Daddy took my cherry!

As I walked in the door from school, daddy looked right at me with a concerned look on his face.  He asked me why I looked so worried, what was wrong?

“Wrong? N-nothing,” I lied horribly.

“Torrie,” my  dad said sternly. I could tell by his tone he wanted the truth.

My eyes began to water. “I–I–I–I was naughty today,” I  said quietly, my head down.

“Naughty?” My father’s eyebrow raised.. “How naughty? Did you skip class again?”I wasn’t surprised he asked that being I skipped all the time in high school.
I giggled. “No. I let a boy–well, I let him feel me up.”

“Oh.” Obviously he had been expecting something worse. “Well–you know you’ll have to be punished for that,” he sat down in the chair at the dining room table. “Come here,” he beckoned me over and patted his lap, his tone of voice indicating my punishment was going to be right now.

I took a few steps towards him. “Daddy, I’m too old for spankings,” I  told him as I sat on his lap anyway.

“Those kinds–yes. But you’re getting a new punishment today.”
“Will it hurt?” I asked him shyly.

“Part of it might,” he shrugged, smiling at me. “Take your shirt off,” he ordered me . I did as I was told. “Now, use my hands and show me what you let that boy do to you.” He put his arms around me, his hands in front of me.

I took my bra off and took her daddy’s hands and put one on each of my breast. “Now squeeze,” I said quietly.   That is just what I let him do to me in his car after school today.
Daddy squeezed. “Is that all he did?” he asked, squeezing my tits in his hands.

“Mmmhmmm,” I sighed lightly as I closed my eyes.

“He didn’t do much,” daddy laughed. “He should’ve done this,” and he pinched my nipples between his thumb and forefinger of each hand and rolled the nipple around. “Doesn’t that feel good?” He asked, pulling gently on my nipples as he rolled them between his fingers.

“It does, Daddy, really good,” I grinned and looked down, seeing my dad’s large hands massaging my breasts was making me feel all tingly inside.

“Turn around for me,” he told me, letting go of my boobs. I turned around and straddled his lap.

“He should have also done this,” he leaned forwars and sucked my hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked on my nipple, gently biting.

“Daddy,” I sighed, it did feel nice, “we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It’s okay, someone’s gotta teach you what you like,” he said, switching to my other nipple.

Daddy makes sense I thought to myself. I looked down, and he smiled up at me with my nipple between his lips.

“Stand up, sweetie,”he said, and I did. Daddt reached over and unzipped her jeans  and pushed them down over my hips. He smiled. “You shave your pussy?” he asked.

I was totally embarrassed that my daddy asked me that but I just shrugged. “I like to be smooth.”

“That’s great, Torrie, just great. Hop up on the table.”

Of course I did as I was told, excited to see what came next.
He undid his own pants and let them drop to his ankles, his cock poking straight up in the air . He spread my legs apart and knelt at the edge of the table. He slid his tongue up my slit, around my clit and finally poked his tongue inside of me.

“Daddy!” I giggled and sighed at the same time. It felt awesome, and it tickled all at the same time.

He pulled me closer to the edge of the table, licking my puckered, pink asshole every few licks. He stood up after a few minutes and looked down at me. “You like that?”

“Oh God, Daddy! It was just–awesome!” I giggled.

“Have you learned your lesson?” He asked me.
I smiled, flirting with him. “No, Daddy, I don’t think I have.” There was no way he was stopping at that I hoped.

Daddy stuck a finger inside my cunnie. “Has a boy every done this to you?” He asked, pumping his finger in and out of my wet hole.

“No. Never.” I smiled.

“How about this?” He removed his finger from my pussy and tapped my asshole.

“Daddy! That would hurt!” I squealed.

“Relax then,” he instructed as he slowly stuck his thick finger in my ass. “See?” “It isn’t bad at all”, He pushed his finger in farther, removed it, and rammed it back in.

“Ohhh,” I squealed again, as I started rubbing my own breasts, my nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Daddy took his finger out of ass and pressed his cock between my swollen pussy lips. He slid the head between my pussy lips a few times, spreading my wetness around and onto him, before sliding inside of me.

I felt his cock sliding in me but he wasn’t going very deep.  “Torrie this might hurt a little bit, just relax and trust daddy”.  Right then I felt a sharp twinge of pain and knew I had finally lost my virginity.  I must admit I was very happy it was daddy who did it.

After a minute or 2 he started moving inside of me and it started feeling really good.  I felt like he was stretching me out down there which hurt a little, but it still felt awesome.  I was a little embarrassed to ask but I really wanted it again. “Daddy, put your finger in my ass again, please.”  He moaned loudly and looked totally happy as he slid his finger back in my puckered asshole.

“Daddy as I a bad girl for loving this?”  He laughed at me and nodded his head no as he started to fuck me even harder.  Before long he had me begging for more and more….

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