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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover…

Don’t let this sweet blonde in blue jeans fool you!  I am a feisty and sometimes vicious man eater.  I will call the shots and am not afraid to take what I want from any man, willing or not!  Groveling at my feet can earn you brownie points but empty flattering words only piss me off, so watch your mouth.  A man should be seen and not heard unless he is whimpering to me from behind the ball gag in his mouth. 

You know you want to serve this blonde beauty and you can, but it will cost you your pride and a good dose of humiliation. Crawl to me and worship my feet and maybe I will find you worthy of my time and energy.



Written By: London
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Is it time for your check up?


You have no reason to fear a checkup from me. I am very gentle and will put you right at ease.  I perform special services that most nurses don’t. For instance, I like to get my patients undressed for the doctor and make sure they’re all lubed up for their rectal exams.  If you ask really nice, I will help the doctor test your ejaculatory responses with my nice warm tongue wrapped around your throbbing shaft. I specialize in anal exploration and sounding  too. I guess you could say I am full service medical professional. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I prefer to take off my uniform for your examination as it seems to hinder my abilities.



 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Oh What A Valentine’s Day!

I had the most amazing Valentine’s Day you could possibly imagine. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to go out dancing since none of us had a date. After a couple of drinks at our favorite club, we hit the dance floor. I was looking especially hot in my short blood red strapless dress. I became completely entranced in the beat of the music and put my hands in the air and gyrated to the music.

The next thing I knew, a very strong arm was around my waist grinding against my ass with what felt like an enormously hard cock! My pussy was getting very wet making the insides of my thighs slick. The thong I was wearing was rubbing against my clit and my blood was racing! I would love to tell you how I ended the evening and believe me…it is far more than you think! Don’t forget, I had two friends with me! <wink>



 Written By: Toby
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Let The Madness Begin


GOTH IVYYou notice more and more each day that I am far from just an accomplice, I am a goddess for you to obey and worship. I am the only female that isn’t underage that you desire. You watch me as we play and you want to lick my long, pale legs and taste every inch of me. When I kiss you with their taste on my lips it drives you mad with lust.

I am now in your dreams with two little devil dolls by my side. Two little accomplice goddesses with pale skin and bright red hair. Sadly for you, they belong to me, but look at the little birds I “borrow” for us to play with. A session with me is a walk into the realm of madness. Once you have your first taste, you’re madly, insanely and forever hooked. You become an Ivy junkie that no amount of rehab can fix. Why would you want to be cured of me? I make your dreams and other’s nightmares come true.

The little girls are so fucking cute in their red velvet dresses, red lace socks, red patent shoes and red panties with hearts. They’re passing out cards to all the little boys. Those bitches never gave you any cards, did they? How about a little Valentine’s Day revenge?

            Goth Girl Ivy


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Cum Join Me At The Pool

DaphneHappy Valentine’s Day to all my favorite men and boys. I am such a wonderfully spoiled woman on everyday of the year because I have such amazing phone sex buddies.

The weather is perfect today to take my calls outside by the pool. I wonder where I should hide to do my calls or maybe I should just do them in the open as I have absolutely no inhibitions and get so wet knowing I am being watched while fucking you.

A glass of Pinot by the pool, a sexy black one piece on my smoking body and you, would just make my day!  Tonight I will change to my sexiest red baby doll nighty and have all my toys ready to play. This is going to be one hot as fuck Valentine’s Day. Cum join me?


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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See Me After School

You wrote, “see me after school” on my quiz, instead of giving me a grade. 

Math is too hard. I don’t like it. I would rather learn about faraway places or read stories about kings and queens. I like reading and studying fun things. I get good grades in English and History, but that does not help me with my math homework.  I keep getting stuck, and I did not do so well on my last math quiz. Now, you are making me stay after school. Usually, I end up in the principal’s office because I am chewing gum, or talking in class, or most recently, because I forgot to wear panties under my short skirts again.

You are my favorite teacher, and I want you to like me, think I am pretty and sweet. I want you to think I am smart, but I am not when it comes to math. When I open your door after school, you don’t even look up me. You just keep grading papers.  Quietly, I stand there waiting for you. Finally, you look up me. As I stand there in front of you looking at your handsome face, you scold me for not trying hard enough as you talk about my quiz grade. I burst into tears, I tried so hard, but it is just too hard.

