Sometimes waiting for the special surprises my sugar daddy elle6-300x426brings home to me seems like an eternity. I never know if it will be lingerie, jewelry, plane tickets or my very favorite of them all….several hot and horny men for me too fuck.

Some men are greedy and want to keep you all to themselves but mine loves sharing me as much as I love gang bangs.  I always wait relaxing with a drink when he says it is “surprise time”. One time it was a beautiful fem/dom with a 10 inch strap-on.

       Last night it was 5 tall men who looked a bit rough around the edges. I knew right then I was in for a rough fuck. William sat down and made himself comfortable as he got ready to watch his trophy girl get all her beautiful holes pounded.   Sometimes I pretend to cry and beg them not to rape me. Lol, you know it just makes them fuck me harder. Want to join in and rape this beautiful blonde? I promise you will have the best fuck you can ever imagine.

                 Kinky Elle Kat

Loser Boyfriend gets Put In His Place

    My older boyfriend is such a bore. Lucky for me he is owner elle9of a huge firm with so many hot men closer to my age with same appetite for sex. I used to worry about getting caught because I love the lifestyle I have with him but something changed to remove any worries.

     He walked in on me fucking one of his employees but instead of doing anything a real man would do he just watched. The more he watched the hotter it became. My fuck buddy told my loser boyfriend to get his ass over to us and suck his dick. I shouldn’t have been shocked when the obedient bitch did it!    I had it on speaker and soon the whole office was watching, taking the “boss” way down to size..Lol not that he ever had a big size!

            After my fuck buddy shot his load all over the glass window looking into hallway we made him lick it all up like a good cuckold should.  It looks like two of my problems are solved. There is so much more sexy details to this but you will have to call and get off with me to hear them.



Elle Gets What She Deserves

      _elle-phone-sex-1-275x500                             I went to my favorite club the other night and met this very well dressed older man. I love this club because they treat me like a goddess. I never have to wait on line like the less attractive and get every and anything I want. Some might call me a bitch, but who the fuck cares.

I was escorted to my table when the older gentleman immediately had a bottle of Dom sent to me with 3 dozen roses. He sat down and made small talk. I drank my Dom, took my flowers and told him the club was boring tonight so I was leaving. He asked me to stay but fuck it, I need more action. 

I was getting into my car when I felt a hand over my mouth, a knife against my neck and a stiff dick against my ass. He whispered in my ear I was a cunt and needed to be taught a lesson. What the hell, it was the sweet older man in the club. He ripped off my panties and shoved his huge dick in my dripping cunt. He laughed loudly when he felt how wet I was. He pounded me while pulling my hair till he shot a huge loud in my cunt and left me there with a pussy full of jizz.

                    Kinky Elle Kat


We Both Crave BBC

I have always craved big black cock. When I was in school in the “deep” South all my boyfriends were  black. I have no doubt I sucked and fucked every basketball and football player. There was just something about seeing black skin against my pale skin, their big black hands on my perfect firm tits that drove me wild with desire.

The thing is as I have gotten a little older,I want more than just getting pumped by a beautiful thick, 10 inch black  cock. I want another man to join us, as more of a  submissive. I want him to worship me and my black fuck  buddies.

I was out on a date with a new gentleman who was  actually a bit younger than me and I noticed how he looked  at all the attractive tall black men when they walked by our  table. Maybe he thought I didn’t notice, but oh trust me I  did!  During our dinner he said he had to make an  important call, ordered me another cocktail and said he  would be quick. He had two phones and the one he left on  the table, well I decided to see if I could learn more about  Andrew. Fuck did I ever! He had a great deal of porn on his     phone and all of it was interracial. Interesting. Now if i was any other woman I would wonder how to tell him I snooped, but well this is me a hot, busty blonde we are talking about.

While he was gone I texted one of my favorite fuck buddies and told him to let himself in, have a drink, relax and I would be home soon with a surprise.  Andrew, ever the gentleman, walked me to my door and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I invited him in and he happily agreed. We went up to my bedroom and sitting on a chair having a drink in just his tight boxers was a hot ass black man named Jake. Andrew’s eyes just lite up when he saw him. He began to get flustered and asked me what this was all about and how did I know. LOL.  Jake put his arms around me and gave me a slow, hot passionate kiss. I commanded Andrew to come over the pull off Jake’s boxers.

