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Just The Two Of Us

Your phone sex Mommy has a wonderful week planned for you, It’s going to be all about you and me. I just know how much you love Valentines day. It’s always been our special holiday to spend with each other. You can love and kiss all over me sweetie.

I come into your room as soon as the sun comes up. I’m wearing your favorite red sheer robe. Mommy always wants to make you happy. I sit on the side of the bed, I wake you up with kisses. You’re still a little groggy, you open your eyes and give Mommy a big smile. I untie my robe and let it fall to the floor, giving you the perfect view of my luscious breasts. I know how much you love feasting on them.

My hand slips under the covers, finding your hardness. Your phone sex Mommy is going make this week perfect for you. I wrap my hands around your thickness and start to stroke you. Feeling the pre-cum leaking. I have so many surprises for you this week. It is going to be an amazing celebration for our special Valentines day.


Written By: Toni
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Mommy Always Knows Best

Your phone sex mommy is going to teach you everything that you need to know about being my big boy. I want you to be a good boy for mommy this weekend while she has her friends over. That’s very important. You know mommy has a lot of important male friends. I know you’ll understand.  You do breathe to make me happy sweetie,  that’s why our special bond is so tight. Now that your brothers are older and have steady girlfriends, I’m expecting a little more out of you. It’s your turn to learn how to take care of mommy properly since we’re going to be spending a lot more time together. I have complete confidence in you that you’ll catch on just like the others did. We’ll take it slow. Why don’t we start with mommy’s beautiful breasts this morning.  I know you’re going to show me the exact attention that I need. Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Now, climb in bed with mommy and let’s get started. 


Written By: Toni
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Fireworks in the making

You’ll always be my precious boy. I don’t ever want you to forget that. Mommy loves this time of year. Pool parties, skimpy bikinis, and lots and lots of men.  Every year we throw a big bash at the house.  I make sure I spend some special one on one time with my boy. I never want to deprive him of his needs of his mommy. We even have a blast picking out my bikini that I’ll be wearing. 

My sweet boy had that look in his eyes. I could tell he was thinking about all the men that will be swarming around the house for the 4th. We sat on the bed and talked about how a fuck is a fuck and what we have is so much more to mommy. I explained to him how we share a special bond. 

Grabbing the back of his head I pulled him towards my chest. Comforting him, rubbing his back, letting him rest his head on my chest. I knew these gorgeous tits would put him in a better mood. I removed my top and let him trace his fingers along the lace on my bra before it fell to the ground. I laid back on the bed and let him crawl between my legs so he could roam my body at his own pace. I was melting with every touch. 
The smile on his face said it all, just think about the fireworks that we’ll be making after the big party. 
Mommy Toni 

Snuggle Cuddles Phone Sex


I know how excited you are that we have another long weekend ahead of us. Since Mommy is going to be entertaining this weekend kicking off the summer. I think we should get our special time in. It’s still early sweetie and you look like you just got up. Come and crawl back into bed with me and let’s do some snuggle cuddles with each other. I want you going into this weekend with a smile on your face and mommy is going to make sure of that. You crawl up into mommy’s big bed and snuggle under the blanket with me. I run the back of my hands through your hair while you rest your head on my plush tits. I unhook my bra and let your hands and mouth roam my body. It’s been some time since we had our special time. You make your phone sex mommy so happy. You know all the right spots that mommy likes. You smile and let out a little giggle. Well honey, now it’s mommy’s turn to make you feel really good. Lay back and let your phone sex mommy do all the work.

Mommy  Toni



Dirty Panty Fun with Toni


My step-son is home for this wonderful long weekend. It’s funny how somethings never change. I was lounging in my bathroom soaking in the tub with the door cracked, my bedroom was still visible to me. I heard footsteps entering my room. He made his way back to my bedroom, Oh and he knew what he was looking for, my pile of dirty clothes. I watched as he picked up a pair of panties and put them up to his nose and took a long whiff. I decided to end my bath early and have a little fun with him. I stood in the doorway dripping wet in a towel. I walked over to him and unbuttoned his jeans and nodded while I thought in my head some thing never change. I pulled down his underwear wrapping the pair of dirty panties around his cock. I could feel a little panic mode set in, that he was caught again. This time we made it very memorable.
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Holiday Fun with Toni


