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Neighborly New Neighbor

I have been living in my new apartment for a couple of months now. There is a knock at my door. I answer it and there you are holding a package.

You ask if I am Isabelle. I say that I am. You explain that you signed for my package. You hand it to me. I realize that it is my Victoria Secrets order. I thank you.

You tease me. You would hate to be responsible for depriving a pretty girl of her lingerie. I smile and invite you in so we can get to know each other. I find you gorgeous and charming. I pour you a cold drink, and invite you to sit outside with me. I am still holding the package. It is driving me crazy. I really want to see what is inside.

I explain how anxious that I am to open the package from VS and you encourage me to do so. I slip inside, leaving you alone on the patio.

I come back out wearing a super sexy lacy bra and matching panties.  You like what you see. Now it is my turn to tease you. I run my fingers over my bra making my nipples hard. I ask you should I keep this or send it back. I climb into your lap and we start making out. We end up fucking right there on the patio.


Dark Desires

You need it hard.

You are not interested in a sexy encounter where I have my way with you.

You want deep, dark hardcore humiliation, pain, and degradation. You are welcome in my dungeon. I have all sorts of nasty pleasures available for you. I break you down. I train you. I beat you.

Possibly I give you the special gift of a golden shower to mark my territory. I know you need hardcore domination. I strike your balls, cock, your ass! You cry out, beg for mercy. I spit in your open mouth. I bind your balls and squeeze them with my very strong hands. I twist and pull. I call you names. I make you feel small, but you love the attention and the pain.

More cock and ball torture. Maybe hot wax, icy hot and ice cubes up your ass. Possibly strategically placed safety pins, and nipple clamps to inflict just the right kind of pain. You might get a strap on or my fist right up your ass. You need pain. It is good for you. You feel no one understands this need, but I do understand you.

We explore the BDSM road together.  It is a journey. Take my hand, place your trust in me, for I know what you need. I will test and push your limits. Take you out of your comfort zone. I know what is good for you.

You find freedom from your troubles and you experience a release that no one outside the BDSM world would understand.

No worries, my little worm, I fully understand you and your needs.

My humbler is ready for you!

Mistress Koko

Your Wife’s Sultry Mother

Where did I go wrong with my daughter?

Don’t get me wrong. She is lovely. You married her and she has lots of great qualities, but she is the opposite of me. She is very earthy and wholesome. She does not have that sexy edge that I have. She does not have any vices or a body built for sin, like me.

You have always been attracted to me. You find me very exotic and sexy.  You can’t get enough of my sultry voice or my huge, enhanced perfect tits. The girls are impossible for you not to notice, my momma curves. I dress to show them off. You get so hot and hard around me.

It is really unhealthy for you to deny yourself pleasure and walk around all day with a hard cock in pants. We are going to be thrown together for lots of social events, weddings and family gatherings. You are not going to be able to say “no” to me. I am going to seduce the fuck out of you.


Leave Their Bodies For The Rats

How you love Summer and I fucking hate it. Heat and  sun makes one unhappy goth girl. You come over to try and  get me to go hunting with you but let’s face it you NEED me  to do it for you. You plead for a while and when all else  fails  you bring out the meth. I do a few lines and I am  beginning  to get in the mood for a hunt but it is dark and  the victims  are all home snuggled in bed.

It doesn’t take long before I have a plan. We can go to  Needle Park where some of the jinkie bitches will have the  little ones with them. I know you prefer them fresh but well  you are desperate and I need to hear cries of pain. We drive  over there and see a few victims huddled together trying  not to see what is going on around them.

You are in luck it seems as the toys are all blonde and  in tiny worn shorts. Thing is their lives suck and they would  be better off fucking dead. We carry the three off with no  one even noticing. Once we get them home we explain just  what is going to happen to them. Too fucking funny, they  are each trying to throw the other under the bus. I slap one  so hard it shuts the other two up.

Now it is playtime! I do another line and watch you tie them up and strip them down. You fuck one at a time making the others watch. Once the first blonde has “expired” you toss her on the floor since the rats in this abandoned building can smell the blood. It is kind of gross to watch, but then again I love twisted, sick things most would hurl at. This is making me hungry but I only like fresh, clean blood and they looked tainted from the start. “Goddess” you beg “I need more little fucktoys”. The sun is up and I am ready for some sleep. We leave the bodies to the rats and you take me home.

Goth Girl Ivy

Calling All The Shots

You are mine now. You’ll find yourself drifting off during the day thinking about me. Wondering what I am doing, what I am wearing, and who I am fucking. It excites you that I can dip into your mind making you ready to give yourself to me completely. Knowing all of your naughty secrets. Every time we speak you’re so willing and ready to give me a new piece of information. It makes you weaker and crave me even more. I love using my power to control you and weaken you to where I want you. The sound of my voice and touch excites you instantly and all you want to do is give into me. Are you ready for some more? Cum to Princess Krystal so I can over turn your mind with my deviant ways.

