Monthly Archive for December, 2012

Black Cock Bliss

A good friend of mine came to me complaining about his wife that  wont fuck his 4 inch cock. He is well aware that I’m a huge black cock lover. I was going out last night on one of  my slutty rendezvous. I thought it was time for him to see how a real man fucks. He needed to see how this cock was going to stretch me open needless to say, he was getting really turned on watching this huge cock fuck me. As he watched he licked his lips with excitement watching my pussy get pounded on. He made himself comfortable enjoying every minute of me bouncing on this monster black cock. I pinched my nipples hard and gave him a seductive smile as he watched. I could feel myself let go as I coated his cock with my cum as he fucked me harder shooting his hot seed in hungry hole. He grabbed his 4 inch cock and tugged on it til he exploded. This was all for his pleasure. Isn’t that what friends are for?




Super Hot Threesome!

We are all at our favorite bar. Kind of a quiet time here with not that many tourists this time of year. The air might be chilly outside, but I think we can warm things up pretty quickly.  My sexy roommate and I are dressed in very short cocktail dresses, high heels and black lingerie. We both spot you on the other side of the room.  You are so hot!

We both want you.  I see that look in her eyes. We nod to each other. It is understood that we share you tonight.  We both join you at the bar and exchange some quick witted seductive chit chat. You tell us about your house on the beach and how you are alone this year for the very first time for the Holiday Season.  With that killer smile, it is obvious that you won’t be alone for long.  You invite us both back to your place with the line of, “I want to show you the view from my bedroom,” and with that the three of us head to your place.

We sit on the deck for one last cocktail of the night before you take us to your big king size bed.  You watch my roommate and I undress each other.  Is there anything hotter to watch than two hot girls kissing each other, touching each other?  I rub my hand over her panties.  I tell you that they are wet.  You start rubbing your cock through your pants.

You call both us girls to join you in your bed. We lick and suck and fuck all night long!  You end up waking up between both us in the morning. Your cock is so hard again!  Let’s fuck some more!

Gang Bang Orgy

More cocks the better. I was laying on the bed with my legs still spread wide open. I just got done fucking four cocks and my freshly fucked cunt wanted more. In a sultry voice I called over the shy young man standing by the door watching me to come over and lick my swollen cunt. I could feel the cum spilling out of me and I wanted him between my legs now. He got on his knees and started licking my orgasmic mixture that was over flowing from my cunt. I could feel another orgasm coming on. Drenching his face with my sex juices. He did such a good job fucking my cunt with his tongue. I am looking forward to bringing him to my next gang bang turning my little shy pussy eater into my new fuck.

Grope me and fuck me as you wish. Do you think you have what it takes?



Your Favorite Party Girl

I love this time of year.  There are so many great Holiday Parties. I love slipping into a sexy little cocktail dress with pretty over my new pretty lingerie. I have so many she-male girlfriends ane we love to party together.

Let’s party! I love dancing sexy with you and seducing you with my eyes and red hot little sexy body. I want to grab you and get your booty out on the dance floor.  Make you look into my pretty eyes and guide your hands over my girly curves. Rub my hips so you can feel my hard cock pressed up against your hips as we do some hot dirty dancing on the dance floor. I love feeling your cock become hard against mine.

Get all hot and then find where they serving drinks.  I bet we find some mistletoe along the way. The tradition is a little different here. At our parties instead of just a little kiss under the mistletoe, we exchange bj’s on each other.  After that, I want to just get you home and get you naked!

Happy Holidays!


Anal Surprise Phone Sex

I love getting new callers that are addicted to my ass! I have such a cute lil ass, it would be a shame if it was neglected. This ass freak really wanted all of it today, I told him I was really a naughty girl last night and I hoping he was prepared for what was about to happen.

I backed up my teen lil ass to his mouth and spread opened my ass cheeks as far as I could. All of a sudden, he got an instant rush of cum that squirted all over his face. I warned him I was a naughty girl last night and what he tasted was about 4 different cum loads mixed all together for a nice gooey surprise. Just when he thought he was finished, I managed to give him another “surprise” covered in more cum!

If your tongue is craving a really naughty anal surprise, you’ve cum to the right girl!

What’s your Christmas Wish?

