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How Much Can You Cum?

I know a lot of women say the most important thing is cock size. That is very true because no woman wants a tiny dick…..ever! Micro-penis’s are only fun to laugh at. What I think is one of the most important thing about a man is how much he can cum. I’ve had a glorious 9 inch cock before, only to have him squirt a little teaspoon of cum! I pretty much assumed that all big cocks cum big, and I realized (the hard way) that’s not always the case.

I love cum in me and on me, so for a man to cum a little bit is defiantly a turn off. I really like watching porn where men are jerking off and seeing how much they can shoot. Of course, the best is when they can explode across the room or all over themselves.

Many of my callers tell me they always cum so much with me. I get told it’s because of my voice or my wild imagination that gets them so turned on. I love hearing about it, and what you’re going to do with it once you do cum. Of course, my ultimate is when you eat your own cum. It’s such a waste otherwise.

If you love cum like me or you think you can cum a lot, please call and share it with me.




Written By: Lexi
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Just Because You Like It In The Rear, Doesn’t Make You Queer!

lexiOne of my biggest turn-on’s is a strong, confident man taking a big cock. I know many men who are infatuated with both cock and pussy. Does it mean they’re gay? No. Unless, you like to be called a fagot when gagging a big fat one.

I had a lover who always appreciated a huge cock when I brought one home. He worshiped it just as much as I did. I find it so incredibly hot to see something extremely hard and stiff going down a mans throat and what’s even more sexier is if he knows how to handle it. Of course, I had men who need to be taught because they’re a newbie and that’s not a problem. I always like to turn rookie cock suckers into porn star sucking pros. What really gets my engine revving is watching someone I care about who is a seasoned pro at taking on big cocks in both holes.

So let’s talk about how you’re going to please your favorite phone sex girl. Bigger is always better!



Written By: Lexi
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Phone Sex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Remember me? Of course, you do. You can’t get my hot voice of out of your head from our last call. Remember how I wanted nothing more to please you? I was quite different from others you’ve talked too. When we came so hard together, our orgasms were so real and intense.

You told me you love your wife but she doesn’t quite fulfill all your sexual desires and when you talked to me, we just connected emotionally and sexually. We defiantly have something in common because my boyfriend doesn’t fulfill my fantasies. He just doesn’t get me and that’s why I need a phone sex boyfriend to share all my naughty, taboo thoughts.

I would love to confide in someone with all my fantasies and sins. When either of us is feeling horny and frustrated, we can rely on each other and it will be our little secret.

So, let me ask you this (OLD SCHOOL WAY)


Circle One


When The Wifey is Away, The Panty Slut Likes to Play!

Your wife left for work again and you can’t help yourself to go straight to her panty drawer and put on a silky pair of her panties.  She’s questioned you about some missing pairs but she just thinks they go where all the disappearing socks go. She would never think her husband was a panty slut. You’re all man and you have a pretty good size cock but I know that you’re a true panty boy at heart.

You love prancing around the house in her panties and enjoy putting on her stockings and garter belts. It feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it?

I know you secretly desire to become a true panty slut and I am the one who can help you. It will be our little secret. We know when the wifey is away the sissy femme likes to play!

Go put on your favorite pair and call me!

Oh yes, it’s Ladies night!

Tonight is the night! All of the stress from the work week shall be unleashed on the dance floor this evening at our regular club! My girls and I get dressed to the nines in our sluttiest gear to parade ourselves drunkenly around and wreak havoc on the menfolk. Not to worry, it’s not all tease and denial. Sometimes a lucky hottie will get one of us [or maybe all four!] out in the Escalade in the parking lot after last call. Imagine this; four of the most succulent breathtaking women in the club usher you out to the car. They pull you inside, strip off your clothes and begin running hands and mouths, teeth and tongues all over you and each other bras and panties fly thru the air! Giggles and moan erupt, filling the night air with passion. You feel like you are in some magnificent dream. Your heart races, your head pounds and your cock pulses and jumps. You are being used! Sucked and fucked like a piece of meat. Pussies and tits being pushed into your mouth and onto your cock, waves of pleasure wash over you and sweep you away.


Well now, now that I have given away almost all of last weeks episode, perhaps you would like to call me and hear the details and find out what’s on the docket for tonight!



