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All I think about is seducing my young next door neighbor. He is so shy and I just know it would be so much fun making him wet his pants just for me. I can just imagine what he taste like and how thick his young glorious cock will be once I get it deep inside my creamy cougar cunt! I just know he will tell all his other horny young friends all about our hot fuck session!! The way I sucked his hard cock and made him squirt his boy load all over my big swollen nipples!! They too will be sniffing around my door wanting to cum in and play with this hot mommy. You know I aim to please and of course be pleased to the max! My thoughts are racing full speed ahead hell I can handle all the young meat and will simply love it. The way my juicy cunt is feeling I could play with those cubs all night long and still not be satisfied! What can I say this is one fucking horny m.i.l.f. Cougar.

Ready for daddy’s spanking!

I have assumed the position just like daddy tells me to.  My legs spread and my little girl ass cheeks ready for a spanking.  Part of me is scared and trembling in fear and part of me is excited because I know after daddy spanks  me he usually makes me feel all better by touching my tight little girl bald cunnie.

With anticipation i stand there waiting.  Daddy likes to take his time and make me wonder when the first whack is coming.  I finally feel a hard smack on my ass from daddys big hand and I scream out and cry.

After daddy has punished me good he rubs my butt softly and kisses my temple and calms me down.  He then tells me daddy is going to make it all better now and pulls me to straddle his face and starts licking my little girl pussy through my panties……..

California Girls!!!

There is nothing better than spending the day outside, laying out! I did that today and it was so great! I laid out by the pool, the sun beating down on me and listening to music. My new favorite song, “California Girls” This song just sums up what it is to be a California girl! It makes me want to get in a convertible and drive to the beach!

“California girls, we’re unforgettable

Daisy Dukes

Bikini’s on top

Sun kissed skin

So HOT, will melt your popsicle!”

Haha, now who can deny the truth in that!!! You can spot a California girl from a mile away! We’re tone and tan, fit and ready!

West Coast girls are WILD!!!! At least I am! Just call me to find out how wild I can be!

Submissive Teen Phone Sex

There’s nothing I love more than a bare bottom spanking! It all started when I was only a tiny little preteen and daddy would put me over his knee. Daddy would pull down my baby girl panties and give my little girl ass a hard spanking. No matter how much I begged and cried, daddy wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied. He was a very strict dominant daddy and I was his obedient little girl. Is it too naughty that my little girl pussy gets wet when I’m being given a painful punishment? ::giggles:: I’m ready to play again, daddy. I promise I’ll be an obedient submissive girl.

Sissy Phone Sex

Darlene is quickly becoming one of my favorite sissies. He loves being my sissy bitch boy. Showing him off to my girlfriends is the best part. He’s a bad boy sometimes so I have to punish him often, especially while he sucks on my strap on! I know it’s humiliating for Darlene to walk around with his butt plug up his ass but he loves it. 😉 Sissy sluts should always walk around with something up their ass, right? I can’t wait to make Darlene please me, serve me and worship me.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I just got back from the sex toy shop and I’m ready to try out my new sex toys with you. You’re going to love listening to my sweet voice telling you all about my dripping wet pussy. I also want you to tell me how hard your cock gets for me. Mutual masturbation is just one of my favorite phone sex calls. I have no limits and no taboos. Let’s get off together while we talk about our naughty fantasies.

I love to tease…

I love it when I can control you, tease you! It gets me so wet just thinking about all the things that I can do to you and make you do! I love it when you are so turned on and you will do ANYTHING I ask you to! It gets me off to know that you won’t do anything unless I order you to! It makes me feel so powerful when you can’t say no to me. You will let me fuck your ass with my biggest dildo and you can’t say no. You are so WEAK! And I feed off of your weakness, it makes me more powerful! It makes me more excited. I love being your mistress!

Daddy/Daughter FUN

I know how hot you are for me, for your eighteen-year-old step-daughter

I’ve seen you trying to steal a peek at my young, wet body in the shower, and through my bedroom door when I’m changing my clothes. I’ve seen you watching my tits jiggle as I laugh, and staring at my ass whenever I bend over. I know you want my young body, and I know I make your cock drool every time you look at me!

So, this summer, before I finally go off to college, I’m going to teach you just what to do with a hot, naughty little girl like me! Besides, I wouldn’t want to leave home without having some super special alone time with my good ol’ step-dad, now would I?

Give me a call daddy and we’ll have some fun. I’m a no taboo’s girl!

I want to talk to you about your wildest fantasies, your most taboo desires! I love roleplay, ageplay, family fun, fetish, and BDSM! With me… nothing is too dirty! Call me and I’ll make all your teen dreams cum true!

My Sister’s Husband

Today my sister’s husband came by the house claiming he needed my help in selecting the perfect birthday gift for my sister. Now, in all fairness we did spend about 15 minutes reviewing a catalog from one of her favorite stores and I even made a few suggestions on what he could buy for her.

After just a few minutes of shopping I noticed him looking down my blouse. He was undressing me with his eyes and I could see his massive cock growing thick and hard in his pants. I have always thought my sister had a good looking husband and I had often wondered what his cock was like, but I never dared ask her about it. Today I took the plunge…..

As his eyes were fixed on my tits, I took this opportunity to slide my hand up his inner thigh. He didn’t even try to fight me, he wanted it as much as I did. I slowly unzipped his slacks, unbuckled his belt and pulled his thick and heavy cock out. As I started to jack his thick throbbing cock. I loved seeing  the pre-cum leak out the head  and around the head of his cock. I took  my tongue and licked the head of his dick to taste his steamy liquid. Only seconds passed before I had  to have his entire cock in my mouth.  He moaned and stroked my hair as I slurped on his perfect cock.

I bet you are curious about what other things happened.  Like where he shot his load? Give me a call, I will tell you ALL about it or we can make out own little naughty story.

I have NO TABOOS, Love a hot role play, and will rock your world.

My Naughty Peeper

As I laid on the bed completely nude, legs spread wide open as I push my fingers into my wet pussy lips, I noticed some movement outside my bedroom window. Lately the ladies on my block had complained if some pervert peeping in the windows at night. I being the naughty girl that I am, I decided to open the shades and give him a real show. I became very excited as I realized someone was outside my window. I tried not to look, I didn’t want to spook him. I wanted him to come in and join me, ravage my body and do whatever nasty and kinky things he wanted to with me. As I finger fucked my wet cunt, I noticed him stroking his hard cock outside, just watching me. My peeping Tom was hanging on each and every flick of my clit !! I came so fucking hard knowing he was right there, some random stranger watching me. He left me a little present of his sticky cum all over the window, so I guess he must have enjoyed the show.

Tonight I dedicate my masturbation fun to my peeping Tom, whoever you are, you made me cum so fucking hard. Next time, cum on in and fuck me silly!!