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Sex On The Dock For All To See

We get out of the city to enjoy a sexy long weekend at your family lake cottage upstate. It is a beautiful weekend for a steamy getaway. It is sunny with just a few fluffy white clouds in the sky on the drive. We talk dirty to each other on the four-hour ride. It is pretty late when we arrive. I have never chrissy 3seen so many stars in the night sky.

The cottage is quaint and very comfortable. It is nestled amongst the evergreen trees. We make love all night long on the floor in front of the fireplace, and we fuck hard in a squeaky antique brass bed. Sleep wins out around dawn, and we sleep until the afternoon. After a shower, I slip into a bikini top and shorts. We walk down to the lake and relax on the dock. I close my eyes and let my feet dangle in the cold lake. We start to make out and touch each other. You untie the strings to my bikini, and I unzip your pants to stroke your cock. We are getting very hot and aroused. Suddenly, you point out that there is a boat about 100 yards from shore. There are three fishermen in the boat. I turn around toward the lake, show them my naked tits, and wave. Let them watch! I admit that I am an exhibitionist. It turns me on being watched. I have never been shy about my naked body.

I hope that you are not shy either. I coax you out of your pants and shirt. I slip out of my shorts, so we now both naked on the dock. We lie down on a towel. I am between your legs. I give you a very slow and sensual blowjob. The warm sun and cool breeze coming off the lake feed me with so much excitement. I hope that the fishermen are enjoying the sex show. I hope that they are watching me suck you and enjoy looking at my naked ass.

Finally, I sit up and crawl on top of you. I start to fuck you. I ride you. The current has brought the boat in a little closer now. The three fishermen are getting quite a show. You grab hold of my hips and drive your cock up into me. We have a hot fuck. We fuck and fuck until we both cum together. I stand and take a bow for the fishermen. We run naked back up to the cottage.

Snort it, Drink it, Fuck It


 It seems like the people in my life are always craving more.  They might try and stay away from the deviant insanity that is Ivy, but it never lasts for very long. One of my callers even joined some sort of addiction group to get away from me. WTAF, really? I mean if we are to be completely fucking honest, it is he who picks up his phone.

Of course, an addiction is an addiction and why the fuck would I try and fix the broken, heal the sick or make a perv vanilla. Don’t you get it, I want all your money! Every bit of it, till you are so maxed out you just might have to hit the streets to talk to me.

So, sure join that support group, flush your powder down the toilet; but you’ll be back for more because you are an addict, and I take you places no one else can.

IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Brotherly Love


My younger step-brother is here visiting me. He has made several promises and one is to help me get better at tennis. I can hit like a pro  but my serves are terrible. He is super athletic and great at any sport. I have to admit, he has the fucking body that goes with it. He has long, lean muscles that make me wish he wasn’t family. Although I will admit when we were still living with my parents, things got interesting.

     He had made plans for the evening so suggested I was ready and waiting for my first lesson.  I gave him a huge hug, practically knocking him down as I guess he had forgotten my running hugs where I wrapped my legs around his waist.  He looked into my eyes and it was just like when we were still living at home and the heavy sexual tension.

         We chatted about our lives, and the people in them as I drove to the park. The court was empty and he had me show him a few serves to begin. One almost hit him in his head as he was clearly not paying attention to my serve. Yes, just like old times, me without a bra and him mesmerized. He laughed and came behind me to show me how to toss and swing. I could feel his dick rock hard against my tiny white skirt. I began to tease him by rubbing against his dick.

         He began to brush his hands over my big, bra less tits. We never actually fucked each other growing up but my pussy was gushing onto my white cotton panties and I could wait not longer. Clearly the same was on his mind, as looking around and seeing we were alone, he unzipped and pounded the fuck out of his big sister.

Written By: Tiffany

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Summer Fun With My Girlfriends

bff 3

It is officially summer time.  No school, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I like to play with my friends, and we are very sexually curious. My parents a very strict about me not hanging out with boys, but sometimes playing with girls is almost as much fun. I hang out at the pool with the girls. We undress each other in the locker room and play around a little bit with each other. I like taking off panties and rub up against each other.  Girls touching my boobies always feels so very good. Their fingers are soft and warm. Boys get nervous, but girls giggle when they touch.  Kissing a girl is silly, sexy fun too, but fingering each other is when we really get sexy! 

I wonder what naughty daddy would think if he got a call from the pool manager and learned about how much fun that I have been having with girls.  Do you think he would sneak a peek and spy on me?  What he want to see me kissing and licking one of my best girlfriends?  Do you think he would get hard and stroke his cock watching? Would he love to watch and maybe even join in on the fun with two hot teenage girls? 

