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Phone Sex Brother’s Teen Cock Tease

  delaney    I was getting ready for school and trying on my uniform because classes are starting back in just a few weeks. I noticed my shirt has gotten so tight and skirt so short. I knew my phone sex brother was watching me through my window, and teasing him is one thing I love to do. Watching him stroking his big dick outside my window gives me such power. I mean he can’t touch me nor would he dare too.

Honestly, it also excited me when he left his load of jizz on the outside of my window. I had to finger my hot little pussy. Lol, no I didn’t shut the door but like I said,  I love teasing him. I could hear him breathing, standing over me as I squeezed my tingling nipples and pushed in 3 fingers. It felt so good that I pushed in a 4th finger.

I was so into it that I forgot he was even there till I felt his lips on mine and his hand between my soft, teen legs. I tried to pull away because it was my brother and it made me feel yucky but he wouldn’t let me. He called me a teasing slut and rammed his dick into my wet, tight pussy. I have to admit, I fucking loved it. I tilted up my hips and begged him to fuck my sweet little asshole. It hurt a little but I still screamed for him to go harder till he emptied his balls in my ass and I squirted all over him.

Written By: Delaney
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Pillow Play Phone Sex

I have a naughty confession to share. Sometimes when we are on the phone, I push my pillow between my legs and rub. I masturbate my pussy through my panties against my pillow. The friction of the pillow and my panties stimulates my clit. This position creates the right amount of pressure. Sex toys are distracting and make me cum too fast. I want to enjoy the slow build up. I hump, ride and grind against my pillow. My panties become very wet, and then my pussy starts throbbing for more.

As you and I enjoy our “pillow talk,” talking sexy and dirty, I am rubbing my pussy against my pillow. Sometimes I stumble over my words. My breath changes and I might stutter a little. My pussy lips are thick and swollen. I need to cum, but I don’t cum this way.

When I am ready to cum, I lie back and push my fingers deep inside my pussy. Well, you know the rest. I imagine your cock are my fingers, and I rock my hips back and forth, pushing my fingers deep, in and out and you and I cum together.

Does it turn you on to picture me masturbating against my pillow as much as it turns me on picturing your hand on your hard cock during our call?


Fuck Me Hard Phone Sex Daddy

Harder daddy, your baby girl loves it rough and nasty. I quietly wait for mommy to fall asleep so you could come to my room to give me a spanking and fucking.  I think about our alone time all day at school and get in trouble for getting caught with my hands in my cotton panties. Today I have lots of dirty stories to tell you while you pound all my little teen fuckholes.

Don’t be jealous daddy, becuase I belong to you and because it was your fault my little pussy was so wet. I think I got Summer school just so my teacher could watch me and make me suck his cock. I promise daddy, I didn’t let him fuck me. That is just for you.

Turning Tables On A Rapist

   You have been following me from club to club all night but too scared to say a word. The bartender would hand me a drink from you like clockwork and around 2am at last call you brought one over yourself and ran like a scared puppy. I tested it with my fingernail, saw what you did and smiled pretending to drink it all. Are bitches really that dumb, have you done this before? Whatever. 

I leave walking down the dark streets to an area you should be very afraid of. Don’t you think I notice you behind me you pathetic scum. Oh wait, you think I drank the drink you spiked and will soon pass out for you to rape. Not going to happen asshole. I turn around, smile and pretend to pass out. Just as you goe to rip of my dress off, you feel my hand go around your neck. Your eyes go wide as I squeeze harder and harder. 

I wonder what happens next? Do you get raped and robbed or do I fuck you and choke you while riding you? Fucker!

Wearing Mommy’s Bikini

You have always had a fascination with Mommy Morgan’s lingerie.  This summer, Mommy has been rocking sexy bikinis. There is an old pink one that is one of your favorites. You love pink because it is fun and girly! While Mommy is out shopping, you find her pink bikini hanging in the pool room. You are so curious that you pick it up and run into her bedroom. Quickly, you take off your clothes. Standing naked in front of the mirror, you hold up the top and then the bottom next to you. Mommy walks in. You are both speechless for the moment. You look to the floor, naked and ashamed.  

Mommy understands. She ties the bikini top around your neck and chest. She slips you into the pink bikini bottom. After many hugs and kisses, the two of you hit the backyard pool, two hot girls in their bikinis. See how fun it is to be a girl! 

Love you, Baby! 

Mommy Morgan


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Office Sex Phone Sex


You spend more than a third of your time at work. The ladies at work are dressed professionally but sexy in their tight tops and skirts. The sound of their high heels clicking and clacking resonates throughout the office. Your mind wanders, and you wonder what is under their clothing, possibly beautiful lingerie from Victoria Secrets or La Perla. It is very natural to have a fantasy about the hot lady in the office.

