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Mommy’s Little Secret

Will you be Mommy’s little helper? I just love dressing you up in little outfits that I can show you off in. So many outfits I can never pick a favorite! My friends have always been jealous of the special bond we share it drives them crazy. I always brag about our special Friday nights full of games and secrets that only you and I know about. Our family fun nights are never complete without our very own photo shoot. I love seeing you stand in front of the camera in cute outfits that I must admit makes my pussy drip. If you can keep Mommy’s dirty little secret, call me and we can have a little family fun photo shoot of our own.

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Ending the Summer with a BANG

I hate that summer is coming to an end! I love relaxing by the pool in my skimpy swim wear and teasing all the men in the neighborhood! It’s honestly what I live for. So this weekend I decided I needed to have some extra naughty fun! I was laying out by the pool when my neighbor came out and was watering his plants. This guy has been drooling over me all summer long. I am sure he thought that he never had a shot with someone like me. But I was horny and willing to make the old guys summer. So I walked on over and without saying a word, grabbed his hose (the water hose that is) and starting to take a drink by sticking my tongue out, then I started to let the water spray all over me, getting myself wet. He was shocked, good thing he has a good heart or we might of needed to call 911. I dropped the hose and went right for his pants. I wasn’t going to mess around. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. The old guy couldn’t take it, luckily the only head to explode was his cock, right in my mouth! I love summer and I’m really going to miss messing around with my neighbors. Good thing that means college is back in session and I have college guys and my professors with mess around with.


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Hot fun in the summer time

Who doesn’t love being a naughty girl. I love everything that has to do with sex. I’ll take it nice and sensual. Your hands caressing my body making sweet passionate love or you can take that hard cock and fuck me nice and rough just how I like it. Your hands on my hips grinding that fat cock deep in me. Spanking my hot ass. Every part of my body craves your attention. Cum tell me all your fantasies. I know your cock gets hard just thinking about it. Let’s get fucking nasty with each other. Sitting here thinking about it is making me so horny! My pussy feels so warm and moist. I can’t help but slide my fingers in me and feel how wet and warm I am. *mmm* My fuck hole is wet and ready for you.

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Naughty Thoughts

This has been such a long week for me! I’ve been thinking all of these naughty thoughts just hoping to get a call from someone as kinky as myself. Mmmm. The number one fantasy on my mind has been super naughty. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to be wearing nothing but a red bra and panty set and teasing a guy as he lays on his bed. Those hands of his wrapped around his hard and throbbing cock. I’ve teased him so much that he wants to blow. But he won’t. Do you know why?

He won’t blow because I haven’t told him to. OOOO! He is waiting for me to tell him what to do because it turns us both on when he strokes his cock for me. I love watching that hand go up and down that pulsing pole. Nice and slow at first with the thumb teasing the tip just a bit. And my sweet and sexy voice making it jump with pleasure as we go along. When will I tell that hand to go faster? That’s for me to know and you to find out. Does it make you hot to think about acting out this fantasy? It has my panties soaking wet. If you really want to have a good time call me up sometime and we’ll make this fantasy even better. Cum on. ;)

Thinking Naughty Thoughts,


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Fetish Phone Sex

I’ve been a very naughty girl…so naughty, in fact, even Santa had to take a turn! *giggles* Do you enjoy having a beautiful young girl over your knee….or on her knees, brightening that bottom to a lovely crimson shade? I must admit, my pussy drips at the thought of a good sound spanking…and it is even more fun when you are pounding me from behind while you spank me…teaching how YOU want me to behave, what a good girl I could be for you. Maybe you enjoy being on the other end of a beating. Either way, it is sure to be sexy as hell, and loads of fun! Think you have what it takes to keep me in line…I’d love to test that theory…and promise me you won’t be gentle!!

Love and Licks….and a Happy New Year!



