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Horny Cougar On The Prowl

The weekend is coming up and I am in need of some young cock! A sexy boy toy that I can play with for a couple of days that will give me the pounding my holes truly deserve. Experience isn’t required! In fact, I would prefer very little experience. I love to teach a younger man how to please me. Fucking is an art, and I am a true artist. I can teach how to touch, tease, taste and take. Hopefully I’ll get a fast learner… if not, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. Cougar Sandra isn’t afraid to punish disobedient boys when she needs to. That cock is mine to use however I please. I’m going to suck it, fuck it, use it, then drain it.

If you’re out this weekend and you see me on the prowl, only approach if you want to be eaten alive. I need total submission and a willingness to learn. Is that you? Do you want to be this horny cougars next catch?



Written By: Sandra
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What Happens At Auntie’s House Stays At Auntie’s House

You find yourself going over to Auntie’s house a lot lately because at my house, there’s no rules. Your mom and I may look alike but I tend to dress a little more sexier and I’m a bit more out going than her. I’ve always been the wild child of the family.

I think you like the fact that I’m so confident with my body and very relaxed when you come to visit. Little to no clothes are optional at Auntie’s house. Your first visit you seemed quite surprised that I just wore a see through nighty around the house with my big, hard nipples popping through and now that seems quite the norm.

I like when we have our special movie night in my bedroom and we get naked under the covers. Your mother gets mad that I let you watch Rated R movies but little does she know, you’re not really watching the movie when your head is buried between Auntie’s thighs. Opps! That’s our little secret, isn’t it baby?

Before she comes picks you up, we make sure we have one last “play” session. I give you a kiss on the cheek and whisper in your ear that I can’t wait till next time.

What happens at Auntie’s house, stays at Auntie’s house!


Written By: Sandra
Call Sandra @ 1-866-433-7033



Attention All Sissy Sluts!

Sissy boy sluts is one of my specialties. I’ve been around the block a few times so I know exactly what you want. A seasoned MILF like myself has turned many men into pretty sissy boys, including my very own son. Mommy has a full closet filled with gorgeous lingerie and sluty, playful costumes for any occasion. Depending on my mood, I will pick out the perfect outfit for my special sissy from head to toe. I have a wide assortment of wigs and I love to dabble with different kinds of makeup to achieve the perfect slut look.

I know your clitty is getting hard just thinking about going in my shoe closet. Oh my, from 6 inch stiletto heels to strapy sandals, I will find the perfect fit for my sissy.

Once you’re ready, the real excitement begins. Ready for what you ask? Call me and let your sissy boy fairy godmother take you on a slut journey you’ll never forget.

Lawn Boy Bonus!

So the neighbor boy came over yesterday to mow my lawn. He is 16 but built and very tan. I watched as he took his shirt off and started mowing the back yard. I was getting wet and my panties were sticky. I began to finger my pussy as I stood and watched him out my bedroom window. I closed my eyes and began imagining having him in my bed. I stopped because I knew I had to have him. He always comes in after he is done for a drink of water and payment. I got up and put something sexy and see through on and waited for him to finish.

It wasn’t long before he was done and knocking at the back door. I opened the door and the look on his face made my pussy tingle. I knew I was going to have him. I looked down to see his instant hard on bulging through his shorts. I told him to come in, that I had a bonus for him today for all the hard work. I grabbed his hand and guided him to my bedroom.

Facing him, standing next to my bed, I didn’t say a word (neither did he) I started undoing his pants and yanked them to the floor. I got on my knees and sucked his huge, hard cock into my mouth. I deep throated him and he shot his load down my throat so quick! I told him I wasn’t done with him, he said good because I want more.

I stripped my clothes off and laid down on the bed with my legs spread wide. I motioned him to get between my legs and start licking my sweet hot juicy pussy. It wasn’t long before his cock was ready again! I got on all fours and put my ass up in the air and told him to shove that cock deep in my pussy and pound it until I came. This time he lasted a lot longer and gave my pussy a good work over.

I cant wait until next week!

Cum with me…

This morning I was in the bath tub shaving my sweet pussy and I took the shower head and was letting the water beat down over my freshly shaved pussy. It felt so good that I stood up and put it between my legs and let it pulse. I took my other hand and pulled my clit out so that the water could tease it a little.

I LOVE touching my soft, smooth pussy. A few minutes into this, I was fantasizing about you, wishing you were here in this shower with me taking control of the shower head, rubbing my body down with soap. I began pulling my nipples and fucking that shower head letting the water rush up deep into my sweet pussy.

