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Costumes and Cocks

Halloween really isn’t my thing. But this year my best friend asked me to go to her Halloween office party with her at some swanky hotel. It actually didn’t turn out that bad. I couldn’t believe the amount of attention I was getting from all the married men. I was hanging out at the bar in my sexy witch outfit. When they guy next to me started talking to me. He asked if he could buy me a drink. I inched over and whispered in his ear “of course” make it a strong one. All I could think about was how good he looked and how horny I was. He was a little surprised when I put my hand on his knee telling him I would like to get to know him a little better. I slid off my stool and walked him outside by the hand. We walked over to my car leaning against it, kissing like two horny high school kids. He started to kiss me back more violently. Pulling me in by my waist running his hands under my top, his cold fingers gliding over my nipples. His other hand sliding into my moist panties pulling them down. All I could do was moan as his fingers pushed inside my wet pussy.


I knew I would find some kind of naughty fun!



~ Happy Halloween ~

Hottest MILF Pussy for Halloween!

My kids are older now and don’t want their Mommy to tag along for Trick or Treating anymore. I say it’s their loss because in the past, I got them tons more candy. I dressed in sexy costumes and all our men in the neighborhood couldn’t resist a hot MILF with a terrific body. They would tell my kids to take the whole bowl of candy just so they could stare at me a bit longer. I fucked half of the neighborhood so some  know me already. A few guys asked me for quickies but I had to turn them down and tell them to come over to my house after 11 and then I would give them a real Halloween treat that wouldn’t forget.

So, this year I am passing out candy and I can’t wait till the older ones arrive at my house. They normally come after 8pm. My hot cougar cunt needs a young dick tonight. I would prefer if he kept his costume on while he’s fucking me, I always liked the unknown.

Remember when you were little you always knew which house had the best candy. Well, my house will be known for the hottest MILF pussy.

Ready To Be Fucked

You take my hands and place them at my side and ask me to close my eyes. As I close my eyes, I hear you doing something. I’m startled as I feel something silky on my face. I grin while you blindfold me with one of my silk scarves. I’m instantly wet with anticipation! I feel your fingers as they unbutton my top and pull it out of my skirt. Your hands slip inside my shirt  and their warmth travels up my sides and to my shoulders, where they caress my arms as my top falls to the floor. Your hands never leave my body, and they travel next to the back of my skirt, unzipping it, stroking my hips and thighs as my skirt falls to the floor. I’m now only wearing black thigh highs, a thong and matching bra, and my heels. I hear your breath suck in and can feel your eyes roaming over every curve of my body. My nipples are hard and  I want to be touched more, but I stand still. Your hand slips into mine , leading me to the bed. The anticipation is just about killing me.

I am speechless and breathless, my head filled with a thousand different thoughts, as  your warm hands run down my arms, to the sides of my breasts, over my hips grabbing my legs and pushing them open as you slowly remove my thigh highs.  My clit is throbbing with anticipation.

Do you think you can handle me? I’m very horny and ready to be fucked hard.


Boston “More Than a Feeling”–“Feelin’ Satisfied”

Well come on you guys in Boston, well actually all you Red Sox fans,
“The time has come to get together” and celebrate winning the World Series.
“You gotta have a little rock ‘n’ roll music,” sex, and baseball to “get you through the stormy weather.”
Nothing feels as good as home town pride when your team wins the big one. Kind of like an orgasm, but the feeling lasts longer. Pride is “more than a feeling”

Boston, “don’t let your troubles get to you because win or lose it’s alright!” Boston loves their Red Sox, win or lose. But WINNING feels…SOOOOO Good! Celebrate! Buy your buddy a beer, fuck your girl all night long, or celebrate with me!  Winning the World Series is “more than a feeling!”

“So come on, put your hands together” and cheer for the Boston Red Sox!
“You know it’s now or never” and more than a feeling of pride. “It’s Feelin’ Satisfied!” (just ask that old rock band, Boston, from the ‘70s)




Once Bitten

Halloween is my favorite Holiday! I grew up watching silly, satirical (not scary) Vampire movies in the 80’s. The movies usually were geared for horny teenagers. There was always a very strong sexual undertone running throughout the movie. A beautiful seductive vampire erotically biting the neck of a  young lover, the loss of virginity, and bound together for eternity after one bite to the neck.

This Cougar is all ready for our big neighborhood Halloween Party. No detail left unattended. You, of course, are expected to attend, my young lover. Once the party is underway, I intend to sneak up to my bedroom for our own private celebration.

