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Daddy’s cum slut

Daddy treated me the other day for being such a good little cum slut. When I got home there was a  big red box with a beautiful pink bow on the top, on top of my full size bed.

Inside the box, OMG! It was the most gorgeous blush pink corset and matching garters and stockings. There was a note in the box as well. It read:

My Darling Daughter Sunny,
Tonight I want you to put this on, I know it will make your already gorgeous breasts more beautiful and your delicious ass even more divine. As always, make sure that pussy is all shaved and bald for your daddy!  Can not wait for you to tease daddy’s cock.  I am so excited and  will be in as soon as you know who falls asleep

XoXo, Dad

I would love to tell you all about what happened when daddy came in my room that night and boy did he cum!

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I am so fucking bored and tired of having to lay down for my pathetic sissy ass husband he is so damn boring and to top it all off his cock is the size of a baby’s penis. How I love to bring big cocked men over when he is at work and then an only then do I have any kind of fun. The other day he came home and caught me in the middle of sucking this guys big ole stick and all he did was stand there begging me to let him have me too! And that just turned his sorry ass on. Watching me deep throat that huge cock so I made him suck the cock and get it extra hard for me to fuck and his sissy  ass took it all the way down his throat. So now every day he comes home looking for one of my fuck toys to play with and that’s just fine by me that way I don’t have to fool around with his little baby cock. I can always find something big to ride!! And maybe next time I will make him take some huge fucking cock in his tight man hole!!! Call me if you want to be turned out.

If you think I’m Hott- Check out my niece!!

meet me

My gorgeous niece Aiden just got her start with our company! She is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen, and we are very close. She’s the daughter I always wanted! Best of all, she can come visit, hang out and we can be  Oh-So-Very bad together, then I can send hre back to my brother all corrupted! LOL! Honestly, shes a bright, sexy, warm and welcoming girl, very approachable, nothing at all like myself…;) A very accomplished dancer, and gymnist. She has even done trapeze work and danced on a cruise ship! Call my Darling little niece Aiden and give her a warm welcum, would you? You will surely be calling again and again and again!

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I can make your dreams Cum true…

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So, you think you have me all figured out do you? Just because you’ve been calling me all these years doesn’t mean I have let you in, not all the way. Not the way I let you bury your face between my quivering thighs.

Maybe that’s all that will ever be between us but perhaps not. Maybe you will succeed in one day winning my heart…my soul…my body.

If you work hard enough, I suppose anything is possible.

I work hard at pleasing you, do I not? Indulging in your every whim? Seducing every last drop of cum from your achy balls, draining you to the point of exhaustion, panting, breathless and whispering my name.

Every time.

Aren’t you a lucky boy?

Just think.. If you played your cards right, you could have that every day. Now isn’t THAT a fantasy worth pursuing?




Dreams cumming true

Are you looking for the girl to fulfill your wildest desires??  Well if you are, then look no more cause here I am.  I am Autumn your true naughty blond bombshell.  I am so excited for us to act out all those naughty and steamy role-plays that you dream about.  Nothing is to kinky or dirty for a naughty slut like me.  

Another fun roleplay!

I am so sorry professor, I am sorry I snuck into your office! I just wanted to know what my score was to my final exam! I didn’t think it would hurt anyone. I waited until I thought you left for the evening and I broke the lock, it pays to hang out with guys who know how to break locks. I was just going to take a quick look at my score and leave! But the whole thing got me kind of excited! I sat in your desk and just felt…. horny! I sat in your office chair and started to rub my pussy! I really didn’t think it would do any harm. And how was I to know you’d come back and catch me masturbating in your office chair… but now that I can think back on it. I don’t regret any of it. I don’t regret giving you a blow job to apologize for my misbehavior. I don’t regret letting you bend me over your desk and fuck me either! In fact, I feel like breaking into your office all over again just to be able to feel your thick cock in my tight pussy again!