I started to cum, the shower head hitting my clit and up into my pussy made me explode over and over again. I came so hard that my legs got weak and began shaking. The water turned cold and that still didnt stop me, I just kept cumming over and over until I could no longer stand. I turned the water off and when I could walk, I dried myself off and moved to the bedroom. I wasnt done yet. I was in the middle of pounding my soft sweet wet juicy pussy with my vibe when the phone rang. He was so HOT on the phone, we came together so hard that I wished his hot load was inside me.

My Young Stud

I recently returned from a vacation in the Bahamas by myself. It was a birthday present from my husband. I stayed in a beautiful hotel on the beach. As I was checking in, the clerk sent for the bellhop to take my baggage up to my room. I was shocked to see how young, built and handsome he was. I noticed him looking at my body with lust and a bulge in his pants gave him away.

As we rode the crowded elevator up to my room, he was behind me and pressing his hard cock up against my ass the whole way up. I knew then that he was going to receive a HUGE tip. When we arrived to my suite, I asked him to put the luggage in the bedroom. I quickly slipped out of my tight little pink dress and walked into the bedroom. He turned just as I was walking and the look on his face was nothing but lust. My eyes wondered do his cock which was now bulging so hard in his pants that I thought his pants were going to rip open!!

I walked up to him and began taking his pants off, he had no underwear on and his cock sprang out. I dropped to my knees and began sucking on his HUGE cock. I thought he was going to explode in seconds and I wanted much more than cum down my throat. I pushed him back on the bed, straddling him taking his shirt off. I ground my dripping pussy on his throbbing cock, teasing it. He reached up and began squeezing my firm breasts. I reached down and slip his cock in my pussy and began riding that cock hard and fast. It wasn’t long before he blew a huge load in my pussy!

I fucked and sucked this young stud the whole vacation. When I got home I rewarded my husband with a fucking he had never had before. I need to masturbate now thinking about that young stud.

He needs to learn a lesson!

It was our anniversary. We were all dressed up, sitting in a fancy hotel restaurant and my husband answered his phone for the third time.
I’d had it. I set my napkin down and stood up. He hardly noticed. I walked to the restroom, holding back the tears. He never gave me his undivided attention, not even on our anniversary.
I had to walk through the bar to get to the restroom. There was a sexy, older man sitting on a stool, nursing a glass of scotch. We locked eyes and he noticed I was upset. “Hey, are you ok?” he asked, standing up and offering me his hankerchief.  “Yes, I’m fine, thank you,” I said, dabbing at my eyes. He pulled out the stool next to him, inviting me to sit.
“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing crying?” he asked with genuine concern.
“It’s my husband… this is our anniversary and he’s over there doing business when he should have been enjoying a night out with me.”
He leaned in and brushed my hair off my neck. With his lips inches from my ear, he asked, “would you like to teach him a lesson?”
“I don’t know what I can do anymore. I’ve told him it bothers me…” I felt the tears coming again.
His hand slid up my dress. Past my inner thigh, to the top of my panties. He leaned in again and said, “Open your legs for me.”
I couldn’t believe I was actually doing what he asked, but sure enough I spread my legs and he started stroking my pussy through my panties. I instantly felt myself getting wet.
“I’m going to play with your cunt like this for a while, and you’re going to go to the restroom and take off your wet panties. Then you’re going to go give them to your husband and tell him you’re going to spend the weekend with me.” He slipped his thumb inside my panties and started rubbing little circles on my clit. I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body. My breathing quickened and I felt myself close to cumming right there in the bar with a total stranger. He put a little more pressure on my clit and I exploded, my orgasm racking my body.
“Go. Go take off your panties, give them to your husband, tell him I’m going to fuck you all weekend, and should you decide to ever let him fuck you in the future, I guarantee you, he won’t take you for granted again. Tell him you’ll be coming home to him with your pussy full of my cum and he’s going to clean out every drop.”

Slutty Wife Fantasy

I did a super hot instant message sex session earlier today with a guy who told me his wife was out of town on an audition for a fitness video. He told me the competition was fierce, and that he was getting turned on at the thought of his wife being a total slut to gain an advantage. Here’s what happened next:

(10:57:53 AM) mr k: I know she is a good wife, but thinking about what a naughty wife would be doing

(10:58:07 AM) seducingsandra4u: oh, she really wants the part, right?

(10:58:18 AM) mr k: she does

(10:58:33 AM) seducingsandra4u: she’s fucking and sucking the entire production crew

(10:58:48 AM) mr k:

is that what you would do?

