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Needing Your Touch

When I don’t hear from you for a couple of days, I start going crazy because I need your touch. I know I don’t feel you physically but mentally I need it. It’s your voice that stimulates me. When I hear your masculine voice on the other end of the phone, my pussy instantly starts to moisten.

Pleasing myself without you is not the same and my orgasms are not nearly as intense as when I am with you. Do you feel the same or is it just me? I hate to think of the thought that you get off without me, but of you do, is your orgasm any different? I like to think that as much as we want each other, we need one another.

I want you now and I am needing your touch.



Written By: Caroline
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Married Men Get My Pussy Hot

I just moved into a new place and I’m definitely ready to play with some of the married men in my neighborhood. I know it’s bad of me, but I just can’t help myself. There is something about men with a ring on their finger that completely makes my pussy hot.

I noticed that you have had your eye on me for the past few days, so why not stop by my place when your wife leaves for work? There really is absolutely nothing I would love to do more than get your married cock off. We could play around in my big, jacuzzi tub for awhile first, get some hot foreplay action going, or we can just fuck like crazy! I don’t care as long as I get your married cock in my horny pussy.

Don’t make me wait to long lover!


Written By: Caroline
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Snow Bunny’s Vacation

All this cold weather and snow just brings back sweet memories of my last skiing trip.  Up in the mountains with a bunch of my friends in a log cabin snuggling up to bonfires and telling stories and playing some games.  It was so bitterly cold, my sweaters showed off my breasts and my hard nipples, made them look bigger than normal.  As the snow trickled down and the stars  were crystal clear in the sky, all my friends wanted to dare each other to run around naked in the snow and freezing weather.  We all agreed to do a whisky shot or two for some warmth.  There were about 13 of us, mixed good looking group of guys and girls.  We all gulped down the shots, stripped our clothes off and ran outside the cabin.  The snow looked so fresh and white, I dove right into the snow.  However, I didn’t realize that one of my guy friend’s was already burying himself in the same spot that I landed in.  Guess the cold didn’t really affect the size of his cock because it was fully erect!  I couldn’t push myself off of him, I felt a little weak, but he wasn’t exactly pushing me off him… fact he held me pretty tightly and his hands covered my ass.  I started shivering and he pulled me in tightly and whispered in my ear that he could heat me up just like a furnace except it would be more pleasurable.  I looked in his deep blue eyes, I’ve always had a crush on him and thought he was extremely good looking, and told him to go ahead and make me warm.  He held on to my ass and pushed his cock into my pussy.  Assuming because of the cold, I didn’t think I could get turned on or even wet, but boy was I wrong.  My pussy got so wet from his large thick cock that I told him in his ear to fuck the shit out of me.  My pussy was being warmed up by his huge dick and I even began sweating as he was fucking me and his balls were just smacking against my ass.  He began sucking on my nipples and they just kept getting harder and harder, almost sharp.  I was definitely getting heated up by him pounding my pussy.  We were humping each other like rabbits and it lasted for quite some time.  I came on his hard dick at least 3 times and we came at the same time during each orgasm I had!  Ah memories make me want to relive those moments and especially now.  I want to be your snow bunny and heat up your body and cock.

Truth Or Dare

Everyone has been saying what a beautiful smile I have……well that’s because I finally met a new friend and he and I have been getting very close.  My friend and I love spending time together and experimenting in the bedroom.  In fact late last night, he wanted to introduce me to his new friends.  I was thrilled to finally meet them, plus I have heard so much about them.  As soon as the three guys walked in, I knew this was going to be an interesting fun night!  We started drinking and playing some games.  We played my favorite, truth or dare.  For some reason, I just love a good dare and it keeps me on my toes when I shock myself.  As normal, when the bottle landed on me, I picked dare.  This was no ordinary dare, this was almost like a thrill seeking dare for me.  They dared my friend to eat their cum out of my pussy, that is after they all had their turn cumming inside of me.  I guess my friend’s real secret fantasy was watching me getting fucked by his friends and then slurping out their cum from my pussy.  It turned me on just knowing that this was his fantasy.  Well a dare is a dare and I accepted, quickly with no hesitations.  One by one, they each undressed me and laid me down in the center of the floor with cushions underneath me.  My friend was undressing himself and  was so hard just looking at all the cocks that surrounded me.  At the same time, they each started caressing my body and licking me all over.  I was getting so horny and my pussy was dripping wet and getting creamier by the second.  All those dicks were getting harder, one couldn’t hold his load, he had already started fucking me while the other two were sucking on my breasts.  My friend was just standing above my head jerking off and his cum started trickling down onto my face.  I opened my mouth up so it would get on my tongue and I could taste him.  Then the other guy couldn’t hold himself, he wanted to cum hard in my pussy too and he did and felt real good.  Just as he was done, the last friend took his time jerking himself right into my pussy.  It was filled with all of their cum.  Just as they were done, my friend started eating me out.  My clit was pulsating in the moment and I couldn’t help myself, I started cumming right on his tongue.  I kept lifting my body and grinding his tongue as he was slurping out the cum that had filled me up.  The further he kept sticking his tongue in me, the harder I was cumming.  I didn’t expect this side of him, he was enjoying every moment of it and swallowing every last drop of it and as soon as he finished he decided to cum right in my mouth!  I can’t wait to see what happens next time we invite my friends over!

