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Halloween Treat

We were getting ready for our big Halloween party. I know how much you love this holiday. I want to make sure you’ll never forget this party. I was getting ready in my bedroom pulling up my tight, colorful knee highs when you walked by. Glancing in like you always do, Mommy’s pussy was exposed in the flesh, you couldn’t possibly just keep on walking. You knew I wanted to take care of you before the party started. My hands wrapped around your cock, squeezing it nice and tightly before my sweet mommy lips started to devour you. Oh sweetie, pump it in my mouth deep. This is the time to shine, show me what a big boy you’ve become. I know you remember everything I taught you. Mommy will be sure to get one last treat before the end of the night.

Black and blue and fucked

I see you are at my club again waiting for a dance. I really do love maxing out all your credit cards and leaving you crying because you still didn’t get to climax. Shouldn’t you be home helping your wife give out candy to the little trick or treaters? I see, you expect a treat from me it being Halloween and all.

You know where the VIP room is so leave your wallet with the bouncer and meet me there. Let me frisk you to be sure you have held nothing back as tonight I am going to break you more than just financially. I do notice  that pesky cock is hard again. Strip and do it now if you want that treat.

Down on your knees and lick my beautiful cunt till I tell you to stop. How does my flogger feel on your balls? It hurts so good, yes?  I am done with your mouth so stay on your knees and spread your legs. You are a pathetic loser, aren’t you. I intend to kick your balls with my boot heels over and over again till those worthless hanging pieces of flesh fall off.  Everytime I kick I notify the desk to run your card again. By the time I am done busting your balls you will have no money, or balls.  Happy Halloween you fucking loser.

Ball Busting Brianna

And Who Will Be Her Lover

Rhiannon rings like a bird through the night

And wouldn’t you love to love her

She rules her life like a bird in flight

And who will be here lover

Happy Halloween! I just love Halloween a day you can dress and be anyone you want. A day and night to give yourself up to a total hot fantasy. I know you are bewitched by my smoking body and pale blonde hair but look into my sparkly blue eyes and you can see so much more.  Who would you love to be tonight and where would you love to travel. Perhaps a castle in the Moors, with me kissing every inch of you on a big 4 poster bed?  I have put a spell on you and you will do anything my playful and naughty little heart desires. Stop just looking and tonight let my sultry voice take you places you never dared to go.



Taken by, taken by the sky

Dreams unwind

Love’s a state of mind

Have a Lust Filled Samhain

He is on a business trip and decides to go for a walk down fun filled sixth street and people watch. It is already late and most of the pubs will be closing soon but he was too restless to sleep. He walks listening to the different genres of music coming from each pub and club. On occasion he stops if he hears a song he enjoys. The ladies are sexy in their costumes and he smiles to himself as he walks on. Losing his sense of direction he has walked away from the music and the crowds. He doesn’t see any taxis.

He spots a small dimly lit coffee shop which appears to be open. He walks in planning to ask for directions to his hotel. She is standing behind the counter. She is a goddess dressed in tight black latex cut to her hip bone. She has long dark flowing hair, and full lips so red they almost look purple. She smiles warmly and they exchange a few words. He is completely mesmerized by her dark beauty.

She suggests that coffee might not be the best option at this hour and wonders if he would enjoy a glass of red wine. She walks out from behind the counter to turn off OPEN sign and lock the door. That is when he gets a complete view of her in black stocking and stiletto heels. He just assumes that was her Samhain costume as a bit much for working in a coffee shop. She puts two goblets and a bottle of red wine on a shiny black tray and they head for her office. Her office is lush with velvet furniture, a cherrywood desk, and many interesting and erotic objects of art.

He sits next to her on the couch and her beautiful graceful hand seems oddly cold when she hands him the goblet of wine. She smiles taking a sip and looks into his eyes. She presses her leg against his, so warm compared to her hand.  They quickly finish the wine and she kisses him deeply tasting of red wine and something sweet he can’t make out. Her hand moves to his thigh and begins to massage it firmly. He full warm lips move to his neck and he is under her lust spell. His hand rubs the outside of her panties feeling the hot moisture coming from it. She stands up and peels off the latex gown. He sucks her erect nipples and she tosses her head back and moans. He can see his reflection in the window facing the street but oddly not hers. Soon she is down on her knees feasting on his beautiful hard cock. The sounds she makes are sexy, obscene and like nothing he has ever experienced. She sucks him and then stops edging him slowly with her mouth and hands. She stands back up and rips off his shirt, buttons flying everywhere. She laughs and begins biting his chest and running her claw like fingernails down his back. She straddles him and moans as she rubs his cock against her creamy hot slit. She slides down his cock and rides him. He watches how beautiful and uninhibited she is as she takes what she wants. He wakes up to the taxi driver telling him the cost of his fare.

