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Compliments to the Chef

I decided to treat myself to a night out. Just a little much needed Teagan time. I chose a restaurant that I had never been to before, just for a little change of pace. It was awesome. The waiters were tripping over themselves to take care of me and the food was so amazing, that I asked if I could speak to the chef. He came out to greet me, and I felt instant lust. I’ve always had a thing for a man that was good with his hands, and from the look of those big hands he was an artist. We made small talk, mostly me telling him how amazing my meal was. Before I knew what had happened, I was inviting him to come have a drink at my place after his shift was over. I felt my face start to burn in embarrassment… until he surprised me by saying yes. I gave him my address.. then went home to wait. My stomach felt all fluttery, wondering what would actually happen when he got there. Around midnight, I heard a knock at my door. I opened it wide and stood there looking at him. It was a different atmosphere than the restaurant.. there was electricity in the air. He moved toward me slowly at first, then a little faster as he pushed me inside, my back hitting the door. A giggle started to escape my throat, but his tongue pushed it back in. It was all touch and go. We gave into the chemistry. My hands ripped at his clothes and his at mine. Once enough was out of the way and my body was bared to his, his mouth was moving down my body to my aching pussy. He pulled one leg over his shoulder while his mouth devoured me. His tongue darted in and out of my hole, his thumb playing with my clit. It was all I could do to keep standing as wave after wave of pleasure hit me. I could hear myself begging to be fucked. I felt those hands that I had admired so much earlier move to my ass, lifting me up. His hard cock pushed in hard and fast. My arms went around his neck, my nails digging into his back. He pumped me hard, my back hitting the door repeatedly. His cock tore me apart. I couldn’t breathe for screaming. When I felt his body tense up, I pushed against his chest and dropped to my knees. My hands closed around his dripping cock and I stroked him hard and fast. His breathing was heavy as he blew his load all over my tits. I took him in mouth and sucked the rest of that cum out. I smiled up at him while I rubbed the head of his dick all over my lips.
“Are you ready for that drink now?”

A Night With Janene

I wrap my arms and legs around you, pulling you towards me. You‘ve never felt and embrace as statically charged and as intense as this.  I can feel your chest rising and falling with each deep breath.  I know your aching to be inside my velvet pussy.  We’re not there yet big boy. You‘re going to have to wait just a little bit longer.  For now, you‘re going to have to suffer while I lean over and rub my breasts against your throbbing cock. Your pre-cum leaks out onto my nipple.  I look up into your eyes and flash you a wicked smile. My mouth opening as I bring my freshly baptized nipple to my mouth.  Mmmmm, sticky & sweet.  How badly do you want to be inside me?  Tell me, I want to hear you say it. If I didn’t know better, I would think you were practically whimpering.  Awww, poor baby.  I bring my mouth up to your ear and softly whisper, is this what you want? You can feel the head of your cock being guided to the entrance of my pussy. The tip of your manhood up against my lips. You can feel my heat and how wet I am. My other hand is on your ass, pulling you into me just a little bit more.

Kiss My Cock

Hey Sexy!

We were at the bar. I wore my black boots and sexy hot pink dress. You noticed me right away.

I flirted with you until I made sure that you were hot for me. Invited you back to my apartment. Made out with you and stroked your cock in the back of the cab.

Now I got you super-hot. Begging for more. In the elevator, heading up to my place, I reveal my surprise. My cock!

You are shocked, but haven’t you always wanted to suck a pretty cock like mine? Go on! Do it! Kiss it. Make me hard! I am going to fuck you all night long!

Drop to your knees and kiss my cock. Get Sexy! Let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.


Snowed In

There’s something about being surrounded by all this pure white snow that really has me craving big black cocks! I’ve been snowed in for days, and the only thing that is getting me through is daydreaming about those huge monster cocks stretching all my holes. As soon as I can get out of here, I plan on making up for lost time. I’m going to find the biggest black cocks I can find to pound my aching holes. My favorite bar always has plenty of fine ebony men to choose from. I’ll put on my sluttiest dress that shows off my perfect tits and ass. Those high slits on the sides gives a little peek of my thong. When I walk in, everyone will know that I’m looking for. I don’t plan on playing shy and coy. I plan on getting on the dance floor and acting like a total slut that knows exactly what she wants. It won’t take long and I’ll be surrounded by men on all sides, their hands all over me, grinding their stiff cocks against my ass. I’m usually not picky when it comes to a hard cock, but I’ll be sticking to my preference. I’m going to be a black cock only whore.
I can’t wait.

Miami Heat

Need a little sizzle to keep you warm?

All the ladies in your life cold and cranky? Got the winter blues?

Do you feel a chill in bedroom as cold as the snow piles up outside your bedroom window?

You need some hot and spicy phone sex with me. I promise to get your heart racing, your cock throbbing and keep you hot.

Lots of passionate kisses. Caress you all over your body. Lots of foreplay. Lots of teasing. Make you cum so hard!

You will find me to be as hot and sweet as a cup of hot cocoa. I am one tasty treat!

It was in the 80’s here today. I went to the beach this afternoon after class.  Instead of complaining about your weather, pick up the phone and let me describe my bikini tan lines.

Let’s get naked together.


