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The Man Next Door

You walk over to my fence completely stopping to see what I have going on in my backyard. I know your hoping to catch me outside by the pool, wearing only bikini bottoms laying out topless in the sun. Watching as I lean up and grab for the lotion and start rubbing myself down. Cupping my tits covering ever inch of skin. I’ve already been masturbating hoping that you would hear the moans coming out of my mouth. I think it’s funny that the highlight of your pathetic life is to gawk over me. The blood rushing to the head of your hard cock and your eyes are glued to my body. You take your cock in your hand wishing it was mine stroking you off. You think I can’t see you or hear your heavy breathing.

Come over and introduce yourself. I can have a lot of fun with a shy, married man like you. The next time I catch you peeking at me, I’ll make sure I call your wife over and we can both laugh at your small dick while you jerk off to us and I tell her what a dirty fucking pervert you are.

Get Used To It

If your looking for controlling bitch then you’ve cum to the right girl. That’s exactly what I like to do to you pathetic losers. It gives me a sense of pleasure. Degrade you, Humiliate you, Abuse you. I will not tolerate any of your ridiculous excuses. You will follow every instruction I give you or you will have to pay the price. For all you small dick losers. You’ll be on your knees like a good fucking slut doing what your told. You know it will involve using your slutty cock sucking mouth. Once you call me and give up control. You will be giving up all your rights. I’ll own your sorry ass and you’ll be so addicted you will be thinking about me every time you take out your fucking cock.



What the fuck loser?

Seriously you no dick bitch, it’s hilarious you even think you would have a chance with me! Why would I want your itty bitty nub when I have my pick of real dick? Yeah, that’s right fag boy something you can only dream about. It’s like never gonna happens so you may as well give it up and get down on your knees where you belong. Forced cock sucking is exactly what you need and secretly you know you want to taste a big yummy cock! I will even guide a thick, swollen mushroom head into your mouth. Mmmm I can picture it now and it makes my teen pussy hot. Will you swallow every drop of thick, creamy sperm for me?

Sucks to be you

Why don’t you pull down your pants and show me what your really working with down there. Now, you call that a cock??? It’s actually disappointing you should be ashamed. Let me ask you,  how do you plan on pleasing a beautiful woman like me with a penis that size? It’s not even close to average. A girl like me needs a big fat cock to fill me up. Did you think I would actually give you the time of day?

Fucking your tiny pin dick would be the most unsatisfying fuck ever.



How small are you?

I’m not the type of girl that would deny any sexual pleasure but if your one of those little cock losers then it’s a different story. It will be the highlight of my day when you tell me your cock size. I bet you get all excited if you can get it to grow to a whopping full 4 inches if your lucky. You don’t even deserve to call that thing between your legs a cock. I’ll sit back and laugh my ass off  making fun of you. Don’t worry I’ll make you feel worthless. No matter how hard you try you’re not even half a man. It wont take me very long to get you to admit that your rubbing your pin dick against a pair of silky panties wishing you had a clitty. Moaning away while you use your two fingers to jerk off your itty, bitty cock. Go ahead and keep starring at my picture wishing you had a real cock that could actually please me. I’m always up for a good laugh.


Hey Bitches Did You Miss Me?

Since the site was changing servers and you couldn’t stroke your loser cock to my pictures, I decided to post a couple to make up for it. Thanks to you loyal losers who called , IMed and emailed me. You all will find something special in your emails tonight! Special rates just for this weekend only.

    And to all you losers who didn’t make the effort, I am going to give you a small treat too for you to make it up to me for not calling me all week.

30 minutes for 50.00

45 minutes for 80.00

So start dialing losers and lets get busy!!!!!

Sticks and Stones

May break your bones!

But Lacey James will ALWAYS HURT YOU! You’re not worthy! Not worthy enough for any girls on this site! You and I both know this! You’re pathetic! Your little cock isn’t going to please anyone! You will NEVER be able to satisfy any woman you’re with. And no woman will be able to satisfy you! but I can! I know what will satisfy you! You want someone to treat you the way that you deserve! And I am just that girl for you! I am nothing but honest and true! I will tell you that you are a tiny dick loser and I will hang up on you! You will have to pay me big in order for me to even give a loser like you the time of day! And that satisfies you! That’s what you crave!

You crave to have a woman put you in your place! I am that girl!

Are you serious… that’s it?

Tonight I’m going out late to this frat party starts at like midnight or something after the basketball game. I can’t wait!  I was thinking about going to the bball game but nah I decided to stay here and totally humiliate this friggin small dick loser!! Hahaha OMG He pulls down his boxers and I don’t see anything cept this dangling lil nub thingie?!? I’m like are you friggin serious right now? What the hell is that lmfao!  I laughed so hard I cried seriously I mean that’s just wrong in so many ways.  So, get this he tells me he was born with some small dick disease or something hahahaha I was like sit down and shut the hell up loser~ My turn now…

First of all, you no dick wimps make me wanna grab my wooden hairbrush and beat those man clitty’s blue.  Either that or tape them down or something.  Cover that disgusting nub with a piece of tape lmfao.  Do something with it GROSSSSSS!!!!! Seriously dudes~

Well biatches, I’m gonna chill and watch a lil porn before I go to my party if you are around and in need of a bratty teen to abuse your slutty no -dick -havin ass call me. As for you guys with REAL cocks mmmm you know you wanna tap some of this cum & get it!

teenbrattybree on AIM

Got a tiny one eh?

You are a pathetic no dick Loooosah with nothing more than a hard lil clitty.  You call that little shrimpy thing a dick? LMFAO My clit is bigger!

When I see nub guys like you it makes me wanna grab my wooden hairbrush and slap the shit outta your tiny weenie. What good will an itty bitty worm ever do for me or anyone else?  Not one damn thing so I may as well abuse you for being so useless.

You want some sph today from a hot coed slut then you better call me worm man cuz I love to laugh at your ridiculous excuse for a cock.

ta ta inch worm,

Teen slut Delaney