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Taking Chances

The next morning I woke up late but it didn’t matter. He was worth having in my bed. A body like a Greek God. I knew he dangerous for me. He rolled over placing his hands on my tender breasts. He sat up and looked at me with a boyish grin. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, I could see it in his eyes. I leaned in and grabbed his hand pulling him towards me even closer for a long passionate kiss. He was so experienced and mature for his age. The desire in my body was taking over. I pushed the blanket off me, exposing my velvet pussy. His fingers slid deep inside my love hole. The deeper he went my wetness built up with intensity while his cock grew harder for me. He worked his way down between my legs seductively kissing every inch of my flesh. The passion and excitement built by the second. He climbed back up my  body kissing me. Our kiss broke when a moan escaped my mouth. I was flooded with passion and desire. My hand guided his aching cock between my soft wet folds. It was pure bliss with every inch.


Snuggle Time

My Phone Sex Daddy’s love to spoil me with lots and lots of orgasms. Last night he came into my room really late so we could snuggle with each other. He runs his hands through my hair telling me how beautiful I am. He kisses me all over my body while he pushes his cock against me. My Daddy’s always want me to show them how much I love them. Giving lots of kisses all the way down to his bulge. My mouth moving quickly licking and sucking, I could taste a little bit of his yummy pre-cum. He gets so excited that he grabs my pretty little face and drives his cock deep down my throat. When he knows I’m really excited and my juices are building up, he always wants to taste his sweet girl. His face snuggled between my thighs kissing my smooth wet pussy. He makes me feel so good. He holds me tight when I cum for him and whispers  that he has another special surprise for me.  He makes me beg for it every time.

Cassidy <3

Leaving Me Breathless

You move slowly down my body so you can take my nipple in your mouth. I can feel your strong hands wrapped around my neck. You work your way back up for a passionate kiss.Your hands still around my neck and your other on my face, telling me how beautiful I am. I can feel your hard cock pressed up against my leg. I can’t wait to feel every part of you. Whispering in your ear, I tell you that my pussy is aching for your tongue. You slide down to tongue fuck me like I ask. Your tongue assaulting my wet aching pussy Mmmm, licking up and down my slit and circles widely around my clit, flickering it. My moans getting louder as you lick up my hot cream. My body shakes making me cum for you.


Multiple Orgasms

Your cock felt so good sliding in and out of my wet pussy. You never fail me when it comes to multiple orgasms. You  know exactly how to work my pussy. This time you pulled out of my dripping pussy. Getting on your knees, immediately spreading my legs slowly. Your tongue running along my inner thigh. You slowly start licking my wet pussy. My breathing turning into load moans wanting you to devour my pussy right on the spot. My eyes closed and my back arched as my thighs close around your head. Enjoying every moment of another orgasm. Mmmm,  Let’s see how I am going to finish you off. Moaning one last time, I kneel down in front of you looking at your twitching cock. Taking my voluptuous tits wrapping then around your cock.
I’m ready to drain you multiple times. I want every single drop of your cum.

My Mystery Man

I have a new neighbor that just moved in a few doors down. I can feel some sexual chemistry between us. So, I thought I would start to strut my stuff and throw on a short little skirt and a tiny tight top along with my stilettos. Who doesn’t like a hot blond dressed like that? I knew that would get his attention for sure. I bumped into him yesterday and asked him if he wanted to come over for a drink and hang. The conversation was going great. I was pouring some wine in the kitchen and I could feel him behind  me. His strong hands on my waist and immediately my head titled back on his chest and he pushed my hair away from my neck, kissing my shoulder. His wet tongue running up and down my skin was sending shivers through my body. Making me react instantly. My pussy started throbbing, my wetness building up, and my nipples erect I needed him bad. He raised my hands above my head removing my tiny top as he let out a sexy seductive laugh. He knew exactly what I wanted.

Are you ready for an orgasmic explosion running through our bodies? I know I’m ready for some more fun!


Southern Lovin

I can’t hold back any longer. I need to be with you, feeling you rub your hard cock against my wet pussy. Coating the tip of your cock with my love juice. Grabbing the base, shifting  my hips underneath you. Your engorged  cock spreading my tight lips, opening my pussy wide for you. The feeling of your firm cock sliding into me is amazing. Each thrust getting harder, you flip me over on my hands and knees. Massaging my clit while your cock slides in and out of my tight, smooth pussy. Your hands on my hips with one hand raised giving me a firm smack on the ass. Moans of erotic bliss leave my mouth. My sweet love juices drench your cock as my pussy sucks your cock in for one finial thrust before you get ready to fill my sweet love box with your warm creamy load.

Cum get your southern lovin!

Brandy Lynn

Gang Bang Orgy

More cocks the better. I was laying on the bed with my legs still spread wide open. I just got done fucking four cocks and my freshly fucked cunt wanted more. In a sultry voice I called over the shy young man standing by the door watching me to come over and lick my swollen cunt. I could feel the cum spilling out of me and I wanted him between my legs now. He got on his knees and started licking my orgasmic mixture that was over flowing from my cunt. I could feel another orgasm coming on. Drenching his face with my sex juices. He did such a good job fucking my cunt with his tongue. I am looking forward to bringing him to my next gang bang turning my little shy pussy eater into my new fuck.

Grope me and fuck me as you wish. Do you think you have what it takes?




Tasting her sweet nectar

There is something about two bisexual hotties. It’s a complete turn on. I love woman as much as I do men. However, there are times I prefer to be with a woman over a man. Craving that touch of another woman. Tasting her, touching her soft skin. Looking into her eyes as I lower my body placing my lips on her inner thighs. Watching her close her eyes, her head tilting back just long enough for me to see her delicate neck. Licking her thigh lapping up her excess pussy nectar, I want more. My tongue circling around her wet hole. I listen to her moans escape her beautiful kissable mouth. My hands slide up her beautiful breasts feeling her hard nipples. It makes my pussy ache for her more than ever. My body inching up, our bodies grinding against each other while my fingers slide into her wet sex. Kissing and touching each other giving each other complete pleasure.


Make my kitty purr

I’m always up for some really hot erotic phone sex. I will just not go through the motions. I’m that open fun little sex kitten that you desire. I want us to enjoy an intense  mutual masturbation call. You will be amazed when we both let go completely and enjoy our time with each other. I want to take my time and spoil that cock of yours. Stroking it with my soft hands while I suck the tip of your swollen head. I want to give you an experience you’ll never forget, making your eyes roll in the back of your head and your toes curl. I want to make my kitty purr for you and let you hear how juicy wet she gets. Let’s have some fun!

Cassidy <3

Mesmerized by your cock

My pulse quickens when I see you unzip your pants.  Even before you pull your cock out, my mouth begins to water with anticipation.  Without even thinking, I shed my clothes and get down on my knees. Taking you in my mouth is the only care in the world that I have right now. I work my mouth all the way down your shaft and I can feel your knees almost buckle. Mmmm. Your cock is pressing up against the back of my throat. Don’t worry, you can go deeper.  I want you to, keep pressing.  My hand is massaging your balls, they’re holding the cum that I’m craving. It won’t be long now.  Your saliva covered cock is sliding in and out of my warm mouth.  It’s right where it belongs.  As you begin to breathe a little harder, I match my strokes to your thrusts.  I dig my nails into your ass and it puts you over the edge.  Wave after wave of your hot cum pours into my throat.  I swallow it all.  Only a small drop escapes the the side of my mouth.  As I pull back to look up at you, my index finger finds it and brings it back to my tongue.   I stand back up without breaking eye contact.  How was your day baby?  You don’t say a word and just smile and take me in your arms.


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