Monthly Archive for March, 2016

Movie Night

Tonight is my favorite night of the week. It’s movie night with my sexy step-daddy! He always picks out the best movies for us to watch together. He told me it was a special one tonight and I should start getting things ready for us. I go and grab the little box that holds our must-haves for movie night… toys, lube, ropes, paddles; me and step-daddy play rough! giggles. We don’t watch silly kiddy movies, no way! Step-daddy picks out some raunchy, dirty porn! He puts it on and pulls me into his lap. As we watch, my clothes start to disappear and step-daddy’s dick begins to press into my sweet little ass. It’s always so hot. Step-daddy always fucks me good, but it’s even BETTER that night. When I hear the door open and step-daddy comes in with the video, my little cotton panties get wet instantly. He hands me the video and tells me to be a good girl and pop it in. I skip over, put it in and push play, and what should I see.. but ME. Step-daddy recorded some of our family fun time! As I watch, I feel hands pulling at me.
It’s time to thank step-daddy for my surprise.

Tender & Swollen

You were supposed to be somewhere over the holiday weekend, but you decided to play with me instead. Tied up kneeling at my feet staring at my amazing shoes. You start to drool like a pathetic loser. I pace back and forth looking down at you like a piece of fresh meat. You hear my shoes clicking on the floor every time I walk away from your weak soul. You anticipate what’s to come every time you play with me. The experience is always unknown. I start to tie your balls up. The excitement in your eyes grow like an eager young man. After a while things are looking perfect, Nice & swollen! You feel the sharp point of my metal stiletto heel against your skin. Mmm, it brings me great pleasure increasing the pressure while my shoe hovers over your aching balls. In the blink of an eye, I kick in your fucking balls. You suffer in silence while the pain travels through your body while I laugh at you. Pleasing me is what you’re going to learn to live for.

Princess Krystal

Write my blog for me daddy?

School was a breeze for me as for the most part I skipped out and had boys do my school work. When you have 36 double d tits at 12 life is easy peasy. If I wasn’t in one of my many adoring boyfriends attic’s fucking them I was out at the beach or getting men to buy me pretty things at the mall. Blonde Bimbo’s rule the world!

Algebra? Whatev’s was I supposed to do with it in real life anyway? I sucked my teachers cock while he fixed my tests to A.  I loved art and still do so fucking my art teacher was for the pure pleasure since he was so fucking hot. With me bent over his desk, skirt above my waist he banged me hard and deep for hours.

So one of my special callers wrote an erotic story for me, and it made my pussy so wet I came over and over my pretty fingers reading it. See now? I even have handsome men doing my work for me now! I do admit I love writing blogs but in my excitement I make so many typo’s….Enjoy and give me a call as I have a feeling I will be horny, creamy and hot as hell all day!

Imagine me just sitting in the corner, sipping my bourbon from a tumbler, as you pleasure yourself after reading my story. Watching silently, you would begin by caressing yourself and feeling flush. As you read on, the caressing turns to rubbing and groping mixed with whimpers and gasps of pleasure as you tug at your clothes. As you conclude my lusty vignette, you have disrobed, except your panties and bra. A light sweat makes your skin glisten and your breathing causes your chest to heave seductively. I continue to silently sit and sip in the shadows as your body responds to your increased arousal. The sheer cups of your bra shimmer as your lovers milk expresses from your hard nipples. You fingertips find your signature black panty moistened with your sweet juice. As you slip a French-tipped finger in under the front panel and into your womanhood, you shudder with the erotic electricity that you unleashed. Softly and skillfully, you massage your pink rose and we both can hear your wetness in the quiet of your boudoir. Slowly, you lift two slick fingers to your soft lips to savor your warm honey. You close your eyes and moan your approval of how you taste. I sip some bourbon and smile as I observe you. Gracefully, you pull the cups of your bra down to reveal your swollen copper nipples and full, round tits. Lifting your right mound to your lips, you flick your agile tongue across the tender flesh. Lapping your milk, you coo in delight before doing the same to your left breast. You, like me, cannot resist the urge to suck. Drawing your tit deep into your mouth, you enjoy the rush of that pale, sweet liquid. Suckling each one in turn, you feast on your erotic gift and I squirm in my chair. You lavish your one fleshy globe as a steady rivulet of your lactate flows from the other, dripping onto your full, stocking-clad thigh. You shift from sitting on your feet and slip onto your back. With your free hand, you peel aside the soaked silk panty between your open thighs. Then you find the 8′ pink, ribbed toy in your nightstand. No need to turn it on as you are already close to climax. Deftly, you slip it slowly between your swollen, wet lips as your walls clench it instinctively. Steady, long strokes add to the overwhelming stimulus you have already given yourself. Each thrust brings you closer to bliss. You moan loudly and pant for breath as your tits sway in rhythm. As you begin to feel the wave of delight begin to crash across your lovely figure, you lift your powerful hips upward with your stilettos digging into your mattress, allowing the deepest penetration possible. The toy hits the spot. You convulse with rapture and you scream with ecstasy. Your back arches like the sex kitten you are and you release a stream of your lady champagne onto the silk sheets. Writhing in pleasure, you purr, satiated and sweaty. As you lay in your afterglow, your bedroom blue eyes see me finally, my bourbon finished, cock hard and leaking liquid desire, and a wicked smile on my face. “Come here, naughty boy!”, you beckon with a sultry tone. “Tonight’s just getting started!”

