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Anal Phone Sex Fun


To me, there’s nothing better than anal sex. I love bending over, ready to present my wet and willing pussy. As you start to guide yourself in, I grab your cock, and whisper that you should go in my other hole. I stand there, bending over, as you slowly enter, filling me up with your giant cock. I know how much you love the tight fit of my sweet little ass, and how good it feels to push yourself in, knowing that the sex feels forbidden, but so deliciously good.

First you move in and out, slowly and gently. But that isn’t enough, and I look behind at you and tell you to go harder, faster…..deeper. You move in and out, and your cock is so huge inside my tight little ass that I feel myself cumming in no time. Before I know it, I hear your loud moans of pleasure as you cum too, filling me up with your creamy cum.

I can’t wait until you build more back up, so we can keep doing anal until the wee hours of the morning.

Lustfully yours,


Summer Fun with Charlie


The other night I had another serious sit down with my phone sex daddy. We share so many secrets with each other. I love everything about him, especially his big dick and his loving ways. I’ll do absolutely anything to please him. Daddy had a request, he would like it if my boyfriend’s came over more often this summer.  I was kind of puzzled that daddy would let multiple boys in my room at one time. I wasn’t about to question him. I smiled and nodded like a good girl. 

Daddy confessed to me that last summer he really enjoyed himself. He told me he knew about all the boys I  sucked and fucked in my room while he was at the pool or I thought he was. Daddy even said he was pretty amazed how many cocks I sucked last summer. I could see a little twinkle in his eye. He continued to tell me how he sat in the corner of my room quietly and watched me act like a slut. I honestly had no clue he was watching. This summer he wants to see me get fucked more often, he wants to watch sweet pussy get stretched open and filled with loads of jizz.

I already know who I’ll be calling to come over to fuck me. Daddy knows I love that scrumptious black cock. I think he likes it too and he’s been craving it! 

Phone Sex Daddy’s Seed Made me

AJ         I quietly knocked on my phone sex daddy’s door because I had something I found to be really amazing and I needed to tell him what I had figured out all on my own  *Giggles* I was in just a pair of tiny cotton panties and a cut off tee shirt that said “Girl Power” It was that important I didn’t have time to put jeans on.

Daddy told me to come in and asked me what all the excitement was because I was clearly out of breath.  “Daddy, it isn’t like I just found this out as I knew where babies came from since forever but the more I thought about it the more it seemed amazing that I came from seed from your balls”, I said. Daddy had this look on his face that I can’t describe. He looked like he was going to laugh at me and I didn’t like that one fucking bit!

I couldn’t leave things like that and go back to my room, not me! I kissed daddy, and put my tiny hand on his balls rubbing them gently and rambling on about seeds and babies. Daddy might have told me to go back to bed but he knew that was not a good move as I would cry, stomp my feet, and yell so loud the neighbors might call the police. Did I mention I was a brat when I didn’t get my way?

Daddy talked about how grown up I was getting and pulled my tee over my head. He kissed my hard nipples and told me we shouldn’t do this and to go back to my room. NO, no, no!!  I straddled daddy and he slide into my sweet little pussy. I wanted him to fuck a baby into me from the seed that made me!

Bratty Teen Mommy AJ

 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Indulge me

 Dirty Daphne  I am an extremely lucky woman to have so many awesome callers. Every day brings a new fetish, fantasy and role-play. I really love it and the exciting way I get to spend my day. I mean what more could a girl want? Well, I will tell you loves.

Many of my callers will send me pictures of themselves. I mean, you know just who you are talking too so why shouldn’t I? A little too shy to show your face? No worries, as I love to see it all! Show me that beautiful cock and trophy balls, show me that fine ass of yours or show me just your face. I just love to see who I am cumming with.

Still too shy? Maybe we could work on that or maybe that sexy, deep voice of yours will get me though for now!  Don’t forget, I adore all kinds of men. Wear those tights, panties and lingerie proudly and let’s see where that takes us.

      xoxo, Dirty Daphne

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Spring Shopping Trip


Yesterday, I went shopping. It was a beautiful spring day and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the next few days. After running the essential errands,  I went to my favorite store at the mall. I bought some sexy summer shoes, a new bracelet, a couple of summer dresses. I picked up some sexy silky textured cotton sheets. I can’t wait to sleep naked on them. The last stop was the lingerie department.  I was thrilled to find that my favorite bra lady was working.  She always remembers me.  She took me into the dressing room. I slipped off my top and bra. She measured my chest and breasts. Then she left me for a few minutes and returned with several gorgeous bras.  She helped me try on each bra, something kind of sexy about this.  She has great taste. I picked out four new bras. I got dressed and found little panties to go with each bra. She suggested a couple of sexy little nighties, and I couldn’t resist the pretty little yellow one and the sexy, sultry black sheer little babydoll.   

