My dirty little toilet slave

He likes it DIRTY. Dave is my little toilet slave, I smoke and blow smoke rings around his throbbing cock while I shove my pink, puckered asshole in his face. He longs to lick and suck it, I make him worship my juicy bald pussy first, he makes me explode while I grind and rock on his face. I turn around, light a ciggy, put my asshole to his lips, he is so very hungry. I blow smoke rings towards his cock. He licks and sucks as I squeeze out a terd for him to eat, he loves it. You see Dave begs me to smoke and shit in his little toilet mouth. He loves being a shit eating little whore. I finally tease him and taunt him for 20 minutes and then I allow him to jizz on my ass crack, then I make him lick it clean, yumma yumma.             F L U S H !

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