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Dominating Britt

I know what you’re thinking; how could such a cute, little girl ever have a mean, dominate side? She’s so petite and how could anyone be in control when they have “Baby” in their name?

If you are continuing to read this, you’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t even know what you want.  But don’t worry, I do! I have manipulated so many men and taken over their mind, body and soul. They completely worship me in every way imaginable. I know how to push your limits and boundaries. If you’re taking up my precious time, I will own and control you to make it worth my time. You will also address me as Mistress Britt, anything else and you will be punished.

A little girl like me loves big toys and not just for myself either. It excites me to hear muffled cry’s and whimpering when I use my 15 inch strap-on dildo on your loser ass. Hearing such pathetic noises from a grown ass man only makes me want to push it harder and ruin your so called man holes.

You think you can handle this or are you too scared of your little Baby Britt?


Written By: Baby Britt
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Horny Cassidy

My new boyfriend has been spending the night a lot. Last night he went back to his place for a change. I was feeling so horny. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my toy and slid down my tiny thong.  As soon as I circled my toy around my pussy hole, I started thinking about my  girlfriends dad. He is newly divorced and very good looking. I closed my eyes and I could vision him with his strong hands caressing my body from head to toe,  sending shivers up and down my body. He explored every inch of my body. I was getting so hot, my toy was pushed half way into my pussy already. It felt so good. I knew I had to make this reality.

Today I’m going to make it my mission to stop by his office and say hello and see if he would like to grab some lunch. How could he possible say no to this young, hot body!



 Written By: Cassidy
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My Daddy Wouldn’t Approve


Finally road trip weather! I love hitting the road for a few days to see what trouble I can get myself into. It was late and I saw a sort of seedy motel off the highway. Why not? The thing I love about seedy motels is you never know what you will see, or what nasty fun you can get caught up in. This one had a bar right next to it with all sort of sights to see in the parking lot. I went in and got my room, freshened up and headed for the bar.

This woman approached me and asked if I would be interested in a 3 way dom session with one of her regulars. She told me he paid and tipped extremely well. She said he really wanted me to join because he was never dommed by a teen. I did want some nasty adventure so after a few shots of some watered down booze, I was ready to play. First, I texted my daddy to assure him I was at the Hilton he booked for me. LOL. Then on to a room even dirtier than mine.

She had him lick me from head to toe, making him spend most of his time licking the soles of my pretty feet and my sweet little rosebud pucker. She watched and called out demands of him. Next thing I knew, she was putting a two headed dildo in my hot little pussy, and telling me to fuck the shit out of this worthless bitch of a man. After a long night of some crazy intense shit, I took my money and headed to my room.

I wonder what night two of my trip will bring? I think tomorrow night will be a 5 star hotel and an older gentleman to dominate, because that shit rocks!


Written By: Delaney
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Sisterly Love

      suzanne5 (3)  I was finishing making dinner when my phone sex son came home from his Aunt’s house a little more boisterous than normal. His hair was tousled and he smelled like sex. I told him dinner would be soon, but he told me he wasn’t hungry for dinner. When he came behind me and gave me a kiss, I could tell he had a huge hard-on. I was confused as he had come from my sister’s house. He began to kiss the back of my neck and grab my big tits.

 I was about to ask him what was going on and push him away, when I heard the voice of my twin sister. She laughingly told me since I fucked most of her boyfriends she thought she would just make a man out of my 15 year old son. My son said, “Hey mom fucking her was just like fucking you since you look identical”. Then he said he wondered if we gave blowjobs and fucked the same as well. Apparently, my sister also told him as teens we would lick each others pussy’s when we were horny, and that he wanted to see it.

 Of course, I was hesitant but my pussy was getting so wet thinking about my sister fucking my son. He picked me up and took me to my bedroom with my sister following behind. I don’t know what came over me, but soon we were doing 69 on the bed with my son stroking his very large cock. As my hips moved up and down getting into what we did as teens, my son slipped in behind me and began to rim my ass. That felt so good. After my asshole was wet, he began to fuck me. We all came so hard, we just layed on the bed not even moving till my son mentioned he was starved; and after dinner he was ready for round two.
Written By: MILF Suzanne
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Daddy’s Little Escort

It was Friday night and I got an escort call and had to go to a hotel. I got dressed up in my slinky black dress and black stiletto heels. When I arrived at the hotel, I was very impressed. My customer text that he was in a suite so I knew this guy had money.

I got to his room and when he opened the door it was my Daddy! We were both in shock. He told me he got into a fight with mommy and wanted to treat himself to a night alone. He went on to tell me that they haven’t had sex in months and he was really looking forward to an evening of raunchy sex.

