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“Oh What A Night For Romance”

For so long I’ve waited for this night
It’s in the air the feeling is so right
Let’s stay till the sun brings the light
It’s in the stars reflecting in your eyes

It’s in the breeze
True love never lies
Let’s fall in love and hope it never dies

Oh what a night for romance
Under the moon we’re gonna dance
And with some luck if you’ll take a chance
We could fall in love
Oh what a night for romance

Just look around it’s everywhere
Dancing in the wind love in the air
People can look what do we care
Who in the world could feel the way I do
I’m so full of love
I’m into you
Darling say that you feel that way too

Show Your Love and Adoration

You are spending New Year’s Eve with Aunt Ava. She is having a party. An assortment of tantalizing treats and decadent desires are in store for you.

During the party, all of Auntie’s cougar friends have their hands all over you. Each and every one of them unsuccessfully tries to seduce you. They offer you blow jobs, titty fucks, and every nasty thing. You reject their offers. You only have eyes for Aunt Ava.

During the party, you overhear something that was not meant for your ears. Aunt Ava and a couple of her girlfriends are gossiping and sharing secrets. One of ladies is complaining about her ass being sore because her husband fucked her ass this afternoon.  Your open-minded Aunt confesses that she not only enjoys anal sex, but that she has actually has orgasms sometimes when her lover fucks her ass. Then, all the ladies squeal and you can’t hear what was said next.

You walk into the kitchen, away from everyone, to catch your breathe. You feel dizzy and your legs feel weak. You have this image of your cock going inside of Aunt Ava’s ass. Before the party, you caught a glimpse of her walking in her lingerie in the hallway. You know that she has a tiny little hot pink and black thong under her sexy dress.

Some ladies walk into the kitchen. They immediately start flirting and teasing you. You only have love and lust for Aunt Ava. You excuse yourself further from the party and step out into the cold night air. The snow makes the night sky seem brighter and you hope that the cold air will make your hard cock go soft. You can’t walk around the party with this tent in your pants.

Maybe you could just pull it out and stroke it a little in the dark. As your zipper goes down, the sliding door opens and Aunt Ava walks towards you. She sees your hard cock. She walks over to you and kisses you. You grab her ass under her dress and she moans softly and kisses you harder. You move behind Aunt Ava. You drop to your knees and lift up her dress. You kiss and caress her big beautiful ass.

Meet Me At Midnight

I’ve been your secret girlfriend for a while now. We meet up, have amazing sex and then you’re gone again. This arrangement has worked for both of us. As hot and passionate as our fuck sessions are, I do have a special request tonight. Meet me at midnight. I want to be your New Year’s kiss. Your mouth on mine is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. You can’t imagine how much I crave you. I love being your little secret, but I want you to myself tonight. When the countdown starts, I want to be looking into your eyes, watching as your mouth comes closer and closer to mine. As the clock strikes 12, your lips will be on mine. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stop at just a kiss.

Richard’s House

My friend Richard has let me stay over his house for the holiday’s. It has been a blast with all the parties with so few women and so many hot men. He promised my parents to look after me so when the parties get totally wild he sends me off to the guest house where I sleep. I like the privacy and have had several boys sneak in when I know Richard must be tied up or asleep.

I was getting my little bald cunt licked when I heard this huge bang and I could see his house went dark. I still had lights so I told my fuck buddy to hurry and make me cum before Richard checked on me because I could hear the cars leaving. Before we even had a chance to finish Richard was at the door with his rather tiny little thing in his hand watching us.

I assumed Richard was perving on me like all the men do but I could see the way he looked at my friend’s cock that Richard had me fooled all along. The thought of what was going to happen next had me so hot that I came all over my friend’s face. I demanded Richard so whatever I said or I would let his secret out to my parents, his job and his ex wife. My friend needed a cock sucking and after all the booze and cuming so hard I was more in the mood to watch.

Dirty little Teen Torrie

Happy New Year

I am total size queen bitch! It takes a horse cock to satisfy my pussy. I’ll be staying in tonight drinking and fucking my bottle of champagne. I love the feeling of my pussy getting stretched and stuffed by my 14 inch bottle. The more I drink, the more I shove it deep into my cunt.

All you pencil dick losers can call me tonight and hear me fuck my pussy. I know you will be home tonight because someone with such a worthless dick has nothing else to do. There’s nothing you can say or do to impress me, so don’t even try. The only thing you’re good for is you spending money to hear me drill my hungry cunt.