Hello, Gentlemen! Tell me, if you could have whatever you wanted this Holiday season, what would it be? [Don’t all just rush forth and scream “BLOW-JOB!” either,!] Really now, what’s your Christmas Fantasy? Tell me.Maybe you’re that guy who just cant seem to get it from your wife anymore. She doesn’t fuck ya like she used too. Maybe you’re alone and are hoping to find that certain someone, that special girl. Maybe you have fantasies that one may consider too taboo, and so you never mention it to your significant other, so it just sits there and eats away at you, yearning to be fulfilled.

Well what if you could have any of those things? What if you could have all of them? What if all it took was one simple phone call? Well, you will never know unless you pick up that phone, now will ya?Savannah Claus is waiting to make your Christmas wish cum true!

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

All I want for you Christmas is you….on your knees, my sexy little submissive bitch.  Command you to obey my wish and desire.  Take you deeper into my world of Female Domination. Train you to be the perfect love slave.

All I want from you is to be the perfect little subbie boy.  Train you to worship my body and especially my ass.  You will spend hours with your tongue inside of my puckered little hole.

All I want from you is respect and obedience. I will train that cock of yours.  You will torture by bringing you to the edge of orgasm after orgasm, but the will pull you back from the edge.  I will make that cock of yours ache and drip with pre-cum, but I will tease and deny your cum.

When you are naughty you will be spanked and punished.  When you are good you will love and find some much pleasure in licking every inch of my sweet body.

All I want from Christmas is you, the perfect slave!

Merry Christmas!


Cum Pay The Nurse A Visit

I love having so much power and control over my twisted patients and they love being under my spell. The way we totally connect is awesome. Once they climb onto my table it all turns into a deep nasty journey into complete play time. I make them relax and submit to all my extreme demands which they all love and wait patiently for all my instructions. When they are told to slide those willing ass holes to the very end of my table and spread those cheeks for my first finger search. Deep inside my finger finds the prostate area and slowly I push deeper and deeper until the patient begins to moan and groan with pleasure. After all, this is what they all come to the Nurse for. Having those tight man holes completely filled up with my fingers and anything else that stretches them out. And believe me, my instruments are all designed to make them cum back for more.

Naughty Nurse Loretta

Christmas Shopping

Christmas time provides lots of secret private time. Mommy does not ask any questions about our trips to the mall. You love spoiling me. You love taking me shopping. You love that sweet, sexy smile on my face when you shower me with gifts.  Our favorite store is Victoria Secrets.

You pick out all sorts of fun little sexy treats for me to try on for you.  The sales lady spies on us with a watchful eye. I am not sure if she is turned on by me or you, but she sure is attentive.  You watch while she runs her hands all over my perky boobies and my perfect round ass.

I see that big bulge in your pants when the three of us are in the dressing room.  Maybe both of us should take care of that big package in your pants!

I got lots of holiday kisses and naughty licks for you to say thank you for all of my special VS treats.   I love to whisper, “Merry Christmas,  my special sex sugar daddy!” right before I take you into my little teen mouth.



Gift Exchange

Holiday parties, gifts, and alcohol what more can you ask for? Every year my best friend has a small get together of close friends and we exchange gifts. This year my gift exchange was with my best friends brother. We sat and opened gifts he was really easy to buy for. He handed me a beautiful wrapped box with a huge bow. A note card was attached to the box saying “Happy Holidays slip this on before the night is over” I looked around the room and felt a little flushed. I opened the box, it was a beautiful bra and pantie set. After everyone exchange gifts I made sure I went to the bathroom and slipped it on. I poured  two glasses of champagne and went to find my new x-mas fuck. I thanked him for the gift and flashed him a wicked smile.  We headed upstairs to the guest bedroom as soon as the door shut he lifted up my skirt hooked his thumbs in the waist band of my panties and slide them past the tops of my thigh high stockings. I lifted one leg and then the other giving him a better view. He moved closer I could feel his body heat against mine, his fingers stroking my wet pussy. I was aching for him to be inside of me. He laid me down kissing every inch of my body. My wetness coated the tip of his cock. Raising my hips, I moaned slightly “fuck me.” I pushed myself back slowly gasping each breath as my tunnel slowly stretched letting his fat throbbing head slip inside me. What a perfect gift!