Princess Krystal

Slumber Party Strip Poker

I have been a very good girl for Daddy so far this summer. Daddy agrees to let me have a slumber party for some of my cutest girlfriends. I love slumber parties. My girlfriends and I have so much fun together.  We practice kissing each other. First, soft little kisses, then we practice French kissing.

After the kissing lessons, the babes and I get bored. I find Daddy’s playing cards, but we are not really sure of the rules to play poker. I call Daddy into the room to teach us the basics. We don’t play for money. We decide to play strip poker. I wonder who will get naked first?



Three Hole Fuck

I was having a pool installed yesterday and the men were so fucking hot! They came over looking handsome in their uniforms, yes I love a man in any uniform, but as the morning progressed their shirts came off from the heat. I went back to bed for awhile and then went to the kitchen for something to eat. I could hear them calling me a bitch for getting pool during this heatwave and talking about what man paid for it. They even began talking about my hot body and what they wanted to do to me.

I love a rough fuck and the thought of it was making my sweet kitty gush down my perfect legs. While I watched them work I began to squeeze my hard nipples. It felt so good, I began to fantasize just what their hard dicks, dripping pre-cum looked like. I went to get my vibe to really take care of myself while closing my eyes, fucking my sweet kitty  and having amazing filthy thoughts.

I didn’t hear the three men enter my house through my own excited moans but when I opened my eyes they were standing over me with their huge dicks out. I tried to say “NO” yes a bit of an act to make them rape me. One grabbed me and pushed me on top of his huge, thick dick while another went for my tight sweet ass. The best part for me was having a throbbing, veiny dick shoved down my throat. They fucked me hard as they called me names and told me what a spoiled bitch I was. OMFG it was the best fuck I ever had!

Kinky Elle Kat

Chrissy’s Fetish Sex Club

I am easily tempted by kinky things that are forbidden or considered taboo by some people. I am drawn to fetish groups and underground sex clubs, where any sexual experience is available. I like to watch people exploring very obscure fetishes. Something for everyone no matter how unusual the desire. You got to be pretty open-minded for an orgy room or domination dungeon, but you might find some of the fetish rooms mind-blowing.

I might make your dick limp if I told you most crazy thing that I have seen there. All I will say is that it was beyond crazy. I think it is wonderful though, that we all have are different vices. I would love to hear your help explore your fetish with you.


Friend with Great Big Benefits

I have been hanging out with my old high school friends who are home from college.  Great to catch up, but kind of crazy how much everyone has changed. The girls are hotter and the boys are confident and aggressive. Everyone has such great stories to share about wild sex parties.

My parents were out of town for the weekend, so I had a few old friends over. We had a little backyard party. About the time it was starting to get dark, I noticed that we were pairing off. I was paired off with a guy from high school is very sweet, but was kind of shy. In high school, we didn’t do much together but study math and chemistry together. Super nice guy, and the sparks were flying. He is no longer shy. Not at all, and he is very flirty. It was obvious that he wanted to hook-up.

I was wondering if hooking-up a good idea. I did not want to ruin a long friendship. I was concerned that the sex might not be that great. After all, I have known this guy since kindergarten. He confessed that he had always had a crush on me. I was flattered, but not sure what to say back. I looked down. I wanted to let him down easily, but then I noticed a big bulge in his shorts. A BIG BULGE! Now, I was curious and excited. We started making out, Lots of very passionate kisses and touching. I was dying to get inside and check out his cock. He did not disappoint me.  He pulled out this big hard cock while we were kissing. I immediately grabbed him and started stroking. He was already leaking pre-cum all over my fingers.

I was glad that I went for it. He is very hot. He took off my top and started licking my nipples. I was so turned on. We ended up fucking right there in the backyard and then again in the bedroom.

No Strings Attached

I love getting fucked outdoors. Recently, I took a mini getaway with one of my sister’s old boyfriends. I honestly don’t think she’ll mind. I love taking her sloppy seconds. From what I can remember they used to fuck like crazy. At least I know he has a big ass cock. He was a sweet heart from the start, he even surprised me with a new bikini. I wanted to be sure I showed him my appreciation. We were hanging out in a secluded spot. It was perfect for me to get down on my knees in the sand and help him take off his bottoms. He knew I just wanted to suck his cock, fuck him, and enjoy the beach. I pulled down his shorts and 10 inches fell right out. I knew he was big but shit I hit the jackpot with this one. I looked up and smiled and my mouth started to water. I pulled his hard cock right into my mouth. First I started to lick his swollen head slowly so I can get my first taste of his pre-cum. My hands were rubbing the base of his cock while I worked his thick head. His hands reached down and he started to stroke my hair while he pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. My eyes started to water as he fucked my mouth. I couldn’t wait to taste his hot jizz.

Give me a call and l’ll let you know the rest of the details. I can say, everything my sister said about him was true. He was the perfect fuck.