Monthly Archive for March, 2013

Pantyboy Fun!

I know that you feel so good when you are dressed in slutty bra and panties. You are a true pantyboy.  You get so excited and so giggly when you are dressed up all girly. You love how you look and how you feel.  Not just panties, but stockings, heels, bras, nighties, and so much more.  You love lingerie.  Let’s do a call but I want you naked.    I want you bare like a blank canvas.  Let me dress you, with all the details and frills that will make you feel amazing.  You will look and feel incredible slutty. Want you all dressed up for a fun sex orgy where you are the hottest looking slut in the room.  You are the center of the attention.  All eyes are on you.  Everyone wants you.  You look so slutty.  The way you walk and wiggle your butt in your panties and heels make you completely irresistible.

Love my pantyboys!


Same Time Tomorrow?

Love sitting by the pool and getting hot. I like showing off my body and getting the attention of older men. I lather myself up with lotion. I wanted to make sure I got your full attention now. I walk right passed you making full eye contact. I slide myself into the water. I wave my finger for you to come in. You swim over to me. I ask, “have you ever fucked underwater?” I reach down and feel that bulge in your bathing suit. I grab your hand and pull it to my bald sweet pussy. You discover I have already slid off my bikini bottoms. You start to finger fuck me right then and there. There are people swimming around us. I love the feeling of getting caught by someone. I cant take it anymore…I want that big cock in my little mouth. I dive underwater and go right for your dick. Let’s see how long I can hold my breathe. People are swimming by and you are trying to act like nothing is happening. No one can see that I am underwater taking your cock deep and fast into my mouth. When I come up for air I whisper to you to come under with me this time. I want you to fuck my tight wet pussy underwater. I will open my slit for you to take. I am super tight so start working that cock in. Just keep working that big dick of yours into my tight little hole. Feel my pussy swell around your cock. We both want to come up for air, but don’t want to stop this hot fuck. You can feel my pussy start to pulse over your cock. Your cock is throbbing and wanting to explode into my luscious pussy. Fill my pussy up with your creamy cum, while I cum all over your cock. We come up for air and I noticed a handful of people are looking at us. We start to laugh and I say, “same time tomorrow?” * wink *

Bad Girl = Bad Student

I always take the seat in the front of class. My professor is not only smokin hot but a high class gentleman. I seem to have a problem taking my eyes off of him during class. I’m always the last one to leave class. It’s just in my nature to flirt with him. He pulled me aside the other day and wanted to speak to me privately in regards to my seductive flirting. I guess I’ve been doing it in front of all the other students and it doesn’t look good. I gave him a evil smile while I backed my body up against the chalk board, lifting my skirt up in front of him. Pulling my panties aside pushing my fingers up my wet pussy. I watched his bulge grow as he sat in his chair watching me. Pulling my fingers out nice and slow, our eyes locked. My fingers were glistening with my abundant juices. He gave me an animalistic growl, reaching forward grabbing my thighs pulling me on top of him.
I’m such a slutty little student. I’m sure you can teach me a few things.


Daddy/Daughter Day!

I have been home from college all week on Spring Break, but home is so boring.  Daddy has been in California all week.  He won’t be back until Friday night.  Daddy sent me a text today.  He asked me if I would like to go lunch and movie on Saturday afternoon, just the two of us.  I am super excited!  I spent all afternoon picking out a little pink skirt and little white sweater to wear over my pink cami.  I think I will wear my little white cotton panties with the little pink hearts on them that I got for Valentine’s Day.  I want to look super cute for Daddy.  I have missed him so much.  I can’t wait to hug and kiss him a million, billion times.  Well, maybe not quite that many, but lots and lots.  I can’t wait to have Daddy take me to lunch and movie.

After lunch, we will head over to the movie. I am hoping there is a lot of time before the movie starts.  I know of a quiet alcove were some of my friends make out with their boyfriends.  I could show Daddy this spot.  Daddy could sit there on a bench and I can tease Daddy by the lifting my pink skirt and showing him my super cute panties.  I bet if I crawled up into Daddy’s lap, he would be really happy, and I could mr. happy in Daddy’s pants.  I bet if I make Daddy REALLY happy,  I could talk Daddy into taking me to the mall after the movie.  Daddy can watch me try on a few new little summer dresses. I bet that he would want to buy the cutest one for me!

He Loves Granny’s Old Cunt…

I love making my sexy young nephew want me and its so hot to see him act like a nervous school boy when he is around me and my hot nasty older friends! He looks as though he could eat us up bite by bite.. But he is so fucking shy and that in its self turns a older woman like myself on causing my granny pussy to tingle.. And just to fuck with his young mind we tease him until he can not take it anymore his cock is rock hard and about to explode but we continue to play mind games with him over and over until he begs us to please just let him lick and kiss our older mature cunts. But you know how we grannies like to do we are all about teaching this young man an important lesson the lesson of patience and being our private little plaything! I know how much he loves being our bitch boy and we always make him wear our panties just for fun.. come play with us we aim to please all young and innocent play toys…


Peep Show

You are staying with your brother and his new hot wife for the long Easter Holiday weekend.  She has this really open and sexual quality about her. You are staying in their guest room which is just down the hall from their bedroom.  You wake up around dawn one morning and you hear them having sex.  Your cock gets so hard that you can’t get back to sleep.  They fuck for what seems like hours. You decide to get up and go for an early morning run.

