Horror and Gore Phone Sex

Wow, that’s all I can say, is…Wow.  If some of you remember I wrote a blog explaining some of the darker type of things that I am into.

I should of posted that fucking thing ages ago.  Lemme tell ya’ll something. Some of you are seriously fucked up! lol I don’t mean that in a bad way, hell no!  I mean it in a “omg I hope it’s him again, every time the phone rings” kinda way.

I have had the most outrageous calls since I posted that blog.  I have LOVED every single one of them.  I get fucking giddy like a teen who has seen cock for the first time on the guy she is crushing on.  No lie, I get so excited that I cannot wait to run the info. so I can call the guy back ASAP.

So far I have been butchered, hung, cooked, suffocated, hung on meat hooks and sliced.  One call I got to do things to this one guy that were so damn depraved, he didn’t survive.  If I remember correctly I ended the call with me picking up his torso and chucking it into the camp fire I had going.

I know some people will read this and go..ewwww, what the fuck Memphis?? lol And that’s okay, because everyone has a little bit’o dark inside them.  I just enjoy playing along and adding to it.

Thanks for all the Gore fellas!

The One and Only,


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