Stroke It For Mommy Georgia

Oops! Mommy walked in on you in the bathroom. Not only were you completely naked, but you had a pair of my dirty panties practically pushed up your nose. I know how good my pussy smells. Especially the freshly fucked pussy that was in those panties last night. No need to feel embarrassed, everyone needs relief every once in a while.

I take my hand and put it on top of yours and start to help you stroke. That’s my good boy. Stroke it for Mommy. I see you look back at me in the mirror, and I decide to let my top drop and my tits fall out. There we go. Now your hand is moving faster. I take my hand away from yours so I can watch. Your whole body is shaking as you build up speed. Your teenage body breaks out in a sweat.

I sit back on the counter and spread my legs so you can see how wet Mommy’s panties are getting. Harder and harder you go. I love the sound of your hand sliding up and down on your slick cock. You throw your head back and look at the ceiling as you cum, everywhere! All over you, all over Mommy, everywhere. I just laughed and started to draw myself a bath. Care to join me?



Written By: Georgia
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