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany, xoxo

Golden Delight Phone Sex

You’re filthy, your trash and you belong right here in the bathroom with me. Take off all your clothes, kneel before me on the cold dirty tile floor. You’ll be pleasing Mistress and her friends so get comfortable down there. Open your mouth real wide, you will be used for all bathroom relief. We laugh at you while we tilt your head back further. Telling you to open your mouth wider. It’s time you receive the yellow stream of nectar splashing against your face. You needed it, you love it. You crave the need to be dirty for me. I love bathing your entire body in my golden nectar like my slut. You’re my property now and I always mark what’s mine. Enjoy that cold tile floor you’ll be spending a lot of time down there.


Don’t Get The Wrong Idea Bitch

I know I have made it clear I am into pain, snuff and all things absofuckinglutely demented and depraved. I also love getting ink, and piercings and going out and getting wasted, dancing and whatever brings me pleasure …BUT….I do love fucking! Maybe just not with you. ROFLMFAO.

There are several kind of men and women that make my adorable, hot little twat wet and I wonder if that man is sometimes on the end of the phone. Do you look at my pictures and wonder what if you could have someone like me? Fucking doubtful dicksock.  I wonder what your wife would think if she saw you licking your laptop with your wormy dick out?

I know you imagine me riding you with my delicate hand wrapped around your throat. Do you wonder, are you scared, or do you need me to keep going till there is no life left in your worthless body.  Stop wondering and call me as the worst that can happen is I tell you to fuck off and hang up on you or the best thing will be….I don’t know that depends on our chemistry. There was this man last night….well piss off I don’t give anything away.

Maleficent Malaya

Busboy’s Revenge

My much older sugar daddy took me out to my favorite restaurant a few nights ago. I was dressed extremely sexy in a tight black dress, black stockings and stilettos. It wasn’t for my date but to tease any men there. My date, well he just doesn’t do it for me but money can buy my attention.

We had an adorable busboy who seemed to be at our table constantly  asking if I needed water refills, plates taken away and such. I had quite the good time teasing him by licking my full lips, crossing and uncrossing my long tan legs showing him I wasn’t wearing panties, and bending forward whenever he was at our table. I admit I was also a total bitch to him calling him little boy, telling him he was useless since 15 years olds could work but not bring wine. My date just ignored my behaviour as what choice did he have.

I got up and excused myself to the restroom and immediately heard the door open and shut behind me. It was the busboy and he grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth with his hand. He said if I didn’t scream he would remove his hand. He did and I told him what a little fuck he was and to get out of the restroom before he found himself out of a job. He grabbed me by my long dark hair and pushed me down to my knees. I have to admit the whole thing was getting me fucking excited. He made me unzip his pants and his cock was huge. I think I began to drool before he rammed it into my beautiful full mouth. The more he called me names and fucked my face the hotter my pussy got. I really wanted to fuck this boy. He shot a huge load of jizz in my mouth and called me a bitch.

