Monthly Archive for May, 2013


Let’s have some sexy fun!  Sit on the sofa with me here in my living room.  You know how much I love kissing you. Let’s make out like crazy.  I am going to tease and tempt you with my girly curves, and rub my cock against your cock.  You can’t stop yourself.  You want me!  You have to have me.  I guide your head right to my cock.  You love it!  You crave the taste of me and the feel of my cock in your mouth.

We end up on the floor of my apartment.  My body is on top of yours in a sexy 69 position.  I am sucking your cock while you suck my hot girly cock.  We suck and suck until we cum in each other’s mouth.  Then we have one more kiss and snowball all that cum in each other’s mouth.

So Tasty!



Sail Away With Me!

I love sailing with you. The boat is so large and comfortable giving us plenty of room to do so many naughty things. The magnificent colors of the dusk sky, while the three of us motor out. Your arms wrapped around my soft, firm body, while Tracy looks at us in jealousy. I snuggle back into you and can feel your cock getting thick and hard. I reach back and start to trail my fingernails along your thigh, up to your cock. The sensual feeling of you makes me so extremely wet. I reach down under my bikini bottoms and slide my fingers deep into my sweet pussy. I feed them to you, so you can taste my honey. I have brought some toys with me today. Toys to please me and force Tracy to use in ways that she may not love. I will demand her to use them while completely connected to you. Let’s go sailing…

Darling Dakota xoxoxo

Rimming Slave!

I need someone that is a real expert at ass licking. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t waste my time. If you are a professional in ass licking be prepared to become my rimming slave. I like my asshole covered in dripped chocolate, then lick slowly, sensually and with the up-most attention to detail. Eat my my ass out and tell me every naughty detail. This is not about direction, or teaching how to be my slave. I need an experienced tongue fucker to please me. Once you have completed the task of giving me an extreme organism I will allow you to jerk yourself off while I watch. My gift to call for some serious ass worshiping.

Daddy Caught Me!

It has been so rainy here, but the sun popped out one afternoon. The sky was blue and warm.  Mommy and Daddy were both at work.  I was supposed to be cleaning the house, but I wanted to take full advantage of the sun. I thought I had enough time to tan AND get the house clean before they got home.  I slipped into my super tiny bikini and went out into the backyard.  I untied my top so I wouldn’t get a tan line across my back.  The sun was warm and I fell asleep. I heard Daddy calling my name so I stood up quickly, forgetting about my lack of my top.  He was home early from work today.  Daddy was very angry at me for flashing my boobies in the backyard.  Any of the neighbors could have seen me.   He yelled at me to get in the house.  Oh I hate it when Daddy is mad at me.  I cover my boobies and run to Daddy.  He makes me turn around and looks at my backside.  He wants to know where I got such a skimpy bikini, but he doesn’t sound angry any more.


Wife Swap

Looking forward to tonight!  We are having another couple from our Swinger’s Group over to our house for the first time.  I bought a very nice bottle of wine.  I thought we start the night off by grilling steaks and having a nice dinner.  Kind of ease slowly and get comfortable with each other before we swap partners for a night of extremely hot sex.  I have an ultra-sexy little black dress to wear.  I am just going to wear a little white thong and no bra under the dress.


I have fucked her husband several times. He has a very long cock and really knows how to use it.  He seems to really like my big perfect shaped tits.  My husband has not fucked his wife but he thinks she is super sexy.  He has watched her get fucked several times, but tonight will be his night.  I told him to go on her and lick that pussy of hers and not to stop until he makes her cum several times before he fucks her.


Want to know hear more details of our night of wife swapping? Give me a call and I will share every sexy detail.





Fuck My Old Granny Holes

My old wrinkly pussy craves young, fresh cock. The thought of it makes my old cunt quiver. I like when a hot young stud is on top of me and I can watch that young buck’s rod go in and out of my granny pussy. They say the older the woman the more she has vaginal dryness but that’s certainty not the case for this horny grandma. It’s like a slip in slide and your cock will get creamed by my lovely granny juice.

