Always a Daddy’s Girl

My phone sex daddy wasn’t too happy that I moved out of the house and moved in with my new older boyfriend. He’s uber jealous that I’ll be sleeping with another man every night.

For the past several years, daddy has come into my bed every single night. He stays with me until mommy’s alarm clock goes off and then he sneaks back to their bed.

I gave daddy a really hot goodbye fuck when I left but he still needs his little girl. Every morning and night I get a text from him and I have to be honest, I was missing him too. My boyfriend has no idea I have sex with my daddy. 

I was getting really homesick lately that I started closing my eyes during sex with my boyfriend and picturing my daddy on top of me. I even called him daddy when I was cuming. He questioned it but I played it off pretty good.

One night my boyfriend went out with his friends, and I packed my things and left to move back home. I sneaked into my house, got undressed and went into my bed. My parents were in their room sleeping. I sent Daddy a text to see if he was still awake and I told him to come into my room, I had a surprise waiting for him. He came in and was so excited to see his little girl. We made love 3 times that night.

Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl.



Written By: Ariel
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