Grinding My Ass

I find that grinding my ass on a man’s crotch is about the biggest tease play I can engage in. It’s great because oftentimes the lucky recipient of my seduction  doesn’t know what’s coming. One moment he’s dancing and having a good time, the next moment I’m working on his cock, pressing up against him as hard as I can. I’m simulating a doggy-style fucking, but I’m the one who’s doing the fucking. It’s a thrill to bounce around down there and feel his manhood grow in-between my ass crack.

When I’m wearing a short dress, within moments it’s picked up above my waist so to give him a feel closer to the real thing. His hands are never able to resist, clenching my hips to give him control of a situation that is otherwise up to me. Call me. It’s time to make it happen.



Written By: Diana
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