May all your fantasies cum true this Samhain

Cock Sucking Witch

I’ve been having a blast at all the Halloween parties this week. Last night I was at the best party and I got a call from my step-daddy, he told me to get home immediately. Daddy left his company office party early and wanted to meet back at the house alone. When I got home, the front door was cracked open and it was dark inside. I felt daddy’s hands run up the back of my neck and his tongue naturally attacked my mouth. I trusted him to make sure no one was home and we weren’t going to get caught. Kissing and stumbling to the couch I grabbed at his cock pulling it out of his pants. I dropped to my knees shoving it in my mouth. Daddy’s hands were tangled in my hair pushing my head forward. He loves when I deep throat his cock. I was sucking away when daddy lifted my skirt up and started spanking my bare ass. The spanking made me suck harder. The burning sensation from each spank was so pleasurable. My special treat for Halloween flowed down my throat. I gobbled up every last drop of daddy’s cum.

Happy Halloween!


Night Of Mystery

October 31st is one of my favorite days of the year. I have so many memories of naughty things I’ve done on Halloween.

I remember having sex at a party with a complete stranger who was dressed as Batman. The thing that really turned me on was we left some of our costumes on. I never really saw exactly what he looked like with his Batman mask on. It didn’t really matter to me because he had a really nice size cock and along with a bunch of Jello shots- everything was feeling good.

Last year, I stayed home and passed out candy. Well, I was suppose to give out candy but I ended up taking a call. It was a very hot mutual masturbation call. My door bell was ringing constantly while I was moaning from intense pleasure. I always wondered if the kids could hear me but honestly it didn’t matter because I wasn’t going to stop.

Halloween is a night of mystery, you just never know what is going to happen, who may run into or who will get you to cum the hardest.

Have a wonderful but naughty night!

Your Halloween Fuck, Joanne

Trick or Treat

I know exactly why you perverts love Halloween. That is the day you give out candy to adorable little angels all dressed up in pink like a Fairy Tale Princess. They come by the dozens one cuter than the next, tiny, fragile and young. They smile at you and say “Trick or treat”, but in your twisted mind you think they say something else.

Your wife thinks you are just so wonderful suggesting every year she go to dinner with friends and you will take care of the passing out of candy. Damn, is she a clueless bitch, or what? When she gets home she is always so happy she gives you your yearly blowjob. I wonder who you imagine is really sucking your cock? There were just so many last year you had to wear loose sweat pants to hide your hardon.

I have a plan asshat loser. Call me to do some hot role-play of your twisted desires and avoid that boner while giving out candy.

Happy Halloween

My friends and I plan months in advance about what slutty costume we will be wearing. This year I decided to be a slutty nurse taking care of any possible problems a man might have. Since most of my friends are also phone whores we always wait till after hours before we hit the clubs. Even though there are very few tables we ALWAYS get table service. We not only take good care of the bartenders and doormen but also attract a crowd on the way in to club. After a few drinks you just might catch me dancing on the table showing that I left my panties somewhere.

I would love to have just as much fun while taking calls before I go to the club. Why not give me a call so I can show you just how kinky, dirty and slutty this teen nurse can be. Take advantage of my Halloween Special? 20 minutes for $35.00. If that isn’t long enough, and it never is with me ask me about my other specials.

Happy Slutaween. xoxo Nurse Delaney

Roommates with Secrets

Roommates can be a real drag but the one I have comes with some really good benefits. This morning I was woken up very early by my roommate pounding on his female friend that came home with him last night. I laid in my bed listening to this mysterious woman moaning away. Every time I heard the headboard slam against the wall, I knew he was tearing up her pussy. I was getting turned on with every moan she let out. I knew exactly how he was fucking her. I leaned up against the wall to see if I could hear him instructing her on what to do, just like he did with me the other night. I opened my legs and my fingers deep into my pussy. I listened to them fucking and moaning for hours while getting off to them. I can honestly say, I kinda like when he brings home random fucks, it makes my pussy want to cream.



I wish you were my daddy!

I am so excited because I was invited to a Halloween party at the college. Older frat boys are so fucking cool. I didn’t want to look like some kind of geek so my costume was just going to be a tiny black dress with some devil horns. I was trying the dress on and my dad began to toss up a fit. He  said I looked like a slut and that all the boys would try and fuck me. I was so mad I yelled, “Well that is the point, daddy”. He was so angry his face turned red and he said I was grounded till Saturday after Halloween.

He had this huge boner that he didn’t think I could see. He stormed off and told my mother what I was wearing. I waited till they went to sleep and in my little black dress I climbed out my window. I could see my awesome neighbor Bob still had his lights on so I knocked at his door. He looked surprised but let me in. He asked where I was going at this late hour looking so cute. I explained the fucked up situation to him as he listened and his eyes roamed up and down my hot, tight little teen body.

He told me to sit down next to him and calm down. “Amanda, the dress is a little short but you look sexy”, he said. We talked a little longer and I had my head on his shoulder with my bare thigh touching his leg. “I wish you were my daddy”, I whispered to him. He asked me why and I confessed how much I liked him and thought about doing dirty things with him. I even confessed I watch him out my window and finger my wet little teen pussy. That was all he could take before he told me to stand up and undress slowly for him. “You can take out your cock and stroke it for me daddy”, I said. After I had my little dress and thong off I got on my knees and began to suck his swollen cock head. He tasted so good I couldn’t get enough.  He pulled me up and had me lay on his couch so he could lick my bare little wet pussy. I was so excited I came all over his face saying” I wish you were my daddy”.