Today, I am looking at everything that I bought and I am so excited to share everything with you, Cutie! 

Love you, 


Cleanup BBC Phonesex


You know what I love more than getting my pussy pounded? Watching you take bbc. We both know you’re pathetic, and certainly can’t please a real woman like me! That’s why you like to watch a REAL man have his way with me, filling up all my sweet holes with his hot, creamy cum. I watch you stoke your stiff cock, as you see him fill me up. We both laugh at you, as he moves me into different positions, and takes me from behind, moaning and groaning as his cum and mine intermix. Tired, he rolls off onto his side to rest, and that’s when I beckon you, my cleanup boy, to come forth. You clean up the thick, creamy goo from inside me, and then move on to that bbc and start licking it clean….don’t get too comfy, you know we’re going to get back into it, and you’ll have to clean me up again!


Your Goddess,



Bondage and Edge Play Phone Sex

3 koko 10

I pull you into my BDSM world. I greet you with a sensual deep kiss at the door. I strip you naked and promise that you are going to enjoy your intense session with me. I take you hand and you follow me to my playroom. I place a blindfold over your eyes and I place you in bondage. I bind your wrists and your ankles.  I can do anything I please to your naked, sexy body. I tease and stimulate your skin until you are sweating and begging me to let you cum. I bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over.  You feel completely out of control. You are aroused but helpless. I use your body any way that brings me pleasure. I make you whimper and whine for release. I use my toys on you. I peg you, I make your cock so wet and so hard. I softly bite your nipples and bind your balls. I use my mouth to keep your cock hard, but then I use ice to make it soft again. I trace my wet pussy against your cock, teasing you. Finally, I release your balls and let you have the ultimate orgasm of being edged after what seemed like for hours. 


Hot Little Cum Slut Reese

I see you clicked on my page. Where you up looking for some tight young pussy that will make you cum really hard?  This hot little cum slut will make you moan when you feel how tight my smooth little pussy squeezes you. reese21I’m the kind of slut who’s wet pussy throbs when I talk about hot family scenes and rubs my hard little clit?  I’m daddy’s little slut. I’ve managed to twist my daddy around my little finger, with the way my tongue slides down his big, fat cock, or bending over and take it from behind as I lay across daddy’s lap anal action, just the way he likes it. I have my very own toll-free phone sex chat line, from the privacy of my own bedroom while I play with my dildos and vibrators!  I love erotic talk with kinky men who aren’t afraid to indulge my XXX porn fantasies and extreme fetish play.  Be careful I’ll turn you into a phone sex freak.  Go ahead pick that phone up and dial my number listed below or shoot me an email. I’m waiting!


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Finally In Charge

     I finally got the promotion I have been working for. Now I will val4 (2)have an assistant!  The company sent me over a list of possible candidates but I had one in mind that wasn’t on the list. I called him to my office for an interview and tried to keep my mind on actual business. 

I explained all the requirements to him. Travel would be a must, he must be able to put clients at ease and most of all keep me from being tense while on the road. That, he picked up on very quickly.

Soon his strong hands were massaging my shoulders while he suggested there were much better places to hold this interview.  Why did I find it extremely exciting that he was the one taking control of this interview and would soon be taking control of me.

Sultry Valentina

Interviewing A New Pool Boy

bikini 2

I have been interviewing for a new pool boy. The selection process is long but so fun.  He must be obsessed with big tits. He must give a great massage and finger me poolside.  He must have a big cock to keep me happy all summer long. He must get hard at just the sight of me in my bikini.  Fuck me and keep this horny housewife very happy. He must be very open-minded and uninhibited.

When I meet my prospective pool boy, I am dressed in my bikini and waiting by my pool.  I ask him to take off his shirt and I run my hand between my legs. I tell him that I want him to wear tight shorts while he is working here.  I tease him with my fingers. I look deep into his eyes and squeeze his hot butt. I flirt and flaunt my tight mature body in front of him. I make him beg for the job.  For the final phase of the interview, 

For the final phase of the interview, I take him up to my bedroom. I stroke and suck his cock. I ride him, rough and wild. I love being on top. After he makes me cum, I want him to show my his hottest sex moves and make me cum again and again. I am one hot cougar who is need of a hot stud.