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Happy Halloween, Baby!

Hi Baby! How was school today? Happy Halloween!

Give Mommy a big kiss!

Let’s stay in tonight and snuggle together.  It is cold out there tonight..brrrr. Frost warnings for the Midwest tonight!

Mommy baked you your favorite chocolate chip cookies, Sweetheart.  Let’s watch scary movies and snuggle with cookies and milk on the floor under a blanket. You can help keep me warm and whenever an extremely scary part comes up in the movie, you can bury your head into my chest.

Maybe it is best that you sleep in my bed with me tonight, so you don’t have any bad dreams from those scary movies.  Mommy wants you to have nice, sweet wet dreams!

Love and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan

Sweet Submissive Treats

I had the hottest call the other night. He told me all about his lust for submissive sluts and asked me to join him in a hardcore fantasy. Holy hell yes my hot submissive cunt loves it nasty and hardcore. We talked awhile about his fantasy then got right into the heat of it. I was his very dirty southern whore and submissively did anything he asked of me. In fact, I begged and cried for it just like a good subbie until I satisfied his fetish cock. I swallowed his warm golden and stuck my tongue deep inside his dirty hole. He had me gagging on his huge cock, fucking my throat, using me like a bitch.

The best part of it all, my wet cunt loved every minute.

Happy Halloween to you, come get some sweet treats!

Dirty Phone Fuck~No Limits

My Naughty, Slutty Panty Boys!

Happy Halloween to all my naughty little panty boys!

I am in a very nasty mood and want to dress you up, super extra slutty and whorish tonight! It is time for some more sissy lessons!  Time to humiliate you!

Turn you out all dressed in sheer black lace lingerie, stockings, heels.  Turn you into that whore that you can only be for me!  Take you to a Party and let you service my friends and let that little bottom of your ass be used and abused. Pass you around like a toy!  Force you to suck big cocks and force you to  worship my pretty lady ass!  I give all the ladies a lipstick and watch them write a naughty word on your body!  I love to degrade you and humiliate you, my whore panty boy! Look at all the pretty ladies laughing at how much of a whore you are!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to go the lingerie store for the first time. You can tell a little lie.  You can tell the sales lady that your little slut outfit is for your Halloween costume.    ha ha!  Only you and I know the truth, don’t we? We know you are a slutty little panty boy!


Special Treats in the Pumpkin Patch!

Well, my Sexy Step Daddy and I have been having lots of fun.  I need to finish my story of the day he took me to the Pumpkin Patch.

Finally, we selected a great big orange pumpkin!  The field so was big that was no one around us.  I bent over to give my new pumpkin to give it a great big hug.  Well my little skirt slipped up and  my Step Daddy got super hard when he saw my yellow panties again.

He stripped them off of me and leaned into me.  Now this was a really big pumpkin that I was leaning over with my little ass up in the air.  Sexy Step Daddy’s pants came down, and he fucked me hard and fast while I was still bent over that pumpkin.  He got me naked and just pounded my tight bald pussy.  He filled me with such a big load of his cum.

This has been the BEST Halloween!  Every time I look at my big carved pumpkin, I think of him inside of me. My panties get so wet that I go and tease him until he is hard and ready to fuck me all over again.


Naughty Private Lou

I totally love dressing up in really sexy costumes for you even when it’s not Halloween! But this is my favorite time of the year and I love to be your young, hot Halloween slut. Just think of the fun you can have with my tiny teen bum and smooth little twat. I’m the jail bait your fetish cock aches for the most and never have any limits in our role plays. So, whatever you do for Halloween don’t miss out on my naughty treats because I am ready to give you all you want.


Lil Lou

Halloween Treats

I have so much fun this time of year. Dressing up nice and slutty not to mention all the parties! You better watch out this year, this sexy slutty cop is going to stop every hot stud I come across. I want to see how many cocks I can round up. I know you’ll love it when I ask you to spread em for me.  While I rub my body up against you, my hands running over the bulge in your pants. I need to make sure your package is the perfect fit for my mouth. I have just the punishment for naughty boys like you. I’ll be getting all the yummy creamy treats this year!


