Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Pantyboy Sluts

You are a little slutty panty boy. You crave the feel of my silky panties covering your teeny tiny little penis. You know you love to stand in front of the mirror and admire yourself. Oh, you are a sweet panty boy, but a rather pathetic man. I love to tease and humiliate little panty boys and I can’t help but laugh at you.

I know you find it very humiliating to be teased by pretty girls. You are so submissive and you feel so powerless around a pretty lady like me, especially when you are in my panties. I would love to show you off in front of others while you have on my most girly pair of panties.

I find you most amusing.  The more humiliating the circumstances, the more amused I am. I love to tease you about having a tiny penis, degrade you in front of others, and put you in the most embarrassing and humiliating situations, panty boy.

I do all of this for my amusement. Ha ha!

Love you anyway, little panty boy.

Hugs, kisses and giggles!


~ Cock Sucking Princess ~

I’m a spoiled Daddy’s girl! Yep, that’s right and I’m never gonna change. Who wouldn’t want to spoil me! the reward is beyond belief. I love wrapping married men around my little finger, milking them for everything they have. There is never any fuss with a commitment just pure fun. They adore my teen body and my smooth tight cunnie. Daddy taught me well to get everything I want in life and never settle for less. I love presents and I love when my Daddy’s open their wallets and give me money to go shopping so I can pick up something super sexy for them. They always know that their little princess will always be there cock sucking whore. I always take good care of them as long as they treat me right. Get the plastic out because your little princess is having a shopping withdrawal.

Princess Paris <3

Let’s get off with each other

I can’t seem to put my dildo down today. I’m at it once again laying in my bed reaching over to my night stand to grab my favorite toy. Lowering it down to my pussy rubbing it around the outside of my wet hole in a slow motion sliding in and out. Fucking myself faster and faster I could feel my orgasm building up in no time. My body squirming and my legs shaking as I slide it out of my soaking wet pussy. I just cant stop fucking myself this morning. I’m in the mood for someone to come play with me. Call me and lets get off with each other this morning.


Daddy Love

Does it make you as hot as it makes me when I whisper “Daddy” in your ear when you are sucking on my boobies? Does your cock throb when I scream out, “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me harder?”

I love having sex with an older man who is interested in seeing how many times he can make my little pussy cum.

Remember the last time we had one of our sexy little fuck sessions? You put your finger in my hot little love pot. I remember that smile on your face when you realize how wet I was.  You fingered me hard and fast.  I was so embarrassed when I squirted my love juice all over your bed.  It was like some naughty porn movie.  You didn’t seem to mind the big mess that I made all over your bed.

Your cock was so hard after that!  You fucked me from behind.  You spanked my little ass as your cock was thrusting into me. You know how wet that makes my little cunny. I could feel it dripping down my thigh. You grabbed my hair and asked me, “Do you love your Daddy?”  Remember, how I cried out, “FUCK, Yes, I love You Daddy!!!” as I came so hard?

Then after you came (for the second time), you pulled me into your arms and spooned me as we drifted to sleep. Your naked cock felt so good nestled against my butt.

Love fucking you, Daddy.



I Like it Really Naughty!

Are you in the mood for a Naughty Neighbor and Cuckold Husband Roleplay Fantasy?

How about something like this?

My husband walks into our bedroom, but I am not alone.  Our new hot next door neighbor is naked and down between my legs licking me.  The bed is a mess, the room smells of sex, but there is a glow on my face and my pussy is ready to be filled with his cum.

Should I make my cuckold husband lick my new lover’s cum out of my pussy?  Should I make my husband join in or just let him watch?

Want to play?  Do you want to be my cuckold husband or do you want to be my new naughty neighbor?

I am in a naughty mood today!  How about you?


Naughty Neighbor

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your hot neighbor? You come home from work and you notice her bending over in her garden with nothing but a pair of short daisy dukes and a bikini top that is 2 sizes too small. Your cock instantly gets hard from that gorgeous brunette neighbor of yours and you can’t help but to notice when she is bent over a certain way, you can see her pussy lips peeking out of her shorts.
You desperately want to go over there but you’re not sure what to say. All you know is your cock is dripping with pre-cum and you badly want to bury your cock in your neighbors tight holes. Suddenly, you here your wife saying “honey, is that you?” “Are you home”, dinner is ready.” You clearly have 2 options here. You can either go inside your house, eat dinner and have routine sex with your wife tonight. Or, you can take option B and go with the gorgeous hot neighbor and have the wildest, craziest sex of your life.
I thought you’d pick me!
Naughty Neighbor Victoria

Put It On Me

I am a kinky girl. I am the kind of girl that has been the star in all of your wild, kinky fantasies. I am willing to do anything to make our time together as good as it can be. I want you to think of me when you think about your best phone sex experience. That’s my goal and I am committed to my goals. So that means I am committed to you, I am committed to your needs and I am committed to your dirty fantasies. You can call me and rest assured that no matter what you tell me, I am going to love it. I have a no taboos type of attitude. So call me, share with me and let me take over your fantasy and make it as real as possible over then phone. Don’t be afraid. I will turn you on like no other phone sex girl can.

Creamy Chloe


I’m a sexy smoking slut and I get so turned on lightening up a cigarette. I put the cigarette up to my red lips and grab my pink lighter and the first inhale always turns me on. I instantly rub my clit every time I inhale.
If you were here, I would drive you wild. I would tease and taunt your cock as I lightly blow smoke rings all over it. I wrap my lips around your cock while my cigarette is in one hand and the other hand is pumping your dick as I am sucking you off. I stop and have another drag. You look at me and you see my bright red lipstick smeared across my face and my eyeliner running down from taking your cock deep and gagging on your big dick. You know I look like a sexy smoking whore and you want nothing more than to cum all over my slutty smoky face!
I’m addicted to smoking and it just feels so good fucking while I light up. After listening to me smoke, I will become your newest smoking addiction.
Call the SMOKING ADDICTION Hotline right now! 866.539.8379

I’ve got legs and I know how to use them…

If you’re a leg man then have I got the legs for you! My long, luscious legs love to be wrapped around your body while you’re pumping my tight holes. I love to spread my creamy thighs and show you what your cock has been drooling for.

Imagine me on your bed, slightly propped against your pillows, my long legs spread wide apart for your viewing pleasure. I have on black stilettos heels with black knee highs. I take my fingers and spread open my pussy lips for you. It’s your turn to dive in, head first. My lavish legs pull your head deeper into my wet pussy.

Oh yes, my legs can do many things that might surprise you. Call me and I will tell you exactly how I am going to seduce you…

You Can’t Resist Me!

You know that I have total control over you.  You turn into my bitch in my presence.  You actually desire me to humiliate you, tease you, even verbally abuse you.  You can’t resist me!

I can dress you up in the panties and bra that I was just wearing, tease you about your small penis, and and control your hand by commanding you to stroke your cock or refrain from masterbating for me.  All the way, I am giggling at your humilating circumstances. I know that you find it completely humilating to surrender your control to a college girl.

When I am done toying with you, I make you bend over and show me your ass.  I give your ass a few spanks. I might make you cry or I might make you moan, but I find it all very entertaining.  My entertainment is at your expense.  Isn’t that hilarious?

Possibly, I think you need more.  I might bend you over and turn you into my little bitch.  Pull your little panties to the side and violate your little man pussy with my long black strappy.  You know you love it!

Like I said,  you, bitch, can not resist me!

Ha Ha!  You make me laugh!