Different Kind of Blackmail

A lot of my friends fuck their teachers and blackmail them for good grades. Truth is I don’t give a flip about grades and if things go right I plan to drop out later this year. My PE teacher is really hot and he is my first choice and I don’t really think I will need a backup plan.

I knock on his office door and he seems busy with charts and stuff but I just kind of hang around without even making an excuse. I begin to tease him by rubbing his shoulder and kissing his neck. “Amanda stop it and get back to your last class”, he says. I won’t stop it though and I begin to move my soft little hands down to his pants and rub his crotch. He grabs my hands and tells me to stop. Once my top if off and my hand is in his pants he begs me to just not tell anyone. “Of course I won’t tell a soul”, I tell him.

Before long I am on my knees sucking his huge cock. “That’s right, suck it good Amanda I am going to shoot my load in your teen mouth”, he moans. I pull his cock out of my mouth and my chin is covered in pre-cum. He begins to make demands that I finish him off. Now it is my turn to make demands. I tell him I am going to ride his big hard cock whenever I want and if he gives me any arguments I will tell his wife.  He makes the mistake of laughing at me not knowing my phone is on and my bestie is listening.

Having no choice and really wanting my tight, bald teen slit he pulls me on top of him. He is so big and it feels so good the way his cock is stretching me open. He begins to ask about birth control but I push my tongue in his mouth and keep riding him. I stop kissing him just long enough to tell him he has to fuck me whenever I tell him no matter what else he is doing. “Cum for me daddy”, I whisper to him. He grabs me hard and shoots his hot, thick load of jizz in my hot little hole. “By the way, I am so not on birth control and I just want to be a little teen mommy”, I tell him laughing.

Daddy’s Office

Daddy is taking me to school today, but at the last minute, we got a text from the school.

“No school today because of the wind chills.”

A little kitten like me could freeze.

Daddy doesn’t have anyone to watch me and he can’t stay home with me today.

He puts me in the car and takes me to his office. I love my Daddy’s office. Everyone is so nice to me because my Daddy is the big boss.

My Daddy’s secretary has been keeping an eye on me, but I don’t see her. I have finished my book and I am bored. I miss my Daddy. I sneak into my Daddy’s office. He is there and on the phone. He shakes his head. Daddy is angry with the man on the phone. I know how to make my Daddy happy. I crawl up into his lap and start giving him butterfly kisses.

Daddy starts to smile and tells the man on the phone that something urgent came up.

I like it when my Daddy has something urgent come up for me and I like it when Daddy smiles.


Sissy Lessons For You

So you want to become a Sissy? You desire to be a slutty girl?

I will make you the hottest girl in the room that can seduce anyone she wants.

Let you inner slut blossom.

I will take you to extremes. Take you beyond even your own expectations. Let that hair of yours grow long or find you a wig. Get you the right shades of make-up and all the little things that make a girl feel and look “girly.”

Dress you up in sexy lingerie, but to truly be a slut or a sissy, there are so much beyond a little pair of pink or black panties.

Once I got you looking all girly. You start to feel slutty. I will teach you how to walk like a girl, seduce like a girl, lick pussy like a girl, suck cock like a girl. So much Fun to be a Slutty Girl!

I will teach you GIRL CODE, all the secrets that ladies know how to seduce and how to get what she wants.

I Am A Naughty Girl!

It is so stupid for a girl to play hard to get. Such a waste of time. In some movies, a “good” girl acts offended when a guy wants to fuck her. She says that old cliché line, “I am not that kind of girl.”

Well if you are interested in me and want to take me to bed, let me know. I am flattered and turned on when a sexy man is horny for me.

Do you like it hot and kinky?

Then, I am your girl!  I am very naughty girl. I fuck on the first date. I pick up guys on the beach and bring them up to my bed to fuck. I suck cock. I like sex in public. I like girls, and I like threesomes. I especially like two cocks…double the pleasure for me.


His first time

It has been such a long day at work and all I want to do is kick off my heels, get into a bubble bath with a glass of white wine. My little man is at his friends for the weekend so this weekend is mine! I unlock the front door and there he still is with his cock in his hand looking at some old magazine he must have found.

I am not even sure where to begin as I close the door behind me. He tries to cover his hard young cock with the magazine and begins mumbling about changed plans and being bored and the more he speaks the more he stammers with a red face. I try to explain to him that masturbation is perfectly natural and everyone even mommies do it. Of course, right in the middle of the living room might have not been the perfect spot.

I sit down next to him on the couch and can’t help but giggle when I notice it is an old magazine his dad must have left here from the 90’s of all things. I take him by the hand, his cock just jiggling and we go to my bedroom. I turn on my laptop and tell him he can find much better things to look at this way. “Mom you look at porn” he asks shyly. I explain that there is so much he can find to help him along. I ask him what it was that made him so excited today and he tells me about one of his teachers with big boobs that is always teasing the boys.

Like a good mommy I find some student and teacher porn for him.  He tells me that I look alot like Mrs Tyler and he admits that sometimes he thinks about me. He strokes his cock rather clumsily and also admits this is his first time. I put my hand over his and guide it up and down his cock showing him just how to pleasure himself. He cums quickly all over my hand with lots of apologies. Little does he know that know I will have to take care of myself too!