Submissive gangbanged

My real life Master put me to a very humiliating test today.  He put a sign around my neck that said “Free fuck” and then made me walk in his old frat house with him.   He had me on a leash and dressed in his favorite outfit.  A short pvc skirt with crotchless leather panties and a leather bra, no top.

When we walk in to the frat house tons of guys turn to look at me and I felt pretty much like a side of beef.  They all looked like they wanted to devour me.  Cum to find out this was a hazing party and I apparently was the entertainment.  My Master of course graduated several years ago but still visits quite regularly for these hazing tests.

So the test was that these new frat recruits had to prove that they are real men and worthy of their the fraternity they were trying to join.  Apparently using and abusing me was how they were going to prove they were real men.  I was to be gangbanged apparently.

Now I have been a part of a few gangbangs, but nothing like this.  There were atleast 50 guys in the room.  Luckily there were only 11 new recruits.  Eleven is still way more cocks than I have ever had at once.  Not any more.  Once those recruits, or new blood as my Master referred to them, seen I was to be their test they were eager to earn their spot in the fraternity.  I was spanked, fucked, gagged, tied up, skull fucked, ass fucked, titty fucked, fisted and many many other humiliating things.  I would be lieing if I said I didn’t enjoy every moment of it.  What I enjoyed most was the look of approval on my Masters face when it was all done.

He took me home, put me in the bathtub and tenderly washed me all up as he praised me.  To me that is what being a submissive is all about, the tender love a Master shows when he is satisfied with your performance.

The washer repair man

One would have that that I had gotten enough sex with strangers the other day at the laundromat, but no. I am a slutty horny girl who tries to fuck every stranger she meets. Haha. So I called a repairman and he agreed to come out and take a look at my washing machine today! He was here and hmmm so sexy with his little work belt on and he fixed my washing machine so nicely that I just had to repay the favor to him! That’s right. I left him for a minute and returned wearing nothing but my panties. Yeah I play dirty! His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw me standing there almost naked. I don’t think he knew quite what to do with me. But I knew what I wanted to do with him. I stripped his clothes off so fast you would have thought I hadn’t had sex in weeks. Once his clothes were off, his cock was so hard. I only sucked on it a few minutes when he decided he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to be in my pussy!!!! And OH WOW!!!! This repairman was so good at fixing what you need fixing. He worked my pussy so good! I think I am going to break something else just to be able to call him back!

Your Phone Girlfriend….

I’m single and you’re single….so why the hell not? I am more than willing to help you out. I mean it’s a lonely world out there! I know how you feel, you’re the “nice” guy that no one wants to date. You’re the “friendship” that they don’t want to ruin with a relationship. You are bored and tired and most important you are horny! I understand! I am the kind of girl you can call up and have a fun conversation with. I love to hear about your day, your troubles, and when you are finished… I will finish you off! I will make you cum like no girlfriend could. And the best part about it, I won’t make you call me if you don’t want to. I won’t yell at you when you forget something I ask, in fact I won’t even ask of anything from you! I am the perfect girlfriend or mistress however you want to look at it. And I am also drop dead sexy, what guy wouldn’t want that! A hot sexy girlfriend with no strings attached!

So let’s get to know each other, call me and tell me about yourself.

Are you mommy’s little angel?

You know you want to please your mommy.  If you really want to please your mommy, you are going to pick up the phone, dial 1-866-539-8379 and tell mommy all the dirty things you want to do to her when you jerk off.  I want you to please your mommy the way you need too.  I want you to caress mommy’s big titty’s the way you need to.  I want you to suck on those big hard nipples you have created to make your tiny Lil boy cock rock hard.  You want to see what a real pussy looks like?  Take down mommy’s panties and look at it.  Better yet, why don’t you touch it.  Play with it, while you feel your cock start to throb.  You know you want to do what daddy does to mommy.  You want to climb on top of me and thrust that cock inside of me until mommy screams with pleasure!

Well do it, do it now!  Please mommy the way she needs to be pleased.  Pick up the phone and do the things you need to do!!  I want you to cum with mommy and please the both of us the way we need to cum…. Don’t worry I wont tell anyone if you don’t!