(10:58:56 AM) seducingsandra4u: oh yes

(10:59:09 AM) mr k: oh my

(10:59:19 AM) seducingsandra4u: I’d wear my tiniest little slutty workout gear

(10:59:36 AM) seducingsandra4u: and start with the producer

(10:59:43 AM) mr k:

with thong sides puled high on hips out side your pants

(10:59:47 AM) seducingsandra4u: yes

(10:59:59 AM) mr k: omg

(11:00:12 AM) seducingsandra4u: I’d wear one of my sports bras that zips up the front

(11:00:18 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide the zipper down

(11:00:20 AM) mr k:

oh yes

(11:00:24 AM) seducingsandra4u: letting my tits spring out

(11:00:38 AM) seducingsandra4u: slide my hands down my body

(11:00:43 AM) mr k: cameras filming

(11:00:47 AM) seducingsandra4u: yes

(11:00:59 AM) seducingsandra4u: into my tiny little spandex shorts

(11:01:00 AM) mr k:

oh baby

(11:01:04 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide them off my hips

(11:01:08 AM) seducingsandra4u: down to my feet

(11:01:12 AM) mr k: fuck yes

(11:01:20 AM) mr k:

thonged ass in the air

(11:01:21 AM) seducingsandra4u: now just wearing a thong

(11:01:26 AM) mr k: omg

(11:01:30 AM) mr k:

so hard

(11:01:36 AM) mr k: fuck

(11:01:38 AM) seducingsandra4u: crawl on my hands and knees to the producer

(11:01:43 AM) mr k:


(11:01:50 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide my hand inside his pants

(11:01:52 AM) mr k: you dirty slut wife

(11:01:58 AM) seducingsandra4u: pulling his cock out, kissing it

(11:02:09 AM) mr k:

you need to take them all

(11:02:16 AM) mr k: all 10 of them

That’s when things got really, really… slutty 🙂

Take Me For A Ride!

I got a new neighbor late last fall. There’s been a for-sale sign in the yard next door for a couple months, and then one day in late October, it was gone. A couple days later, a moving truck rolled up and a very distinguished-looking older man rode up behind it on a Harley. There was something about him that made my pussy tingle, but I had to be places that day and didn’t have time to stop by and introduce myself.

The winters here are brutal and everyone stays inside as much as possible while they run their course. I’d seen him on a handful of occasions removing the shitload of snow we’ve gotten but the impression I wanted to make on him didn’t include showing up in a down parka, so I waited.

The weather has been breaking and we finally got our first really nice day last Saturday. As I was making coffee that morning, I saw him outside, working on his bike. Carpe Diem!

I put on a slutty little vest that barely covered my tits, a pair of lacy red panties, a black leather mini skirt and a pair of knee-high black biker boots and I headed on over.

“Hi, I’m your next-door neighbor, Sandra!” I smiled at him and gave him a big hug, letting him feel my barely-contained breasts against his chest. “I saw you moving in last fall and I’ve been waiting all winter to meet you.”

His eyes were practically popping out their sockets. “It’s nice to meet you, Sandra… I’m Jim. Do you ride?”

I nodded my head, twirling my hair around my finger. “Do I ever, Jim. I love to ride…” I hiked up my skirt a little, giving him a glimpse of my red panties.  “Will it be the Harley or your cock?”

“Why not both?” he asked as he reached out and ran his thumb over my hard nipple.

Sunday Edge Play

I take a yoga class every Sunday morning. Today, I went to the studio and there was a new guy behind the desk checking us in. I swiped my fob and smiled at him, and the way he looked at me as he smiled back made me kind of horny! After I’d put my stuff away in the locker room, I headed to class. He was in the front of the room, setting up. He was going to be our instructor!

We began the session. I put my body through all the poses and could feel his eyes on me. He told the class I had really good form as he walked up behind me while I was in downward dog and put his palm on the small of my back. I hoped my pussy wasn’t soaking through my yoga pants!

After 45 minutes of intense strength and balance work, I felt great. My body felt warm and strong and incredibly horny. I really wanted to hook up with the new instructor. So as we were rolling up our mats, he said he’d be around for the next 10 minutes if anyone wanted to talk with him about individual sessions. I walked over to him and said, “I’d love to take you up on some one-on-one… what’s your schedule look like the rest of the day?”

He shot me another one of the sexy looks he’d greeted me with and said he was free in a couple hours for whatever I had in mind.

I got home and I’ve been fingering myself while I wait for him to arrive. I haven’t let myself cum yet. I get right to the edge and pull back…