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I was a bad, bad girl

I was a naughty disobedient MILF yesterday. My son, also my Master, gave me a simple command and I foolishly didn’t comply with his wishes. As a result I had to be punished and my own son took great relish and glee in doing the honors. Daring not to disobey a second time I lay nude on my back on our bed. Ever since that night when my son took me to be his sex slave, we have shared a bed.

I was nervous and ready for my punishment. My son tortured and teased me rubbing and massaging my nice tits. I moaned and whined excited by his touch. The thought of displeasing him gnawed at me and I moaned and pleaded. “Oh please Son, I am so sorry, please have mercy on me. I know you are a good Master, and you are the best son and fuck a Mom could ever have.” I hoped my pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears and my son smiled his amazing smile as he ran his hands along my inner thighs. My pussy was dripping wet, the way it does just for my son. Regretfully I have fucked men other than my son in my son in my younger days, but no man has been better than my son and if it were possible to undo my mistakes I would.

My son rubbed my inner thighs more and I just got wetter. Finally he rubbed my pussy lips and I was so fucking horny. “OOOH yes ohh yea” my son slid a finger in my tight cunt. I hadn’t been fucked in awhile, and to be fair I didn’t deserve to be fucked. One finger, then two fingers and I was moaning loudly. As my excitement peaked he stopped and let me lick his fingers and taste my juices. I knew I couldn’t cum and I waited for my punishment.

He spread my legs really wide, and I knew what was coming. “Now Mom count these out and let me know you’re sorry I don’t care what you say but make it good.”

PING! “One Son I was a slut”

PING! “Two Son Spank me”

And so it went my son spanked my pussy thirty times as I moaned and cried. As the spankings went on I was really crying tears in my eyes. My pussy was red and hurting and he kept spanking me asking me to talk louder and count out each spanking despite the pain. Finally after 30 slaps of my pussy my son stopped and my punishment was over.

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Marriage Counseling

naughty raylin

In your every day life, things are very stressful.  Your marriage is rocky, your job sucks, and your kids are just going for the world record of annoying you.  Sometimes, you just need a little… counseling.  Well Dr. Raylin is ready to help! 


The other day I had a wonderful call.  A man who was extremely distressed by his marriage.  He called while his wife was home, while she was asleep.  She woke up partway during the call and picked up the phone.  He was nervous and hung up, but I stayed on the line.  She and I talked for a while and I described to her how she could please her husband, what he liked and desired.  She said she’d never known these things, but would certainly be up to trying it.  She called him into the bedroom and he expected to be yelled at severely.  Instead, he found his wife waiting for him, naked, phone in hand.  She seduced him while I was on the phone with her, telling her what to say and what to do.  She sucked him off like she never had in her life- I gave her a few pointers :).  It went much much further, but you’ll have to use your imagination.  Just one example of how counseling can just help your life!


Whatever is bothering you… give me a call, I am sure that a little time on my couch can remedy the situation!  Sissies, married men, cucks, dominant but stressed men, stressed out bi or lesbians, hell, anyone who could use a good intense yet relaxing phone fuck is welcome to make an appointment!


~Naughty “Dr.” Raylin

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Daddy went away on a business convention and will be gone for another week.  Well, Daddy’s little Princess has been very bad while Daddy has been away.  I invited the entire baseball team from school over and let them GANG BANG me.  I fucked and sucked so many cocks.  It was fun and messy at the same time.  They filled all of my little holes up with their creamy loads.  If Daddy only knew he would tie me up and spank me.  But Daddy’s not around and won’t be for a while.  So I need to be punished for being so nasty and naughty!  I’ve already put on my leash that Daddy keeps for me and I found his secret hiding place where he keeps the whip to.  I am ready all you need to do is be ready to PUNISH me and TORTURE me for being such a dirty lil whore.

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I am ready to see MR. R

How are you today Mr. R. You ready for your check up? He responds “Yes maam.”  Nurse Loretta says “please undress all the way down to your underwear” and Mr. R does as  he is told.  I tell the patient that this is a check up to make sure that all is working how it should be.  He understood.