Cheers, Maxine

Tease and Aggression at its Finest

I’ve been in such a nasty mood all day! I need a good long phone sex session! I feel the need to tease and deny horny fuckers just like you! My sweet voice is the very ploy to drag you into my wickedly naughty slut world! I love to get you to where you are just about to bust your warm load all over the place only to deny your release! I need my pussy worshiped for hours on hours! You must give me what I want and when I want it! I’ll let you in on my secret, my nasty mood makes me want to search for a little bitch to make my sissy anal slut! I know your craving something long, thick and big rammed up your ass so deep!  So be a good sissy and prepare to bend over and spread those sweet ass cheeks wide! I don’t care if its to big or frightens you! You will be a good slut for your young Mistress Missy!  My fingers will work your pathetic pussy open and prepare it for a hard pounding! I can’t wait to laugh at that itty bitty Cock of yours! Maybe you want your stiff big Cock stroked as I pound your fuck hole!… I can’t wait to take my aggression out on that pathetic ass of yours! Stripping my panties off stuffing them into your mouth. Pushing you onto the bed, whipping you until you are at my total mercy! You Ready??

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Sexy Christmas Vacation

My boyfriend took me away on vacation right after Christmas for a few days. I think he got tired of me in jeans and sweatshirts. I think he missed seeing me in a bikini.

Our first day at the resort, I woke up to him kissing me. He was already dressed and had a cup of coffee from the cafe downstairs. He also had a present for me. I was excited. I love presents.

I tore open the package and found a super tiny little bikini. I couldn’t wait to put it on and head to the pool. He couldn’t wait to get me back to the room and take it off of me.

Hope your Holidays were are sexy as mine! If not, give me a call and I will show you a very sexy time!


Tender Love and Care

Out with the old and in with the new! A new year is here! I know you are tired of that same ole same ole’ … You don’t have to settle for that strings attached bullshit. I wanna be the sweet voice you wake up too. I want to start your day off just right! I want you to think about me all day long. Call me on your lunch break and tell me all about your day. We can chat it up at night before bed. I wanna get to know you and all your dirty secrets that you keep. I will be the perfect girlfriend experience for you. Don’t be shy, I want to know all about you. I want to make you laugh, smile and feel good. 🙂

No nagging, or questions… Just a little tender love and care just for you! I know my sweet voice is just what you need to wake up to! Tell me you love me and goodnight every night before bed. I want to share my secrets and fantasies with you. You can be my virtual boyfriend! I love to keep up with one another through emails to. I love casual conversation but a naughty phone fuck is always fun!

Maybe you just need someone to listen to you, do you feel neglected by your wife or girlfriend? I am here to listen to you. I can’t wait to be spoiled and loved by you! Start the New Year off with a New Girlfriend! ;


Sugar and Spice Make Everything Nice

Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that’s what little girls are made of

Sunshine and rainbows
and ribbons for hair bows
that’s what little girls are made of

Tea parties, laces
and baby doll faces
that’s what little girls are made of

to put a smile on sexy daddy’s face.



Unexpected Surprise

My next door neighbor’s wife went out of town for a few days on a business trip. We always flirt with one another and he eye fucks me any chance he can get. He always says “if I wasn’t married, the things I would do to you!” I have to admit, the thought of having his married cock while his wife is away makes my pussy cream.

I thought he would totally love it if I surprised him with his wife being away. I went to the store and bought some really hot lingerie. He normally goes to bed around midnight so I thought I would sneak into his house after that. He always leaves his sliding glass patio door open. I walked over to his house only wearing my matching bra, panties, thigh highs and stiletto heels. I looked smoking hot and I could feel my panties getting wet of the anticipation of fucking him.

I went into his house and walked up his stairs to his bedroom. My plan was to surprise him by crawling into bed with him and start sucking his cock.

When I got into his bedroom, I saw him sleeping. I pulled back the covers and jumped into bed. I ran my hand up and down his leg and started to stroke his cock. He woke up in complete shock and totally happy I was there in his bed with him. He instantly got turned on by what I was wearing and he immediately pulled my legs apart and buried his face between my thighs. After he made me cum, he wanted me to straddle his cock and ride him. My pussy was dripping as I slid down on his shaft. As I was pumping away on his married cock, in walks his wife! Her trip got canceled and she wanted to surprise her husband by being home early. She was in complete shock and I thought she would be furious but she wasn’t at all. She said she had a girl crush on me for months now and always wanted to share me with her husband. I was really turned on that I got to be with both of them. The three of us fucked all night long and then again in the morning. I think I will be spending a lot more time with the neighbors from now on.