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Booty Call

I love big dicks and his huge ass dick has my name written all over it. He’s young dumb and full of cum. It’s very clear that I’m not relationship material. I just wanna fuck. I love when I come across a younger guy who can keep up with me, I feel like I hit the fucking jackpot. A guy who can make me cum multiple times, with his cock and his tongue. I’m always calling the shots. I let him know what time to be at my house and how bad I need to get fucked by his big dick. When he arrives at my place, he finds me in my bedroom waiting for him. I sit with back up against the wall, my knees bent and spreading my legs open. Exposing my wet pussy that needs to be fucked again by his big dick. I want his pulsating thick dick to slide deep into my tight, wet quivering pussy. Fuck me hard & long until you’re dripping with my cream.

Sex, Blood And Ivy

I love blood, the way it smells like copper, sticky and sweet. Only problem is a chick just can’t walk around biting people till they bleed. Can she? Plus that would never be enough blood to roll around, drink and fuck in. My lover got a job at hospital and brings home blood packets for him and I since I got him completely fucking addicted.

Last night I wanted to do some blood art so I laid a huge canvas on the floor. He cut off my clothes quickly leaving wonderful bloody trails on my pale skin. I was so fucking excited but I expertly  cut of his clothes licking the bloody trails as I went. Then I cut my tongue for a hot,sweet, sticky bloody kiss. We hung up the blood bags and used pins to make holes so they would drip slowly as we fucked.

I was in the mood for some sweet pain as well. With my pale hands against the wall and my firm ass out he whipped me hard till my back and ass began to spurt blood. His hungry mouth drank my blood as quick as it squirted out.  The succubus was coming out of me from that whipping so I quickly turned around and with my hand around his neck, threw him on his back.

We kissed enjoying the mixtures of blood and I reached up and cut open all the bags of blood. Drenched in blood I started to ride him digging my long claw like fingernails into his strong, slippery sweaty chest. I rode him till we both screamed in animal lust.

Blood Driven Vampire Ivy

Four Play

Spring has Sprung. The days are longer and people in the Midwest are emerging from our homes. I finally got an opportunity to get to know the cute couple from down the street.  The wife and I have started running together. She is super sweet and has a hot little petite body.

My husband and I invited this new couple over for a bbq.  After dinner, I opened a nice bottle of wine and put on some soft music. We were talking about past vacations. She brought up their honeymoon and eluded that there was not much sightseeing. In my mind, I pictured them together in their tropical hotel room overlooking this beautiful beach having very hot sweaty sex.  She confessed that they had sex on the balcony. I shared the details of the many times that my husband and I have had sex on the balcony. I could see that the erotic details excited them. After a few more stories, I confessed that, as couple, we are very open sexually and that we enjoy swinging.

This revelation made the wife very nervous, but I answered her questions honestly. Told her that it was not for everyone or every relationship. She confessed that she was had a lot of fun in college. She was a party girl. If she met a guy and found him hot, she would take him back to her dorm. She had abandoned that party girl lifestyle, but sometimes she felt a little stifled in her role as homemaker, wife, and mother.

I walked over and kissed her on the lips. Girl on Girl kisses are so hot. Invited her to run her fingers along my body. Her husband told her that she could stop at any time, but that this might be good for her. After some light foreplay with her, and our two husbands watching, I got her on her back on the floor. I lifted off her dress and kissed her tiny little panties. She was so wet.  She needed this. I pulled down her panties and plunged my tongue into her pussy. She came instantly and she begged for me.

While I was licking and pleasuring her pussy with my fingers and tongue, she came so many times. She was pushing my face and grinding her pussy into me. Our husbands got naked and started stroking their cocks. They were both so hard.

My husband invited her husband to fuck me. I was so hot for his hot married cock. His wife screamed for him to fuck me. He slipped into me and moaned when he got a beautiful deep penetration into my pussy. My husband joined in the fun by slipping his cock into my ass.

I love to be double penetrated! I came so HARD. Her husband was nervous and he came so quickly inside of me. I put my mouth on his cock and sucked him to get him hard again. I was not ready for him to be done.

My husband cleaned off his cock and started kissing and rubbing his wife. She was so hot, horny and wild. She pulled his cock into her. First she was on her back, then she rode him. Finally, my husband bent her over the ottoman and took her from behind. It was so amazing. They were so beautiful together. I could see that she was having a great time.  I knew that my husband was taking very good care of her. Now it was my turn to have some more fun.

I climbed into her husband’s lap and rode him hard. He was not so anxious now.  He and I took our time and I made him cum a second time. My husband gets so hot watching me with other men.

It is a rare find to find four people who are so sexually compatible.


He’s Everything

He’s older, handsome and loves a sweet southern gal. Every time he touches me he sends the most erotic pleasures up and down my body. I can’t wait to see where things go. We had the most amazing night out together, we danced the night away. We wrapped our arms around each other swaying back and forth to the music getting lost in each others eyes. We had the most stimulating conversations. Which was a huge turn on for me. All I could do was flutter my eyelashes at him flirtatiously while he moved my hair away from my neck. Twining his fingers through my hair he leaned in and kissed me. Whispering in my ear that we should take this back to his place and get better acquainted with each other. My heart was skipping a beat the entire drive back to his house.

