Don’t Get The Wrong Idea Bitch

I know I have made it clear I am into pain, snuff and all things absofuckinglutely demented and depraved. I also love getting ink, and piercings and going out and getting wasted, dancing and whatever brings me pleasure …BUT….I do love fucking! Maybe just not with you. ROFLMFAO.

There are several kind of men and women that make my adorable, hot little twat wet and I wonder if that man is sometimes on the end of the phone. Do you look at my pictures and wonder what if you could have someone like me? Fucking doubtful dicksock.  I wonder what your wife would think if she saw you licking your laptop with your wormy dick out?

I know you imagine me riding you with my delicate hand wrapped around your throat. Do you wonder, are you scared, or do you need me to keep going till there is no life left in your worthless body.  Stop wondering and call me as the worst that can happen is I tell you to fuck off and hang up on you or the best thing will be….I don’t know that depends on our chemistry. There was this man last night….well piss off I don’t give anything away.

Maleficent Malaya

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