I was about to leave and told him I would have him fired immediately when he made it clear he was far from finished.  I couldn’t believe he had me bent over with my hair almost in the toilet and I was loving it. I tried to hide the fact that I was cumming over and over again but how could he miss it. Soon I was begging for him to empty his cum filled balls in my creamy, tight pussy. He laughed, pulled out of me, spun me around and splattered a huge creamy thick load of cum all over me and then pushed me out the door.

Sultry teasing Valentina

Vampire Phone Sex

You won’t be able to resit a sexy vampire seductress like myself. You don’t really have a choice in the matter because you won’t be able to get away. Don’t worry though, it’s only painful the first time and then you will get use to it (hopefully). I have a deep, hungry thirst for blood and when It comes to young little girls, I like to sink my fangs into their necks. They become so helpless and it’s really enjoyable to watch their tender bodies quiver and suddenly collapse. Men on the other hand, I will crawl between his legs and wrap my red pointy nails around his shaft. I stroke, lick and squeeze till his cock becomes significantly hard. At that point, I sink my fangs into the main vein and suck the blood from his cock.

Are you ready to indulge in your vampire fantasies or are you too afraid?

Touching Myself

No classes this week because of Spring Break. You took yesterday off from work and we hung out on the beach. Last night you were amazing. The sex was so hot. Love the way our bodies fit together.

I woke up this morning as you were getting out of bed. You kissed me and said not to get up. You have an early morning meeting. You tell me to sleep and make myself at home. You will try to leave work early so I should stay and hang out at your place.

I smile and grab the pillow that you slept on last night. I snuggle into it. I love your smell. I go back to sleep. Finally, I wake up around noon and take a hot shower. I slip into a cute little outfit and text with my girlfriends. I have to tell them about how sexy you were last night. Of course, each of them ask me if you have a big cock. I confess every naughty detail.

I am happy and content. I grab a book and relax on your back porch. I start to think about how you kissed and touched me. I close my eyes and my hands move along my body just as your hands and lips did last night. I become very wet and excited. Oh, my fingers slide down between my legs, inside my panties. My pussy is craving attention, so hot, swollen and wet.

I am so hot and horny that I don’t hear you come home. You are standing there watching me pleasure myself. You get as hot as I do. I open my eyes, but I don’t stop. I can’t stop. I fuck my pussy harder with my fingers. It is even hotter with you watching. You stand over me and watch as I make myself cum all over my fingers.

Your cock is hard and ready for some attention.

Should we continue this in the bedroom or fuck right here on your back porch?


Getting Down and Dirty!

I like a guy who is good with his hands. Rough hands on my soft skin makes me quiver all over. I like the taste of your sweat on your skin. Love your smell. Makes a girl hot!

I like to live on edge and don’t always follow the rules. You are working on a construction site for the summer. Hard work. You deserve something extra hot at the end of the day. I like to fuck my guy at work, even if he doesn’t work in an office.

I visit you at the site.  I don’t mind getting a little dirty. It might be dangerous to walk onto a construction site in heels and not much else, but I know that you will take me to a secluded spot and fuck me with all the passion that a hot girl like me needs. Both of our bodies dripping in sweat. Cum everywhere!

No matter where you are. I make it hot for you. Let’s get down and dirty!


Soccer Mom

I volunteer to help out as soccer coach for your team. I wear short little shorts and very tight tops to practice. My long legs and curves get noticed by your teammates.

You overhear some of the boys calling me “MILF” and laughing a lot.

You don’t know what that means. On the way home, you ask me what is a MILF? I blush and giggle. I ask you where you heard that. You say the boys on the field were calling me that. You ask if it is bad. I reassure it just means that the boys think your Mommy is pretty, nothing for you to worry about. Then I change the subject and tell you that I am making you something special for dinner. After dinner, I will rub your sore legs. You forget all about the team.

During our next practice, I run the boys hard during practice. The boys on your team start talking nasty about me. You realize that the boys are taking about me being naked. You get some mental pictures in your mind of me bent over my bed, and each of them fucking me hard and rough. You realize that this makes your own cock hard.

You are not sure what to do about these feelings, so you ask for my help. You know that Mommy Morgan always knows what is best for you. I take care of that hard cock for you by giving it a little kiss. Mommy loves you and will always take care of you, my special boy.