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Here Cums Jailbait

       “Hello Mr P, I see you are having a quiet night with a glasaj-orange-300x445s of wine in your hot tub”, I giggle. I wonder what made him think he could escape Lil Miss nosy Jailbait. I smile and my eyes look down to the water and back to his eyes. “Well, are you going to invite me in”?  He begins to stammer a little. Maybe the pussy’s got his tongue! *Giggles*

I tug off my shorts and tank without an invitation, hop in and drink right from the bottle of wine. He stares a bit since my friends and I practiced blowjobs using a bottle. Opps!  I hand it back to him and ask if he has more. He goes into his house to get one and soon noticing I am right behind him.

 “AJ, what are you doing sweetie”, he asks a little confused. I love to sing so I just start into….I am your Ch Ch Ch cherry bomb. Next thing you know my leg if over his shoulder and his wet tongue in my sweet teen pussy.  I can be such a pushy brat!  LOL!

                             Bratty AJ

Mind Control Phone Sex

Hi there I’m Macy a Mind Control Phone Sex slut. I’ve seen how my mom works men and I want to be just like her. I learned at a very young age what men want, and graduating with a Psychology Mastermacy has me finding evil ways on how to fuck with guys minds to get just what I want. Trust me, they have no idea what kind of trouble their cocks are in for. I’ve alway’s had a desire for having cocks make my body shiver with orgasms. And I’ve learned that when they hit that right spot, I can squirt my juices good! I’ve got a kinky side that most have no idea about, but always willing to share. I’m always looking to see just how nasty and how far I can push my limits. I have to admit I do know my way around a cock. My list goes on and on! Call me for a session of anything goes phone sex.


Sissy Boy Dress-Up Phone Sex with Bianca

Aww, look at you been sitting in my bedroom on my bed with your legs cross wearing those big rollers in your hair, and your face all dolled up
with that bright make-up on. Don’t you look pretty? I love to hear about how you were enjoying the feel of woman’s panties andBusty Bianca stockings on your smooth shaved legs. How you love feeling girly and getting down on your knees to suck a massive cock or get your little pussy fucked good and hard. All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no restrictions at all.

Call Bianca NOW sissy!

Accomplice Phone Sex with Reese

Look at the body on me I can lure anything you want and place it right in your lap when we play accomplice phone sex together. I have no soul and hope you don’t either. My desires are unlimited, and my mind is an open field of dreams. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with parents who are perverts. I love taking things that don’t belong to me and making them suffer.reese21 I used to be the perfect little girl, the caring, daughter, with the sweetest smile but that was so long ago. Then, when then shit happened that made me a bit more indifferent. Now I am the one who will take you down a path of destruction that you’ll never recover from. I know how all you degenerate lovers can’t walk away from something that looks like heaven and melts in your mouth like cotton candy on a summers night. I’m just what you need to get your cock able and ready for some deviant phone sex dreams. So click the link below and let’s have some fun!


Asian Phone Sex Slut

Hi, I’m Miyoung you’re friendly little Asian phone sex, slut. I was raised in a small village in Japan named Hoi An which is known for human traffic. My Mother was poor and pimp me out at an early age to anyone, but on the first of the month, she would take me to an underground place where white men would come hungry and thirsty for Japenese little girl cunt, and I was the perfect choice with a tight young body like mines. I would see their perverted cocks raise in the crotch of their pants. I would do anything they wanted. Sometimes there would be more than one man at a time I would have to service. Yes, I am very talented with my tongue, so I’ve been told. Things have changed since then today I pimp myself out to the biggest cock. I can show you many of things because anything goes with me. I love to suck on full cum balls and deep throating many of cocks one after the other. Is it ass licking phone sex your into I can give, and I sure like to receive it. So call me and give me a try you’ll be so happy you did!

Miyoung miyoung-44

Cristal, Louis Vuittons and a huge Cock!

     I was gazing longingly at a pair of black Louis Vuitton pumps when a gentleman walked up and told me they were mine for a fuck.  All I could see here was a win wtiff2-4in situation as he was strikingly sexy and the the pumps were over 3,ooo.  He bought me my pumps and in exchange I gave him my room number. He asked what should he bring besides his hot body and big cock and I suggested a bottle of Cristal. Seems I read his mind!