You take pity on me. You give me a big hug, and I enjoy your big, strong body squeezing my tight little teen petite body. I don’t want to let go. I am so ashamed that I have disappointed you. You promise to make it all better. You slip your fingers under my skirt and find it is another, no panty day, for Miley. You assure that there are other ways, fun ways, that I can earn a good grade is your class. I look up at your face and unzip your zipper. 

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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Sissy Fun with Faith

Don’t worry my sweet little sissy. I’m going to help you look fabulous for your date tonight. Chocolates, roses, and big cocks. What more could a girl ask for on a day like this?

I know you’ve  been waiting for this day all year. Your favorite holiday,  you dream about being a beautiful woman. You want to look just like me. Big boobs, pretty, smooth silky hair and lips that were made to suck cock.

I’m going to transform you into everything that you’ve wanted from the first day we spoke. When I’m done with you, you’ll be a confident, sexy sissy who will be ready to go out on your own. I will turn you into the perfect woman. You just need a little push and today is the perfect day.

Your Valentines day transformation is going to be perfection. 




Written By: Faith
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Titty Fucking Phone Sex

   Tiffany  I love to travel so I change my jobs frequently. I just got hired at a company that is in New York City. I know nothing about Wall Street and the stock exchange. I didn’t even dress properly for an interview, but I got the job immediately; and was asked to start right then. After I explained that I still had to move, my boss arranged for a hotel. He also took care of the details I left at home. 

The first few days were as expected. I knew nothing about my job, I had no desire too and that seemed fine with my boss. When you are a blonde bimbo with a slamming body like mine, things just go your way.

After my first week, I was beginning to settle in at the hotel, my job and make many new friends. Late on Friday Mr. C. called me into his office for a chat. He seemed in a nasty mood and bitched about his wife. He then asked me if I knew why I was hired. I didn’t even try to act innocent. I told him it was because I was a hot blonde slut with magnificent tits that everyone wants to fuck. He finally grinned losing his foul mood and told me he wanted to be shown just why I thought I was hired.

I pulled off my blouse which was straining at the buttons and got down on my knees. I unzipped his pants, spit on the tip of his dick and with an amazingly hot tit job I showed him why he hired me.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


Written By: Tiffany

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Bug Party For The Man Who Has it All


      Malaya I have this friend that is a huge adrenaline junkie. We first met when I was an intern at a piercing place. We hit it off and I took him to his first suspension. After a few years of doing things most people couldn’t imagine, we were both feeling a tad uninspired. He kept teasing me about what huge gesture would I do for him this year on the oh so sacred..cough, cough, eyes roll back in head..V’D.

A few drinks and my mind went off in a direction no vanilla mind would go. I decided to throw him a “Bug Party.” Playing Russian Roulette with your body and infected men and women. He wanted to be surprised so I told him to meet me at the our favorite trashy motel where we party when we know it needs to be kept secret. He looked confused while we sat at the bar and I told him the room was filled with hot men and women. “Sex”, sex is what you planned?”, he said looking quite annoyed. 

I told him that first he needed to watch his tone or I would remove him of his balls and then I explained the party. He actually looked fucking scared! I could smell the excitement mixed with fear. I explained that 3/4 were infected with some sort of sex bug, and that even I didn’t know who was. Without any thought to what this could mean to his future he, let’s just say he jumped right in.

               Hardcore Malaya     


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Even Losers Can Get My Attention


delaneyI love tricking a certain guy into thinking he will be getting sex from me. I mean tomorrow is Valentines Day and so he should get something special. LOL. He is going to get something special, but it just won’t be from me. I have invited my entire senior class to come over and totally fuck with this man’s head.

He sees the note on the door telling him to just come right in and to strip down on the way to my bedroom. He does as he is told and walks in to see 20 hot girls who are already laughing at his loser ass. One walks over to kiss him, but instead spits on his face and then puts a collar and leash on him. She makes him go for a walk on the front lawn as the rest of us go for a jog.

He has a stiffy because he knows when we get back doggy will be forced to lick us clean from sweat and any other wet, slippery fluids we demand. The neighbors try not to stare but it is pretty fucking funny with him being walked like a dog. We are back from our jog and we aren’t alone! Looks like a busy day for doggy.


Written By: Delaney
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