Hotel Renovations

The hotel I work for has been doing a lot of renovations. It makes it a little difficult to find the lounge, restaurant and club as things have been moved around so they are still available.

It was almost 2am and one of our regulars asked if I could help him find the lounge before last call. I was curious because since he has a penthouse there is a full bar. We joked back and forth about me just being his barmaid since I was having problems finding the cocktail lounge too.

We ended up at his Penthouse and he said he was serious about me making drinks. We entered his suite and it was fucking amazing. I hadn’t seen the full floor ones yet. I made him a drink and he went to the bathroom to get comfortable. By then, I took the liberty of fixing two Moscow Mules and had his bed turned down.

I asked him if there was anything else I could do as I had to attempt to keep things professional. Clearly he did not! Next thing I knew, he had his tongue in my mouth and his hand between my legs. He had a sexy, wicked laugh and when he saw my panties were soaked he looked and me with a dirty grin. After he stripped naked, he demanded I fix two more drinks and slowly dance for him. I heard a knock at the door and he motioned for me to open it. There was 3 more gentlemen at the door. Looks like he had a party planned.

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