         My outfit for the evening was simple my Louis Vuittons and my big tits and round ass.  It seemed he had same plan as when he entered his impressive cock was already in his large hand.  Hot men with money, YUMMY! I gave him a show and was amazing how he kept his eyes on my shoes. Did he have a shoe/foot fetish? Not really. We drank, flirted and fucked, oh did we FUCK!  It is awesome to be a big beautiful bimbo of a fuckdoll!



Babes Seduce The Professor

nakedIt is getting very close to finals. Extremely stressful with the late night studying and the demanding pressures. By the end of the semester, college boys bore me. I need to release all the tension and so do my sexy girlfriends.

You are my favorite Professor. You have a big old house just on the edge of town. I explain that my apartment building is so noisy that is very difficult to study. I beg and beg you to allow me to have a study session, just a few girlfriends and me, over for an all-night study session at your house. You hesitate, but I promise that we want to study. Make you a million promises that I have no intention of keeping. I know that you cannot say no to hot horny babes.

We arrive later that night. You are shocked to see that we are dressed very sexy and we did not bring any books. We do intend to stay up all night, but we are going to have our way with you. We are going to fuck you in every room of your big house. Keep you up and keep you hard with a little blue pill. We need your cock extremely hard. We are in desperate need of you to make each of us cum and cum.

We tease and seduce you until you are naked, willing to do anything. You will lick my butt and fuck me hard. I need it, Professor. We want it sexy and hot! Your cock is throbbing at the sight of our hot, naked bodies.

You get dominated by a group of sexy college babes.

Now, It Is Time For My Dessert


I slaved away in the kitchen cooking and baking for Thanksgiving. We hosted my husband’s family, 39 in all. I accommodated the gluten-free and the vegans, plus made sure everyone had their favorites. Everyone was happy. Dinner was very nice, of course, but it was exhausting.

By the time the adults sat down for dinner, I was not hungry, but I was feeling very flirty. I kicked off my shoes and rubbed my red painted toes along your leg, tickling and teasing you. I could see in your eyes that you were as aroused as me.

You made sure that you sat across from during dinner. You kept pouring white wine into my glass. You never let my glass go empty. You flirted with me all day long. Everyone else was complimenting my pies, sweet potatoes, turkey and fancy table setting, but you complimented me on my tight little sweater.

After dinner, we made arrangements for you to come over this week while my husband was out of town on a hunting trip.  We have all day and all night to satisfy my salacious appetite for your beautiful hard cock.

Your Horny Housewife,



       I seriously fucking hate malls. I would blow them all up if I could get away with imalaya-phone-sex-5-300x398t. Men buy me jewelry  and pay extra so I can have them checked out yearly. Why? Come on fucker, you know these little fists pack quite a punch. Unfortunately time got away from me and I had to go during holifuckingday insanity. So whatever, people everywhere and not looking where they were going. Tres bete!

     I waited till later, hit a dark bar and returned at closing. No, I didn’t know who exactly leered and bumped into me but “piss off” revenge and a little snuff is hot regardless. I took 3 professional type dicksocks home with me, LOL, well someone’s home it was anyway. They drank a little too much and passed out. I may have popped in a pill or two, peu importe.

         They woke up telling me enough was enough and my little fetish was sexy but time to untie them and really get the gang bang started. I really was in the mood to begin slicing and dicing right then but I did make some promises to my favourite fag boys and well a promise to a friend is a promise. Oh, what happened next, ROFLMFAO. No worries though, my knife and I eventually had our fun!


Aunt Ava’s Long Holiday Weekend


You are visiting your sexy Aunt Ava for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Her sweaters and dresses are always so tight. Her boobs are so big. She is about the same age as your Mom but she is nothing like your Mom. Mom is sweet but so not sexy. Even your Dad’s eyes linger at Ava’s deep cleavage longer than he should.

Aunt Ava is so sexy.

You spy on her during your visit. You sneak around the house, following her without her noticing. You open the bathroom door while she is showering. God, look at her naked body. Wow! None of the girls at school have curves like Aunt Ava’s curves. You want to worship her body. Lick off drops of water off her big tits.

Aunt Ava calls out your name. She knows that you are watching. It is time to make a real man out of you. You are invited to join hot Aunt Ava for some steamy shower sex. Time to learn how to pleasure an older woman. You feel that you must obey your Aunt Ava. She is in complete control of your mind and your body.  She lets you touch her, everywhere. She guides you to your knees and pushes her mature wet pussy into your face.

You are in heaven! Best Thanksgiving ever!

Auntie Ava
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