Happy St. Drinking Day!

I just love every and any excuse to go out drinking and getting into trouble. The doormen are much more lax and it is easier to get in all the clubs, bars and pubs on St. Paddy’s Day. My friends and I usually go to the raunchier anything goes bars.

This year the weather is terrible, I have a bar full of booze and I am in a really dirty mood. That’s right I will be working drunker than Cooter Brown.  I know once home from the bar you would love to get nasty with a hot red haired teen like me.

Are you waiting for me to pass out so you can take advantage of my sexy little body. Go ahead, and I might just pretend I am really passed out! Maybe you might catch me and a girlfriend playing with eachother’s sweet bald pussys. She tastes so fucking good.

Why not give me a call before or after your celebrations. I promise to be horny and wasted. Just be sure to be wearing green boxer shorts.

Cum fuck a real Irish Teen, xoxo Amanda

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