Halloween Sex Party

Saturday night was so freaking crazy. One of the guys from the club invited me to his Halloween Party.  I was dressed as a sexy erotic dancer.

We started drinking and partying, but before I knew it I was making out with this really hot guy.  Don’t ask me his name because I don’t remember. He was dressed as a Fireman, such a hottie!

I remember making out with him in the kitchen and he was going to take me into the host’s bedroom, but we learned that he was in there with two ladies having a naughty three-some.

In the hallway, he pinned me against the wall and while where we were making out he pulled out one of my tits of my dress, and started sucking and biting on my nipple.  I let out this incredible moan.  I was starting to feel a little weak in the knees, but he kept me tightly pinned up against the wall.

His hand went under my dress inside my g-string.  He started fingering me!  I knew that I had one hot and wet pussy. He hit that spot inside of me and he made me cum all over his hand and down my leg.   He smiled and kissed me hard, then fed me his fingers.  I sucked my own juices off his fingers.  He kissed me again.

He whispered in my ear that I was one sexy bitch and needed to be fucked right now!  I suggested that we go back to my place, but that was a good twenty minutes away. He was not going to wait that long.  He pulled me into him and walked me into the front room, in the middle of the party.  He bent me over the host’s sofa and his cock came out. I could feel him rubbing against me.  He was big and hard.  He grabbed me and gave me a good thrust into my pussy.  I knew everyone in the room was watching, but at that moment, I didn’t care.  I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck right then, regardless of the consequences.

He fucked me and fucked me!  He filled me completely, he was so big.  He fucked me and fucked me.  Each thrust harder than the previous one until he pulled out at the last second and came all over my ass.  He gave me one more kiss and then he disappeared out the door.

Wow, I couldn’t bear to look at the stares of my friends for the rest of the night, so I headed back to my apartment. It was early, but I was in the mood to do some nasty phone sexy calls with his dried cum still on my ass.

I didn’t get his name or number, but I am sure I will see him again.  It was too good for there not to be a repeat performance.


Creamy Chloe Dreams

All night I dreamed about meeting a sexy stranger and the two of us making steamy love. I woke up to very creamy,silky panties and now my handsome stranger and his hard manhood is all I can think about.  I could feel his strong touch, his hot breath on my neck, hungry lips feasting on my swollen breasts. The way he passionately sucked my nipples and teased them with his tongue made me cream my panties even more. I wanted his cock as badly as I have ever wanted anything and he knew this. My body ached for his and when he slowly started to tongue my hot, wet pussy I wanted to give my new lover all of my sex juice. Trembling now as he started to probe hard and fast my sweet sex dripped cream into his mouth. He ravished me until he had to be inside and could no longer wait. I felt his  cock throbbing and moaned out for more. Faster, harder, deeper I wanted this mysterious lover to control my pussy and make it his.

He took control as I desired and owned my hot sex until the early morning light. It’s all I ever want and I need so much more now.

Extra Creamy Kisses,

creamychloe: AIM & YAHOO


I like it really nasty.  I like to dominate you and tell you how to stroke your cock for me. I love guided masturbation with you.  Love listening to the little noises you make.  I love how your breathing  changes and the tone of your voice becomes so excited when you are so hard for me. It makes my pussy so wet that I just have to touch it!

I love a “happy ending!” You let out such a sexy moan when you cum!   I can picture cum all over your stomach, chest, maybe you even shot a little on your neck and face.  I make you lick it off your fingers and describe the taste for me.

You seem surprised to tell me that it is quite tasty.

You’re Pathetic Loser

Laughing at you, you pathetic loser is just the start. Your little tiny dick isn’t ever going to please any woman. A dog wont even want to lick your “hot dog” its so worthless. You’re a pathetic excuse for a man. You are never going to know what a nice tight, creamy cunt feels like. You crave me but how could I possibly want to fuck such a pencil dick! The only thing your teenie weenie cock is good for is letting me humiliate you. You cant even jack yourself off because it’s so tiny. If you could get a tight hold of that little cock you wont last even 10 seconds, you’re such a loser. If want this gorgeous bitch to tell you how useless you are, call me!