I Love Sleepovers For One Reason!

When I was younger I had tons of girlfriends. I was friends with the popular girls, the cheerleaders, sluts, dorky girls and the really smart girls. Some of them I couldn’t stand to be around and were truly annoying but I had an agenda. I became friends with all these girls for one thing and for 1 thing only….their daddies!

I was invited to a sleepover every weekend. While other girls packed their teddy bears and cute little Disney pajamas, I was packing skimpy lingerie. Anything that was tight and revealing to seduce my so called friends Daddies. Of course, I put a tee-shirt over my sexy lingerie so when the time was right, I would take it off.

At every sleepover, I pretended to enjoy the stupid games and the boring activities and then I waited till everyone was asleep. I remember sometimes waiting for hours for those bitches to go to bed. I was so annoyed at them but yet my pussy was gushing knowing I was going to have older daddy cock inside my little cunt.

Once everyone is sleeping, I slipped off my tee-shirt and go looking for my prey. Who could resist a cute, petite redhead in sexy lingerie? No one. I got all my girlfriends daddies. They had no problem finding a place to fuck me and keeping it from their wives. One daddy fucked me right beside his sleeping wife!



Written By: Ariel
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