I bet he would suggest that I have the girls come over for a sleepover.  On a hot summer night, we would only sleep in our panties and play together in my bedroom. My phone sexy Daddy would love to watch and maybe even join in on the fun with two hot teenage girls. 

Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


66f78p24ezjzf68j morgan

Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

on phone

I am a very hot and horny housewife. 

I am ready to play. Why don’t you join me in on the fun? I love to masturbate. I make it a very erotic and sensual experience. Sometimes I like to masturbate on the sofa in front of the front window. I like to imagine that my neighbor is watching me. I masturbate in the bathtub or in my bed, but it is always more exciting when you are whispering sexy things to me. Of course, you are masturbating too!  I rub my nipples. Oh, they are so red and hard. You tell me that your cock is big and full of cum. I ask you questions about your body, so I get to have a very explicit picture of you in my mind.  You listen to me moan as my fingers lightly brush the outside of my lips.  I listen to you get very excited as you describe how you are stimulating your balls.  Maybe we use a toy or two, or maybe we just use our fingers.  Your voice changes as you get more and more aroused. I feel my pussy becoming swollen and become very wet. I let you listen as those fingers go in and out of that wet pussy.  We masturbate for each other until we both reach climax. 

He Served Me Well!

Koko bikini

I wanted to spoil myself. Since my local weather forecast was for cool, rainy weather, I thought about treating myself to a little vacation. I found a last minute deal online, so I booked a trip. I didn’t pack much and off I went. When I arrived at the hotel, my room wasn’t ready yet. They were very apologetic and suggested that I relax by the pool. I found my skimpy red bikini in my bag and headed to the pool. The concierge took the rest of my bags. She assured me that my bags would be brought up to my room. She said the staff at the pool would attend to anything that I needed. There was a very hot stud ready to take my drink order as soon as I sat down by the pool. After he had brought me my drink, I told him to spread sunscreen all over my body. I teased him and made him hard as he was rubbing me. I lowered my sunglasses and looked into his eyes. Just one intense, fierce look and I knew that I had found my submissive love slave to keep my vacation very exciting and entertaining. When my room was ready, I had him walk me to my room. He smiled and obeyed. When we got to my room, I made him slowly strip for me. I made him worship every inch of my sexy body. He learned quickly to start on my toes and lick up each leg. He was a gift from the heavens. Well, my well-trained pet pleasured my pussy every day and every night. He even came to visit the hotel on his day off to tend to my needs. He served me well!

Now it is your turn to give me pleasure!

Mistress Koko

Snuggle Cuddles Phone Sex


I know how excited you are that we have another long weekend ahead of us. Since Mommy is going to be entertaining this weekend kicking off the summer. I think we should get our special time in. It’s still early sweetie and you look like you just got up. Come and crawl back into bed with me and let’s do some snuggle cuddles with each other. I want you going into this weekend with a smile on your face and mommy is going to make sure of that. You crawl up into mommy’s big bed and snuggle under the blanket with me. I run the back of my hands through your hair while you rest your head on my plush tits. I unhook my bra and let your hands and mouth roam my body. It’s been some time since we had our special time. You make your phone sex mommy so happy. You know all the right spots that mommy likes. You smile and let out a little giggle. Well honey, now it’s mommy’s turn to make you feel really good. Lay back and let your phone sex mommy do all the work.

Mommy  Toni



Big Black Cock Phone Sex


Hey, sissy faggot I know you’re up lurking for some big black cock to suck on tonight I can see you drooling by the mouth. Well, you clicked on the right page and found the right one to feed you some. Look at you a big ass slut willing to go behind the garbage dumpster and get down on your knee’s and put all that big black cock down your little whore ass throat, such a faggot slut. Well, let’s get you all dressed up “pretty in pink” and show you how to be the good slut you can be! Mommy likes lots of cash and your just the little sissy who is going to make me plenty tonight. And Mommy loves her ABDL too, I can play a loving mommy to all my little Abies or a mean strict one to you little boys who are bad! I’ll make your cum shoot across the room.


Naughty Mommy Patrice
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I Don’t Think So

I know you look at me and see a cock hungry slut. It’s true, I am, but I’m a picky cock hungry slut! Don’t think for one second that I have an interest in that tiny nub between your legs. Mommy Georgia is a size queen and that clit stick that you call a dick isn’t going to cut it. I’m insulted that you would even THINK to offer that fucking disgrace to me. Maybe the other whore in your life don’t care, but I have standards and you are under qualified to fuck this pussy. I feel like I should be fucking you… the cock I have tucked away in my night stand is better than what you’re packing. Don’t call me with your 2 inch cock and expect me to moan in the phone like I love it… fuck that! I can’t even pretend. I’ll gladly take your money, but I’ll let you know your place really quick. Where are all my small dick losers? I’ll be happy to be your queen, but it comes at a price… your dignity!