I look into his ears and start to lick and nibble on the lobes . mm they feel and taste very good.  He responds you are making my cock grow. I said very good.  As it should.  I have Mr. R unbutton my shirt so warm the scope to listen to his lungs with.  He holds it and i push them my breast close together and hold the scope in-between them.  I then ask him to take my breast and rub them and hold them together. Once the scope is warmed i start to listen to his lungs with it.  I bend over and put his head on my shoulder and reach behind him to have him hold me while i listen to his back of the lungs. Now take a DEEEEp breath…IN  and OUT once agan..IN and OUT.. very good. I take notes that all sounds good there.

When Mr. R took my shirt and unbutton it he saw i was not wearing a bra.  Not only that  I have no panties on with my thigh highs that are black and my nine inch high fuck me shoes that are black.  So when i got very close to my patient and his cock very hard it inched his way to my skirt.  I had to yet check his nipples to see that they worked fine.  so i too my forefinger and thumb and rubbed them around the right side of the nipple very soft and did the same to the left.  I feel they work just find as they were ver hard. but the true test was when i took my nipple and took it all over his and then took my nipple and covered it with his pre- cum and then put that on his nipples. He then started to moan.

I then layed the patient down and had to work with this balls and cock a bit. He had some what i call dirt he would call precum so i had to lick it off. I walked around him and had to explain to him…and show him..i will take my long wet hot tongue and put it over the head of you cock and then lick your pre cum off.  So what i did was put it in his mouth my tongue and kissed him to show him just how long my tongue was..and wet ..and i sucked his tongue like i would his cock. that is when he gave me premission to suck him

So i started to prep him I went to his balls, and took a long lick slurp, ahhhh so nice and wet,. Took his balls into my mouth and make room for his cum to build up in his sack.  lick his cock from the base to the tip and slurp all that precum. i brought my pussy to his face to make sure his tongue was in good working order…and he licked my pussy..

Then i laid down and he wanted around and licked my ass. ooo that feld so hot. He got my ass so ready to be fucked by his cock..i ordered him to get it wet and hot then to fuck me hard in the ass and pussy.  He did both but put his hot load in my ass. This patient needs a recheck in a week to make sure his pipe are not clogged.

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My Four boys and the naughty neighbor C

Well seems like when one moves out two more move in.  We saw a moving van with pink this and pink that move in. Sure enough my four boys were there looking to see what and who they were.  Girl’s yes it was girls and they have this hot daddy they said Mr. C wanted to come and meet you mommy. I said hell yeah. Brning it on.. Soon did i know it i had Mr. C and hit two beauties over. I think they were 11 and 13. Before i new they were in my boys bedroom playing. So i thought. Mr. C and my self got talking and before you new it he was almost hitting on me. brushing my hair touching my ass.   I said ” Mr. C is there something i can help you with. Is there no Mrs?” He said yes but she is so boring and you Miss mommy -Your hot. before you new it Mr. C was feeling my Chest out side my shirt.  My nipples got rock hard.!!! Then the eyes fell on us. The boys and the two girls. watched as he went up my shirt. Mr. C whispered in my ear.  ” let them watch and learn pretend we don’t see them” So i went along.   I lifted my shirt and gave  Mr my D breast and give him it his mouth. He nursed on hit…omg my pussy got so wet. My oldest son came in ans said mommy you ok.  I said babe my pussy needs attention. Would you help me there?  My oldest son then got on his needs and took his tongue out and licked and sucked my pussy till i came so hard. Mr c held me so tight and took his cock out pinned me against the wall and lifted me up and inserted his cock into my pussy.  He then fucked me so hard i squirted all over his cock. Then we heard wow. in the back ground and lets go try.  The running up the stairs. and slam up the door. Now it was mommy and Mr. c’s turn turn to watch their kids fuck each other.   Welcum to the naughty neighborhood Mr. C.

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