You’ve been a very bad boy. I see you’ve made the naughty list this year. Let’s get your punishment out of the way so we can get you back on Santa’s nice list. I take out a shiny silver butt plug and set it on the night stand. Directing you to strip down for your step-mommy. You think you’re getting a spanking from me. My warm hands start to rub your ass cheeks before I spread them apart. With lube on my finger I start to circle around your tight ass hole. You start to squirm with a few tears down your face. Holding you down, pressing my fingers into your ass you finally start to accept it and relax while I open your ass. I take the shiny butt plug and show it to you. Your eyes grow wide and you start to cry out again. You want to be a good boy right? Let’s get you to the the next stage of your punishment. The holidays are going to be here before you know it!

Sexy Cougar Fun


The other day I was looking out the blinds and we have another new neighbor that moved in across the street. They have three handsome sons. Of course they caught my eye right away.  I have already noticed one of them with his shirt off mowing the lawn. The sight was breath taking.  I do have to admit, while I was watching at the window I did pull up my dress and I started playing with my wet pussy. Hes got a great body. It’s only proper to go over there and introduce myself. I’ll stop at the bakery today and pick something up. They will think I’m one of those humble home owners.  LOL!  When really this cougar is after the fresh meat on the block.

There’s Always A Party

The boys had a great weekend. They came to me last minute and asked if they could have some friends over it being a long weekend. I can never say no to them. Not to mention, I would never say no to having a bunch of young men running around the house all weekend long. Once they boys got a good look at my friends and I in our bikinis, they all had tents popping up in their bathing suit shorts. I was definitely a cougar on the loose. Some of them already had me some of them haven’t yet. I enjoy being the hunter rather than the hunted, I get to hand pick what I want. I never ask them what they’re into or what they would like to do. They are looking for an older woman to take control that’s going to drain every drop cum and that’s exactly what I did all weekend long. Why stop now? The weekend was just my summer warm up. I’m really on the prowl now.


Tits & Cum

I get wetter and wetter as I anticipate about his big cock fucking me. You watch me as I lay in our bed and arch my back pulling down my panties. Soaking the bed sheets already with my pussy juices. You get impatient but you know better. I know what you need. Your eyes get wider and wider as you watch me spread my legs for another man. You watch him fuck me with his enormous cock. You sit, you watch, and you stroke. His cock throbs in my wet pussy fucking me slow and long. I can feel the head twitching. He pulls out running his cock along my lips letting me taste him. I know how curious you are about all the men who fuck me. Now is your chance, do you want to taste his cum?  I know you want to try. I take all of his cock in my mouth working it in until he’s ready to blow his load. I look over at you and you look so pathetic begging for a taste. I finish him off all over my tits spraying me down with his warm load. You stare with hunger, what are you waiting for? Lick this cum of my tits. 😉

Horny Milf Toni

You know that I have a lot of special men in my life that I like to please. Yes darling, you are one of them. But you must wait your turn. I know how much you love watching mommy get ready for a hot night. You sit with me in the bathroom while I get dressed and fix my make up. Tonight I want you to be a big boy and stay in your bedroom until I call for you. You scramble to your room when our guest arrives. He’s a tall handsome man with a very, very big package! I took my gentlemen friend right to the bedroom. I’m not really into the small talk first, we can save that for another time. I had a feeling my sweet little boy wasn’t following directions. When I heard a big gasp of air out of his little mouth when he seen this gentleman on top of me, giving my pussy a good pounding. I crave having all my holes stuffed and I really don’t care who’s watching. I glanced over to watch my wide eyed boy grabbing a hold of his itty bitty cock and start to pull on it while he watched me get penetrated. I couldn’t wait to get a load of creamy cum dripping from my pussy. My sweet boy should of followed directions. I had a surprise bigger and better for him but now he’s going to have to settle for eating his phone sex mommy’s creamy pussy. Now, let’s coat that little face with all of this yummy, gooey cum. Lick up all those delicious juices like a good boy, Don’t disappoint!

Milf Toni