You can’t get the sounds of them having sex out of your head.  Running makes it worse. The sound of your pounding feet on the pavement just makes you think of every thrust of your cock into her pussy.  You stop running and walk back to the house, all hot and sweaty. You need a shower and to jack off.  You find your brother in the kitchen making coffee and then he says that he is going to make a really big breakfast for the three of you.

You head upstairs and walk past their bedroom.  The door is cracked open just enough for you to see his hot sexy wife touching herself.   She sees you and doesn’t stop fingering her pussy.   Actually, she seems to be getting into it even more with your watching.  Wow, your brother’s wife is one hot little exhibitionist!  You feel this is an open invitation.   You feel so naughty with your brother downstairs, but you can’t help yourself.  Your cock is so rock hard that you pull it out standing in the doorway.   You stroke your cock for her while she fingers her pussy for you.  You end up cumming all over yourself.   You head off to the shower and you just want to be where her fingers were.

“Leather and Lace”

I started to tingle between my legs as I was driving home from the beach on Sunday.  I was listening to the old song, “Leather and Lace.”  It is an awesome old song and my thoughts drifted off to an old lover. He had an insatiable sexual appetite.  He was much older, had a weathered sun-kissed California face.  Good guy. Smart man.   He rides a Harley, guitar player, passionate about his views, health nut and the most amazing lover! I remember how hot he looked his leather jacket when he would arrive at my apartment.  California nights can be very chilly.  He would arrive with red cheeks and I would answer the door in a very sexy lacy lingerie set. He would embrace me as soon as the door opened and kiss me.  I would feel his leather jacket pressed up against my soft lace and my warm body.  I loved watching him taking off that jacket because I knew everything else would come off as well.  I would hang up his leather jacket for him and walk behind me whisper in my ear and comment about my lingerie.  He liked lacy, see through lingerie the best.  He would run his hands over the soft fabric.  Sometimes he would undress me right there at the coat closet, sometimes he wouldn’t peel me out of my lace until he was ready to fuck me. He would talk dirty to me while he fucked me.

I have not seen him in several months now. Now it is your turn to create some new sexy memories with me.

Love you,


Enjoy My Ass!

I will make you worship my ass.  Lick it!  Kiss it! Rim it!

Fuck me from behind.  Push your finger into my ass while you fuck my sweet my little pussy from behind.  Rub my ass.  Talk  dirty to me.

Oh, I hear you moan and groan with each and every deep hard thrust into me.  Give me every fucking inch of that nice long shaft of yours.  Want to hear that nasty wet sound of my pussy being fucked.  Make me scream; make me cum.  No, don’t stop!!!  Come on fuck me harder, but don’t you dare cum inside of me yet!  We are just getting started here.

Pull that finger out of my ass and put it in my mouth.  Yes, I taste my ass, the naughtiest bittersweet taste. Now pull my hair toward you. I turn my head over my shoulder and we share the most intimate of kisses.

Your cock is hot and wet.  Drop a few drops of lube into my ass and then you slowly work your cock into my tight little puckered hole.  OMG!  It is the most intense sensation. It hurts for only a second, but then you watch my hips start to move forcing your cock deeper into me. You masterfully, grab those sweet cheeks and then you start to fuck me harder and faster into my ass.  It is the most amazing feeling!  Ultimate Intense Sexual Pleasure!

Did you give me a really hot big load of your sweetest cum in my ass?

OHhhhhhhh, had enough?  No! Not yet!  Then let me return the pleasure and pull out my strap on and fuck your ass!

Spring Break Trip

Your Mommy Morgan is so tired of the snow.  Let’s take a trip!  I know you wanted to go on Spring Break with your friends.  You think that you are big and all grown up now. Well, I have just booked a flight for both us.

I found a beautiful spot on the beach.  The hotel has an awesome pool.  I am packing my bikini, short shorts, and little dresses. Our hotel room has one big bed and a balcony that overlooks the beach and the pool.  We will swim and play games all day and all night long, Sweetie!

In the morning, you might just find me on that balcony, looking at the beach while I drink my coffee.  You come up behind me with that big boy morning woodie and rub yourself against my butt.  Baby, can you think of a better way to start the day!

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

March Madness

Has watching all the college hoops during March Madness become tedious?  So many games! Maybe the games have inspired a naughty fantasy!  Maybe you want to try something new here.  How about a very naughty slutty cheerleader or sexy school girl?

Maybe you need to be cheered up because your favorite team got defeated and is out of the tournament.

Maybe you still have the winter blues and are snowed in during this last winter storm.  It is even chilly down here in Florida.  No walking on the beach in my hot little bikini today…brrrrr!

Maybe you have been working way too hard and you have not had much of chance to have any sexy fun.

With all this madness going on right now and March winding down, wouldn’t today be a perfect break for something really hot and steamy!  Time for fun! Time for tiny micro miniskirts, summer dresses, heels, sex on the beach, naughty roleplays, sex outside. Let your mind wander and give me a call.  Take a break from all the madness and chaos to enjoy some fun and hot sexy phone sex.