You will find me to be the hottest, naughtiest vamp! One nibble to your neck, and you are mine forever. You are captivated and find me alluring. You desire me. Every inch of me. Once bitten and we belong to together FOREVER! (Well, maybe not forever, but at least until we both cum)

Love ya’


Mommy Chaperones Autumn Ball

My Mommy is the best Mommy in the whole wide world. They were going to have to cancel the Autumn School Dance because there were not enough parents to chaperone.

My Mommy told the school that she would chaperone and would get enough of the other Mommies to help out as well.

I was very excited to watch Mommy get ready that night. She took a long bath. I watched her do her make-up and her hair. I was supposed to close my eyes, but I watched her pull up her panties, and then she slipped her new dress over her head. I fastened her dress behind her neck. I could smell her perfume.

Mommy looked really pretty in her dress and heels. She was the prettiest lady at the Dance! Mommy somehow looks very different than the other ladies at the dance. Maybe because my Mommy was the only Mommy without a bra.

All my friends are staring at my Mommy. I caught a bunch of guys calling her a MILF and talking about sucking on her big boobies. I got really mad! I ran to find my Mommy. She was dancing with my math teacher.

When the song was over, I ask my Mommy to dance to prevent any of the other boys from asking her. I don’t want any of them touching her or even looking at her boobies. I just want to dance with Mommy, not any of the icky, mean girls from my class.

It is a chilly night and my Mommy’s nipples are sticking out like headlights into her dress. I press my body really close to her, so the boys can’t see her big nips. This really only makes matters worse.  Now I have a big stiffy in my pants.

Oh No! What am I going to do?  I whisper in my Mommy’s ear that I need her special help.  Mommy gives me a kiss and promises to make it all better! I love my Mommy Morgan!

Happy Halloween, Daddy!

Hi Daddy,

It is Halloween, and I am away at school. I am going to be a super cute little princess for my Halloween party at the sorority house. Will you call me tonight, Daddy, so I can tell you all about the naughty things that happen there tonight?

Remember my little pink princess costume I wore when I was eight?  I never wanted to take it off! I wore it for months after Halloween.  I am still your princess, Daddy!

Know what the best
Halloween treat would
be? To be with you.

I Miss You, Daddy!

When the moon is riding high,
you know it’s party time my with special sexy Daddy!

“Witching you a Happy Halloween!
Daddy’s Princess Miley


Job Interview

You have the perfect job opening for in your office. You need a new secretary. Hundreds apply for the position. I may not has much office experience as some of the other girls; however, you will select me. I have more charm, grace, and the absolute best oral communication skills.  You will love how my lips communicate with your cock every day.

Can you think of a better way to maintain a positive work environment for both of us?

Pick me!  You will not be disappointed in any off my assets.


The Perfect Candy

I  know you have such a vivid imagination every time you look at my pictures.  But imagine this time walking into your office and seeing a sexy caramel toned, hazelnut eyed, perfect breasts after your long business lunch meeting.  You walk into your office and there I am sitting on your leather black chair behind your marble desk wearing just a red silk robe, deep red lipstick, hair all the way down with my legs crossed wearing my black high heels on top of your paperwork on top of your desk.  That sweet tooth of yours kicks in since you didn’t have desert and all you want to do now is take a bite of this candy apple that is just a few steps away from you. As you walk towards your chair, I uncross my legs and swivel the chair around to face you, just as you walk right in between my wide open legs.  I lift my legs onto your shoulders and you come even closer to me and your hard cock is pushed against my pussy.  I know time is of the essence with your hectic schedule, so I unzip your pants and take off your belt and watch your pants slide down your legs. Reaching for your cock to give you the ultimate blow job, you grab my neck and push it back and begin to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears as you caress my breasts and squeeze my nipples.  Only your temptation for a bite of this candy apple begins taking over your body and you lose control.  I slip off my robe and brush everything off of your desk and mount myself on top as you grab your dick and slide it into my tight wet pussy.  It’s not even five minutes into this urge that possesses you at the moment that you start cumming so quickly and begin moaning louder and louder from your orgasm that your partner in the next office who just happens to be your wife walks in.  Caught with your pants down and your cock in my pussy, you know there is nothing to really say except that your cock had the sweetest and most perfect piece of candy for the day.

Bad Babysitter

You caught me, your naughty babysitter, being bad on your living room sofa.

You came home early. I didn’t expect you home so soon. I got bored. There wasn’t anything good to watch on TV, so I thought I would check Facebook on your laptop. I went snooping into your history on your computer.  You watch a lot of porn.  I clicked on a couple of the porns that you have watched. I got super horny.  I took off my top and jeans. I was just starting to vigorously finger myself under my panties when you walked in on me. My fingers are all wet. Would you like to taste them?  Maybe I could have a taste of that big cock that is bulging into your pants.  I see a wet spot on your tan pants. I bet you are sweet and tasty too.