Wet Dreams

I had the wettest dream last night.  I have this fantasy about my friend’s father.  And last night it almost felt as if my dreams were coming true.  I had imagined the two of us were fucking and he had begged for it, but he didn’t have to tell me twice.  I had gripped onto his hips and started pounding away on his cock as he was smacking my ass with every thrust.  I quickly came with such fury that I thought I almost ripped off his cock.  Then a flood of my juices had flowed all over his dick and down his balls.  I was practically exhausted from the crave that I had.  But then I wanted him to cum. With my face still pressed against the floor, I grabbed behind and pulled his cock out of my pussy and decided that he fuck my ass, my tight asshole was wet and ready for that juicy dick.  I demanded he fuck it and as I guided his cock straight into my puckered asshole and cried for him to fill it with his cum, he did exactly just that!

May is Here

I love the month of May and as they say April showers bring May Flowers, well this flower is in full bloom!  I love to have fun in the sun.  I like working on my tan while I am playing around on the beach or around the pool laying out.  I love to lay out and not get any tan lines….so of course my tiny bikini doesn’t really cover up much.  More than likely, you will probably catch me with my top off as I sunbathe.  I am always rubbing oil all over my tight, hot body and can always use an extra hand to get in those hard to reach areas.  Lets have some fun under the sun.

My date with Daddy

So last night my father and I decided we would go out and get a few drinks.  He took me to this little strip joint that he always stops in on his way home.  He seemed to be quite the ladies man in there.  As I was sitting at the bar alone and watching my father greet every stripper, I noticed this one particular girl working who I thought was incredible.  She had long brown hair, and an exquisite body wrapped in a tight red leather dress.  I watched her as she gave another woman a very slow, erotic lap dance.  It was one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed.  My father came back and was trying to get my attention and saw that where my eyes were locked.  He decided to go whisper in her ear for me and walk her over.  I didn’t realize it at first, but my dad bought me a lap dance from her.  I was a little embarrassed because my dad was with me, but the more drinks he kept buying me, the more comfortable I felt.  Her red leather dress dipped down to her waist and her intimate curves were pushed in my face.  She slipped off her dress and all she was standing in were heels and a thong.  As my dad unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my bra, my breasts were suddenly in her mouth.  She ran her tongue around my nipples and started grinding on my lap.  My dad was behind her smacking her ass to the beat of the song playing in the background.  As soon as the song was over, she whispered in my ear and gave me her number.  She walked away and all I can think about now is whether to pick up the phone and give her a call. Thanks, daddy for a memorable evening.

Mr. Mysterious

I was strolling through the grocery store this afternoon.  I was wearing my normal attire, my short cut off denim shorts and my normal white tank top and no bra as always.  I love it when my breasts are not constricted.  And it is always cold in the supermarket, so I wore my lucky flannel.  As I was in the fruit section, I was feeling the melons and squeezing them to make sure they were ripe.  As I was doing so, this tall dark handsome man came up from behind me.  His hand had skimmed across my ass and grabbed my arm.  His firm grip took me by surprise and as I had taken a glance at his face, he was already unbuttoning my flannel shirt.  As hard as my nipples were, it must have turned him on because he had demanded that I take off my tank top.  He then started running his hand around my nipples and eventually he was nibbling on them.  Tugging and biting them, just the way I like it, but yet, I had no idea who this mysterious man was.  Next thing I knew, he commanded me to unzip my shorts as he was unzipping his pants.  He took my left leg and wrapped it around his neck.  His tounge was pulsating against my clit as he spread my lips wide apart.  I must admit, I was first scared but as soon as he licked and sucked my honey, I became more relaxed.  I started grabbing for his hard cock, it must have been 8 inches and thick.  I grabbed his cock and massaged his balls and then he glided right into my wet, creamy pussy.  I started panting louder with each thrust.  I whispered in his ear begging him for his name, but he refused.  It turned me on even more to know that I was fucking a complete stranger in the middle of a grocery store in public knowing that all the customers were staring at us.  As soon as the manager of the store came, my mysterious quickly disappeared.  I am in search of this fine man, I hope he is reading this and calls me as soon as possible so we can finish where we left off………………….xoxo

New Beginnings

I have always enjoyed new “relationships”. I love the thrill of what is “new” and “fresh”. I love to meet someone and be involved for 6 months of less because after that point stuff starts getting sticky in a different way. My track record is typically about 3 to 6 months depending on the guy and when the sex gets boring.

I love being touched for the first time with a new person. I love the anticipation, discovering what his cock looks like and how his cum tastes. I like finding out if they know how to touch me or if they need taught. Both are equally exciting to me.


Sex should be progressive, it should be slow, and I never fuck on a first date. I have had plenty of one night stands, but they almost never have been a typical date. If a guy likes me enough to ask me out, to pay for dinner, or to work even a little bit for me – then I always make him wait a little bit.

Even though I am a smut hound I love watching a man in anticipation. I believe they should work to get my pussy. The waiting always makes that first time super intense and that’s what I crave. The “I can’t keep my fucking hands off of you” attitude and the aggression it brings to a man.

Toying with a man, making him wait and wonder gets me so wet. When he picks me up for the date I already know he isn’t going to be fucking me but he doesn’t. He is wondering, playing the sex chess game and it also means he is desperately hoping.

I’m the girlfriend you never had!

Have you ever had a bad sex girlfriend? You know, one of those girls that’s super hot, but really inexperienced. She looks like she is a super freak in the bed room and then come to find out she hates oral or even worse she hates the sight of cum!
What if you could have both? The really hot, gorgeous girl that’s willing to pass all boundaries. I know you really want the ultimate trophy girlfriend. The girl you can show off to your guy friends and even better, brag about your kinky sex life and for the first time you’re not making up any lies.
It’s time to dump “boring Jane” and let me be your sexual satisfying girlfriend. The only limits are the ones that you bring to my door. Call your new girlfriends phone number right now 877-516-0306!