Sometimes Late at Night: Masturbation Phone Sex with Lexi

I toss. I turn. Its too hot. Its too cold. One leg out, now both legs. Then my foot cramps. My arm is falling asleep, just not the rest of me! So exasperated, I go down to make some herbal tea. Why can’t I sleep? My tank top is damp with sweat, and the cool air from the fan in the kitchen makes my nipples stand at attention. They rub attentively at the fabric as I bounce up the stairs with my tea. Maybe I need to set a peaceful mood, I think to myself as I light a lavender candle on the night stand. I sip on my warm tea, lean back against the big fluffy pillows and try to clear my mind. I begin to run my hand up and down my side, my abs are sore and tight from the gym yesterday. My hand travels up, over my breast, caressing my nipple, still erect from the cool air.

It sends a shiver thru me. I pinch it. Pull it. I feel my lips begin to swell, and I know exactly what I need to fall asleep: Release. I set the tea on the table next to me, and begin my exploration with both hands. One lifting up my tank top, rubbing and caressing my ample breasts. The other sliding down into my panties, spreading my lips and finding my clit, now swollen and raising its head. I rub it, pinch it between my fingers, spread my legs wider, exposing it as I lay three fingers on top and begin to slowly caress and tease it. I can feel myself becoming engorged, heated, wet…. I need to cum.

Would you like to help me? I could use a sexy suggestive voice. I love it when you tell me that it’s your tongue, your lips, your fingers playing with me.

Cum on…help a girl out 😉

Let me take you there…

The only limit with me is your imagination. From the moment you hear my voice, you will be mine. My sultry purrrr, my mesmerizing blue eyes, they will enslave you. The erotic web I weave around you will ensnare you and oh, what a happy captive you will be. You may find yourself disclosing things that you never imagined you could share with another, and yet, you indulge these secrets so freely to me. From my silky blonde locks all the way down to my perfectly pedicured toes, you will find yourself yearning to worship me,  every delectable inch of my bronzed skin. Just imagine my beautiful, hard cinnamon colored nipples teasing your lips until the hunger to have them inside of your mouth engulfs you and you can think of nothing else. Am I your sister? Your neighbor? Mommy? Mistress….?Whomever I may be, and wherever you wish to go, I will take you there. Its a trip that is long overdue!

What a Bloody mess….Literally! Extreme period Play with Lexi!

Today I woke up to a big bloody mess. I hope you are ready for some extreme phone sex with menstruation play, because my period came in the middle of the night, 2 days early. I guess it may have been pounded out of me by the threesome I had on Wednesday night?  So I have to say, I guess it was worth it!  And it’s certainly handy for doing period worship for all you extreme phone sex lovers who love bloody cunts, but it’s not the nicest thing to wake up to!
So I stripped the sheets and took my bloody panties out to the trash can in my bath robe. I was enjoying a steaming hot shower, and rubbing an orgasm out (it helps with the cramps if you didn’t know) when I heard my dog outside, completely losing his mind. I figured one of the neighborhood dogs was over at the trash can having caught the scent of my panties in the cool morning air. I finished up, put my robe on, and crept to the window to have a peek…
OMG!  It wasn’t a dog at all… well, not the 4 legged kind anyway! There was a guy at the can, who must have seen me make my deposit. He was standing over the trash with my bloody panties in his hand. I watched as he lifted them to his face, sniffed, and then stuck them in his mouth, sucking on them. I had never seen such a thing, right there in the middle of the street! He turned quickly and walked away, disappearing around the corner and down the hill. I bet I will see him again…probably in about a month! lol  Maybe I should put a Post-it note on the next pair with my number on it, inviting him to join me for some menstruation and period play!  If you are into an extreme phone sex fantasies like this call me!

Forget The Turkey

Some of us are alone during the holidays whether we like it or not, right? Work schedules, family far removed, whatever the case may be; well, it just sucks! For all of you boys who find yourself alone, I offer myself as your feast on this our day of thanks! 😉

Succulent and juicy, hot and golden brown, full breasted with two legs spread open wide, dripping with goodness and aching to be stuffed. Nooo, not the bird, silly….ME!!

Good looks and humor too?  That’s right, I am truly the complete package. Dont spend this day alone, spend it with me and enjoy a feast of the senses; erotic and sensual, something to truly be thankful for! Where will YOU stick YOUR meat thermometer? Boink! Looks like youre done!

Love, Lexi


Fuck me…For REAL!!!

Okay, well maybe not really for real, but its the next best thing! I heard about this internet enabled Rabbit Vibrator, that allows your partner to control it via a website that you are both logged into. Its called High Joy, registration was free but I think it is $10 for a year now, still worth every penny! How awesome would that be? You call me up, your cock throbbing in your pants. You sit in your chair stroking and listening to my succulent moans as you drive me crazy with a click of your mouse! Email me at for more details and a special rate!