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Vivian and Alicia

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 Our Stats

Age: Vivian: 40 - Alicia: 20

Eyes: Vivian: Brown - Alicia: Brown

Height: Vivian: 5'7 - Alicia: 5'7

Weight: Vivian: 123 - Alicia: 115

Measurements: Vivian: 36C-24-36 - Alicia: 34B-24-34

Pussy: Vivian: Very smooth with a tiny landing strip - Alicia: My kitty is purrfect!

Ass: Vivian: Round and perfect for fucking - Alicia: The perfect amount for your eager hands and tongue.

Favorite Positions: Do you really want to know? I'm not sure you can take our strap-on.

Strangest Places I've had sex: We had sex in a Outback Steakhouse restroom

Hobbies: Shopping, yoga, playing the Wii, hiking and having sex toy parties

Specialities: Role play, Family Fun, Tease and denial and Strap-on play. We do it all, so don't be afraid to ask!


Hello eager gentlemen. Thank you visiting with my mother and I. My name is Alicia. Mom goes by Vivian, but she’ll let you call her “Mom” too if you ask permission. We’ve been having phone sex together for a little while now, and real sex together a while longer. Are you considering making us a trio?

The truth is that I originally did not wish to have sex with Mom (she’s actually my step-mom, by the way). But, I had graduated school and Dad said he would no longer allow me to live at home for free. I’m one of many daughters of his and he never paid much attention to me growing up, until somewhat recently when I was expected to either contribute or leave. I couldn’t keep a decent job for longer than a few weeks, and finally went to my father to tell him I couldn’t make rent. We argued. He yelled. I cried. Eventually, he took pity on me and invited me onto his lap. I felt his crotch morph into a bulge beneath my ass crack. From that night on, I learned to earn my rent. When Dad and his wife got divorced, Mom offered to let me come with her. What she didn’t tell me is that the price was the same as Dad was charging. I couldn’t go back, so I resigned myself to enjoying eating pussy. Talk about a blessing in disguise!

Since that time Mom has become my best friend, my lover, a nurturing figure, and the absolute best phone sex partner a young girl could hope to work with. She taught me how to find and push your buttons to make you cum so hard that you will be sweating, huffing & puffing when you shoot your load. We will concoct role-plays that will blow your mind. You will love indulging in Mom’s seductive voice and I will send you right over the edge, when you hear my sexy, young, voice screaming “He’s cumming mom”! Do you crave a climax this intense? We invite you to treat yourself to the best orgasm you have ever had!

Call, indulge, soon.

Vivian & Alicia

Call 1.866.481.6229
for Phone Sex with
Vivian and Alicia

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  • Vivian and alicia when are you girls here i would love to talk to the 2 of you sometime please let me know if there is a regular time when you are both here!

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