Don’t worry my dear, I can fuck for hours. This granny doesn’t need a cat nap, I just need a willing dick to stick it in my old granny holes.

I would never be a boring fuck, this old broad has a few tricks up her sleeve. Let’s just say I’ve been around the block a few times and I could teach you a thing or two about sex.

For a good time with Granny Trudy call me 866-280-6423

Your Neighborhood Tour

Barbequing has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  I love it when you are surrounded by loved ones.  All neighbors, friends and family get together and everybody is drinking and eating great food as they are getting acquainted.  This year at our community annual bbq, my friend brought her cousin and he wound up bringing 10 of his hottest friends.  Each one of them has those to die for abs and those sexy white and tight t-shirts.  I was practically drooling when she had introduced me to all of them.  I couldn’t memorize all of their names, but that’s okay.  All I was thinking about was how can I get them to fuck me in front of all of these people.  I wanted to put a on a big show for everyone and show just how friendly we can all be.  Afterall, I am apart of the neighborhood’s special welcoming committee.  I provide private and group tours for everyone and hands on body tours as well.  If you just moved here, why don’t you give me a call and I will guide you personally, you are free to bring a guest or two if you wish 😉

Your Boyfriend

You know the easiest way to getting to know your friend’s better half is by sucking on their cock!  She wanted us to be closer friends and get to know each other.  She should have known the only way I know how to make friend’s is by sucking dick.  It always seems to be more fun listening to how a guy wants you to lick his balls and deep throat that thick juicy cock of his as it pumps in my mouth.  He begs for it as he quivers and sweats, afraid he might just blow his load, he can barely hold it in the more I suck that cock!  How else do you expect me to know how a guy likes getting his blow job.  He screams for more! He grabs my hair and pulls it so tight as I kept sucking that tip of his dick.  It was swelling up in my mouth and the harder I had sucked on it, the more it began to throb harder and I noticed how he kept slamming my face closer and making me gag on that cock.  My friend didn’t get mad, she just joined in and helped jerk his cock into my mouth just as he was cumming!  There is nothing hotter than getting to know my best friend’s boyfriend with her helping hand! 

Wanted: Male Model

I have taken up photography as a new hobby. My instructor says I need to take pictures of things that interest me.  I tried nature photography and found the subject matter dull.  I remember an art class in college where we drew live models, all girls.

Well there is only one that thing that really interests me, hot guys!  I place an ad in the local college paper for a male model.  Since it is between semesters, I wasn’t expecting much of a response, but I had hundreds of guys email me pics of their cocks, all wanting to be my model.   My panties got soaked at looking at all of them.  Out of all these naked man, I pick you!  I invite you over to my house and we get to know each other very, very well.

The job pays great.  Mornings when my husband is at work.  A lot of money for not a lot of work.  You want the job.  I use the old Hollywood Casting Couch System in order for you to get the job.  In other words, I dangle the job offer in front of you, with one condition.  I force you to have sex with me before I officially offer the job to you.

You don’t disappoint!  You give me one HOT FUCK and you become my hot male model for the summer!  It is going to one hot, steamy summer here at my house.

In the mood to roleplay with a hot sexy cougar?

Mrs. Robinson

So Call Me!

We have been chatting on yahoo messenger several times now.  You tell me that you are nervous and that you are shy.  I believe you have also mentioned on several occasions that you think I am hot and you flirt like crazy online.  You have hundreds of excuses not to call.  The last time we chatted online, you promised to call, but then you chickened out and disappeared from messenger.   You know you want to listen to my voice while I watch you stroke your cock on yahoo messenger.

I promise that we will have a fantastic time, so for a little inspiration and motivation…so here’s my number… so call me, Baby!

Like the song goes, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me, Maybe?”  Well, there is no “maybe” here this time.  You know that you want to call me, so don’t be shy, Baby!

One last time, so here’s my number, so call me, already!

Call Sky: 866-325-1858