He had no clue I was an escort and he didn’t seem upset at all. In fact, he was happy it was me and not some ugly, fat slut. He opened up to tell me he always wanted to fuck me but was to shy and didn’t know how to approach the subject.

He handed me $1,000 cash and asked if he could fuck his little whore. I immediately took off his pants and gave my phone sex daddy a blowjob of a lifetime.

We fucked 3 times that night and he came inside me every time. Daddy said he will be my #1 customer.


Written By: Olivia
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Sexy, Steamy Revenge Phone Sex with Skylar

cute dress 4How to mend a broken heart?
Fuck your ex-girlfriend’s hot best friend! 

So your girlfriend broke up with you, and you are in need of some hot steamy fun? 

Arrange for me, her sexiest, best friend, to come over and pick up all of your ex-girlfriends things. When you open the door, you notice that I am wearing a very short, low cut dress. Wow, how I love to show off my big tits and sexy legs! 

Explain how devastated and sad you over the break-up and how you hate sleeping alone. 

I have always had a crush on you, always thought you were hot. I hug you and I suggest that the best way to get over her is to fuck one of her best friends. As we are hugging, I offer to fuck you any way you want. Hot, wild and rough! Do all those things that your ex-girlfriend would not do in the bedroom. I will rock your work and blow your mind. 

After all, living well, and fucking hot best friend is the sweetest revenge of all. 


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Sunday Brunch with Mother-in-law

01In our family, we celebrate many holidays the Sunday before the actual Holiday.a

We are celebrating Easter this Sunday at my house. I am making Brunch. Super excited to have everyone here, especially you, my sexy son-in-law. 

I wear a very sexy alluring festive dress with a deep plunge neckline to catch your eye. I know you become so turned on with my big tits and my long legs.

After Brunch, while everyone is hanging out, I am going to seduce you lure you to my bedroom. Let you finally get your hands on my big tits.

My daughter, your wife, is pretty conservative in the way she dresses and in the bedroom.

For a wild ride, let’s



Written By: Auntie Ava
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Always a Bridesmaid

 I have a confession to make. Weddings make me HOT. Most women my age get depressed when they’re a bridesmaid once again and never a bride. Not me. Seeing all those sexy groomsmen in their tuxes, yum.

I was in a wedding last weekend and got that stirring in my panties again and went looking for the best man to help me rub out that itch. I didn’t find him, but I did find someone else: the groom. He was pacing around the room, nervous; probably realizing that he would never fuck another woman again. I sat down next to him to try to ease his nerves, and it happened.

He started kissing me and had the bodice of my dress down under my tits. He was like a starving man. His mouth, lips and teeth were all over my breasts and his hand was pulling down his zipper to take out his throbbing cock. There was a voice in the back of my head telling me to stop him, but my panties were already ripped out of the way and he was pushing me down into the couch and thrusting into me. I could hear people filing into the church and knew the door could open any minute but there was no stopping us. We both came fast and my pussy was quickly filled with his hot jizz.
I only thought fucking groomsman was fun. Standing at the altar with the groom’s cum oozing out of my pussy trumped it all!


Written By: Abby
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A Little Show For My Pervy Neighbor

  1. Spring is sprung and so is your cock. The weather is going to get warmer and you know what that means? Young girls in cute cut off shorts, tank tops with no bras and little bikinis. I know my old, pervy neighbor gets excited this time of year. He loves the backyard show I give him every year when I am out on my pool deck.

The first year I noticed him, it was very innocent. I saw him peeking out his upstairs window, so I would seductively put suntan lotion all over my body. The second year, I took off my top and rubbed suntan lotion all over my tits and nipples while he was stroking away. Last year I put on a masturbation show for him. I brought out my dildo and fucked myself till I came all over it. Afterwards, I put my dildo in my mouth so I could suck off my cum. I always act like he’s not there but I can see him in my peripheral vision. I don’t want to ruin the little game we play.

I’m hoping this year he will finally get the courage to come over, I’ll share some of my suntan lotion to jerk him off.


Written By: Hanna
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Interviewing Pool Boys

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. My husband heads south for a week-long golf trip. I have the house to myself, and the college boys are home for Spring Break.

It is the perfect opportunity to interview pool boys for the summer. I am looking for that perfect young hot stud to keep this cougar satisfied all summer long.

I am a bored but horny housewife who is seeing an eager hot college boy who is flexible with great oral skills. Must be energetic and have great stamina, and not afraid to experiment and try new things. Must love all watersports. 

If interested, stop by for an interview.

The Hot Cougar,



Written By: Samantha

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