The female form, with her hourglass figure, momentarily interferes with your focus at the office. A pair of large breasts, small waist, and a nice round ass can cause quite a stir. You need a release of this tension, this pent up frustration. You need to have a sexy mature lady, like me, in your company. My curves are astounding. What an exhilarating time we will have together! You will find my curves unable to resist.

I set up a meeting in my office at the end of the day. You wanted to leave a little early and play golf. You are dreading the meeting. When you get to my office, you realize that I sent my assistant home early and there is no one else invited to the meeting. I compliment you about your work, your intellect, and your physique. I place my hand on your shoulder, and I give it a squeeze. I look right into your eyes. Now you realize that I didn’t invite you to my office to talk about business. You touch my breast through my blouse. I smile, so you unbutton it. Your cock is rock hard when you see my big tits. We end up fucking on my desk. The optimal happy ending to a stress-filled workday.

The Perfect Day With Your Little Girl!

It was a perfect day.  You and your little Lucie slept in. You woke her with “good morning” kisses and tickled to her sweet little tummy. Such a pretty face and always happy. Lucie reminded you that you promised to take her to the beach today, but breakfast first. You took her for waffles for a late breakfast. Every man in the diner was checking out your little girl in her little dress and sandals.  You sipped on your morning coffee and listened to Lucie chat about everything that she was going to do at the beach later. She is happy and excited. You love that you were the one responsible for putting a smile on your little girl’s face. Her mommy’s gone, so it is just you looking after your little girl. 

After breakfast, you drove to the beach. The sky was a beautiful blue, and the temperature was not too hot. Lucie ran to the water’s edge and was jumping up and down. She was so excited to get in and play with you. You helped her with her bikini. The two of ran into the water, holding hands. She climbed into your arms and jumped off your legs. You held her at her hips and rubbed up against her before she jumped.  Beautiful laughter as she splashes and plays around in the water. You spend the afternoon swimming and playing in the sand. 

Little Lucie snuggles next to you as you drive home. She rests her head on your shoulder, and she falls asleep in the car. When you get home, you pick her up and carry her to the bed. Her eyes open, looking up at you with a sexy look in her eyes. “Fuck me,” she whispers. 


Helpless and Hopeless

   Seriously, I think sissy boys have it more together sometimes than so called straight men. I have a friend from school that loves going to adult bookstores to get his dick sucked. He will swear up and down he only fucks women but having your dick sucked doesn’t count. Funny, I heard that all through college. A warm mouth is a warm mouth. Ah come on now, admit you like cock. Don’t we all?

I decided it was time to test out his lame theory. He agreed, but insisted I dress him like a slutty woman. It gets better all the fucking time. We went to a store I know, and I had a private conversation with manager. He laughed and said it would be his pleasure. Ryan mentioned that my friend  Candy,yes Candy he picked the name, was actually pretty fucking hot.  ROLFLMAO

 Candy pulled his dress up and put his dick through the glory hole. See what I mean by helpless and hopeless? The manager just slapped Candy’s dick away and put his thick veiny dick through the glory hole. Candy looked at me, cherry red lips smeared from licking them and took every inch of Ryan’s dick. Now for Candy’s big surprise, my 10 inch strap-on was under my dress and I slammed it in him bouncing Candy back and forth between like a rag doll fuck toy.

Mistress Brianna

Hairy Pussy Phone Sex

     Just admit it, you have a hairy little cunt fetish.  When you went through my dirty panties and saw the little pubs that was just a bonus you never expected.  I mean most girls wax, but not me because I love the soft feel and most of all how cum sticks to the hairs.

I am extra hairy too, not just a little fuzz covering my sweet teen pussy lips. Imagine what it would be like to bury your face in all that hair. You know what else? I even have a hairy little pucker that loves to be licked.

Don’t worry daddy your fetish is safe with me and I will never wax off all the soft, musky, pussy hair. Sneak in my room tonight for the best teen pussy you could ever imagine.

Tight Little Emily

Aunt Debi’s Special Date

      You knew I was expecting company when I ordered you a pizza

 and went to the special lingerie boutique. You always ask to see what I purchased and want to know about the fit and feel. If you were like most boys you would picture them on me. Wouldn’t you? You my sweetie, aren’t like most boys at all. 

The boys in gym tease you because you have a girly little build. I find it just so fucking fun and adorable when you sneak my frilly things. You are asking questions about my date. You want me to describe him. I tell you how handsome he is and how much fun we have together. I can see the look in your eyes, you want real details. You want to know about his cock!

I make a deal with you that makes your pretty eyes light up. I tell you to pick out lingerie from my closet and dress up for me. What a pretty sissy slut you are. You do very dirty things with your Auntie Debi before her date arrives, and I tell you  that you can watch at the door if you promise to be very quiet.

  Dirty Debi