What happened next you wonder. Did Jake pound me like a bitch in heat as Andrew watched in lust? Did I explain to Andrew even if his cock was “sufficient” it could never fill me up like a big black cock? Well, I have my secrets and if you want more of them you know what you have to do.

Kinky Elle Kat Loves BBC

Three Hole Fuck

I was having a pool installed yesterday and the men were so fucking hot! They came over looking handsome in their uniforms, yes I love a man in any uniform, but as the morning progressed their shirts came off from the heat. I went back to bed for awhile and then went to the kitchen for something to eat. I could hear them calling me a bitch for getting pool during this heatwave and talking about what man paid for it. They even began talking about my hot body and what they wanted to do to me.

I love a rough fuck and the thought of it was making my sweet kitty gush down my perfect legs. While I watched them work I began to squeeze my hard nipples. It felt so good, I began to fantasize just what their hard dicks, dripping pre-cum looked like. I went to get my vibe to really take care of myself while closing my eyes, fucking my sweet kitty  and having amazing filthy thoughts.

I didn’t hear the three men enter my house through my own excited moans but when I opened my eyes they were standing over me with their huge dicks out. I tried to say “NO” yes a bit of an act to make them rape me. One grabbed me and pushed me on top of his huge, thick dick while another went for my tight sweet ass. The best part for me was having a throbbing, veiny dick shoved down my throat. They fucked me hard as they called me names and told me what a spoiled bitch I was. OMFG it was the best fuck I ever had!

Kinky Elle Kat

Everything You Own Is Now Mine

You have been watching me for months now. When I cross my legs you stare eagerly hoping for a glance at my creamy thighs and beautiful kitty. When I lean forward you hope for a glance at my nipples. Do you think I haven’t noticed? Now it is time for payback!

Hand over your wallet now!  Really, just one MasterCard? I know better than that by the car you are driving and the house you live in. Yes, I know it all as the stalker has been stalked!  Empty your pockets or I will scream so loud the windows will break. That is much better. Now count them slowly, and as you do tell me the balance in each card. Stop staring at me and speak without stuttering.

These will do very nicely. You look like you’re about to cry but yet your useless, pathetic dick is as hard as a rock. Interesting!  You may stroke it while signing over your car and your house to me. You do have two hands, don’t you? Oh look what has happened. The thought of draining your finances has made my sweet, creamy kitty very wet. I do so love money and taking it from fools like you. Just one more thing before you leave. Get a second job because you will be need one to fill your daily Elle addiction.

Kinky Elle Kat

Party At Elle’s House

I am a complete party girl and love having the gang over for parties. I met this new guy and didn’t want to have him meet them all at once. My naughty friends might have scared him away as soon as they met.  He asked me for dinner and while we talked I got to know him better and decided a party might be just the thing for him.  After a few glasses of Merlot, I mentioned our weekly parties.

He immediately said he would love to join us but there was just one thing; he requested it to be mostly hot, well built men. I admit, I was surprised but his words made my kitty gush with the possibilities. I love watching men together and being their fluffer. I just love cock and don’t care who is doing whom.

It didn’t take me but a day to prepare. I had a fridge full of beer, and a lot of munchies as this was going to be a long, hot party. My new guy arrived looking so hot I wanted to just pounce on him. After several hot kisses, his clothes were off and mine were still on. He slowly undressed me and thanked me for the party I set up for him.

The men began to arrive, most already knew that my parties were mostly orgies and weren’t surprised to see my new guy nude and on his knees. At his urging, they all got undressed. He was drooling at all the cocks, and said the bigger the better. He watched while I sucked the smallest first, well if you call 9 inches small. LOL. He was so fucking ready that he begged for the biggest first and wanted to be filled in both cum dumpster holes at once. One of the best parties yet!

Kinky Elle Kat