Brandy Lynn

No Boys Allowed

I invited my best friend over after work last night. She has long black hair, thick thighs, a nice tight waist with big gorgeous tits. I’ve had a crush on her for years! I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get a taste. I planned exactly how I was going to do it. I planned on having a few drinks then confessing exactly how I felt to her. She rang the door bell and I jumped to answer it. I opened the door and before I could even think, I pulled her into my apartment by her arm and pinned her against the wall. I started kissing her on the lips down to her neck. I ripped open her shirt hearing all the buttons hit the wood floor. With no bra on, I finally got to see those gorgeous tits.  She was hesitant at first but as soon as my tongue started playing with her nipples, I knew that pussy was mine. I threw her on the couch and took her pants off. No hesitation, I started to finger fuck that nice tight pink cunt. All I could hear was the sounds of her moaning along side the sound of my fingers going in and out of that wet pussy. I began playing with her clit with my tongue as my fingers were going faster and faster. I could see her making eye contact with me the whole time she was watching my tongue lick her juicy pussy. The harder I fucked her with my hand the tighter she gripped my hair. With a final stroke of my fingers she let out a loud scream as she squirted in my mouth seeing me swallow every last bit of her sweet cum.

I can’t wait till next week when we do it again, only this time she’s going to be the one getting a mouthful.

Mommy’s Little Secret

Will you be Mommy’s little helper? I just love dressing you up in little outfits that I can show you off in. So many outfits I can never pick a favorite! My friends have always been jealous of the special bond we share it drives them crazy. I always brag about our special Friday nights full of games and secrets that only you and I know about. Our family fun nights are never complete without our very own photo shoot. I love seeing you stand in front of the camera in cute outfits that I must admit makes my pussy drip. If you can keep Mommy’s dirty little secret, call me and we can have a little family fun photo shoot of our own.

Phone Sex Daddy Loves BBC

I am fucking the hottest black football player in our whole school. OMFG his cock is beautiful. I love feeling the way his cock fills my young, teen mouth and stretches my tight little bald pussy. One day we were going at it and I heard someone at my bedroom door. It was my phone sex daddy!

He had his dinky little pin dick out and was stroking it. My boyfriend and I started laughing at him and James demanded he crawl over to us. I guess he was going to have daddy fuck his little girl, but it is so fucking small. That wasn’t what happened at all!! James made daddy suck his dick and he took the whole load in his face.

I was a little jealous because that black jizz is mine but I was laughing to hard as I saw jizz dripping down daddy’s face. James made daddy get him hard again so I could get some of that big, black dick. He fucked me so hard while daddy licked his ass. What is even better is now I have something on daddy.

Delaney Loves BBC


I’ve got one word for you…..worthless! That is what you are when you have a small, worthless dick. You’re less than a man when you have something so small between your legs. I can finger my pussy better than you could ever fuck me.

You’ve known your whole life your dick is tiny but you need me to confirm how pathetic you really are. No woman wants you so that’s why you pay me to tell you exactly what I think. If any female in your life has told you otherwise, she is totally lying. When you send me a picture of your little clit, the only thing I see is a fat wallet. That would be the only pleasure I could ever get from your worthless, useless self.

Look at me, do you think a hot girl like me would ever want you? Not a chance in hell but I will drain your wallet while laughing at your tiny clit getting hard.

Stormy Night Brings Morning Delight

You helped me out in the garden all day.  Mommy’s beautiful red tulips are in full bloom. Soon we will be planting more flowers and getting the pool ready for summer.

After dinner, we are watching a movie on TV, and a thunderstorm warning interrupts our show. You complain about that, and I pull you close to me. I remind you that “April Showers bring May Flowers.” I give you a little kiss on the top of the head and we snuggle together. I know that you do not like storms. There is a little thunder outside and a gentle rain. Suddenly, there is a BIG flash of lightening, followed by a loud crash of thunder. The lights flicker a couple of time and then we are in total darkness.

I tell you to sit still and I grab a flashlight. You try to act brave. I give you a big hug and take you to my bedroom. We might as well get go to sleep since the lights are out.  No use searching for pajamas in the dark. I suggest that we both take off our clothes and crawl under the covers.

As the storm slowly passes over our house, I spoon you to make you feel safe. You drift to a beautiful deep sleep.

In the morning, you wake up looking into my sleepy, dreamy eyes. You think I look pretty.  I touch your face and kiss you. You are restless because your hormones are kicking in and you are hard.

I kiss you and make you feel so good! I make a man out of you right there as the morning light streams across both of our naked bodies.

Remember your Mommy Morgan always knows what is best for you.

What You Need

Do you like my new shiny toy? Of course you do! You’re probably assuming I bought this for myself. Wrong!!! You pathetic useless fuck. I bought this just for you. Your own personal toy. I can’t wait to fuck your tight hole. I’ll slip it in my mouth and get it nice and wet. It will slide right in that horny fuck hole of yours, let’s open you up. I even bought you a pink baby doll nightgown with matching pink lace panties so you can dress up like my little slut for me. I love having my way with you, you’re long overdue. It’s time for me to violate your wet cunt hole. I want you on all fours spreading your pretty little ass cheeks apart. I have a variety of toys that we will be playing with. No need to be scared, you’re in perfect hands. It’s time that I have some fun with you.