Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Dominate You and Show You Off!

I am your favorite Dominant Bitch!  I unexpectedly arrive at your office wearing a professional little suit.  You seem nervous to have me here.  You should be!

You are to serve me!  Your wishes do not matter to me.  I am here for my sexual pleasures and desires, and you can see that look in my eyes, that I am in a very naughty mood today.  I open up the blinds in your office and I make you undress in front of the window which looks into a big insurance company across the street.  I slip out of my suit. I am wearing the expensive lingerie that I made you buy for me.

I order you to masturbate with your back and butt pressed against the window.  You become very hard, very quickly. You are such a good little hand fucker for me.  I do not allow you to cum. I can see over your shoulder that a crowd of ladies has gathered in the window in the insurance company from across the street.  I order you to smile and face the window. You are so humiliated but you continue to follow my commands and you stroke yourself in front of the ladies.

With the ladies watching, I bring your desk chair next to the window.  You bend over for me and spread those cheeks once you see me put on my strap-on.  I fuck you!  Hard! Very Hard! The more the ladies react, the harder I fuck that tight little ass of yours.  I fuck the hell of out my little submissive boy toy’s asshole.   When I see the ladies taking off their tops and a couple of the ladies touching each other, I pull out of you.  I tell you to jack off in front of the ladies.  You are so full of cum.  You spray a large amount of cum on the window.  I make you leave it there for the rest of the day for the ladies across the street!  Just be grateful that I let you cum this time.  Remember, last time I left you hard and horny!

I give you kiss on the forehead.  “Have a good weekend slut.”

Mistress Koko

Mutual Masturbation

When you call me and tell me how hard your dick is my panties start to dampen almost instantly. I think of you stroking slow, long strokes and I have to touch myself. Sometimes I even like to leave my sexy panties on so I can rub my clitty with them. The soft satin and lace rubbing in between my swollen pussy lips, making me all horny. You start to tell me dirty stories and beg me to fuck myself because you love to hear my wet pussy. You listen to my sexy moans and your cock starts to throb so you stroke even faster for me. I tell you to shoot your big load for me that I want it all over my pretty face and you give me a thick, hot facial. Yummy makes my mouth water I love squirting with you.

Horny Hanna

Honeylicious Hottie

You know you want it so come and get it! I’m feeling so fucking awesome it’s the weekend and I’m ready to have some naughty fun! Let’s see, I have my favorite vibe,gel cock,anal beads and some really naughty nipple clamps. Oh and I can’t forget my strappy a girl never knows when she might need a big tool. *wink* So,anyways,why not come by my place for some hot,kinky sex? Anything always goes with this wicked hot slut!

sexy kisses & licks,

Everyone wants a piece of this

Everyone wants to fuck a hot wife. You know the ones that fuck like animals. Yeah, that’s me. I like to get wild and crazy in the bedroom. But do you think you have what it takes to keep up with my sexual needs? My husband thought he did. Needless to say he turned out to be a big disappointment in the bedroom in many ways. I took it upon myself to have an open relationship when I realized  I needed a bigger cock to fuck me harder. It’s such a shame that my husband wasn’t blessed in that area. I need a lot more than he can give me but I do keep him around to spoil me out side of the bedroom. Don’t you ever wonder where your wife goes every night? Those are the nights that my husband knows that I am out getting my pussy pounded on. He understands that the only way he can be close to be in the bedroom is when I come home from a night of fucking, he crawls under the sheets to get a taste of my cum filled pussy. He’s learned to love that warm, thick creamy load that has been marinating in my pussy just for him.


Don’t think of me as older but think of me as more experienced, wiser, and a sexy cougar.  Don’t tell me that I look good for my age. Whisper in my ear that you find me hottie at any age! Wow, now that will for sure get you into my panties.

I love sex!  I have a taste for the erotic and risque. I am hoping that you will keep me company this long holiday weekend.  I love men who enjoy really good sex as much as I do.

My husband has lost his zest for sex.  His passions these days are making money and golf.  My passion is for a beautiful guy with a throbbing hot ache that is aching for my pussy!

Mrs. Robinson

I Love My Swim Coach!

It has been a super-hot summer. Well it is time to go back to school, so I guess summer is kind of over, no matter what the temperature is outside. I am not ready to put my swimsuit away just yet.

I have been thinking of a very naughty role-play for you and me. You are my swim coach and I am just starting to blossom into a cutie pie.

I bet your cock got hard when I got out of the pool and I pulled my body-clinging swimsuit out of the crack of my ass.  Oh my!

I bet you want to spy on us girls in the locker room. Sometimes things get a little crazy when we girls start exploring each others curves.   I bet that makes your cock really hard.

Maybe you have to call me into your office for some private coaching sessions or maybe you want to take me into the training room for a massage so my times improve.

I bet there is a lot that you can teach me, but maybe there is a naughty thing or two that I can teach you!

Love you,

Mischievous Miley

My Neighbor Fucked Me Good

My next door neighbor came by to ask me if he could borrow some coffee. He made some weak ass excuse saying his wife always seems to forget things that he enjoys when she goes shopping. So I invited him in, proceeded to my kitchen, reached for the coffee and before I could turn around he grabbed me around my waist and forced his mouth to my lips and began kissing me deeply. He kissed me so hard and forceful that it hurt. Believe me, the shock of his actions left me numb and somehow a little turned on by it all. He began to tell me how his thoughts about me and wanting to fuck me became more than he could suppress. He also mentioned he’s been watching my every move. Sometimes he would even peep through my window hoping to catch me naked or coming out of the shower and the thought of that really got my juices flowing. I said to him what about your wife? His response was to get down on his knees in front of me and pull my panties down as he placed hungry kisses all over my now wet pussy lips. It felt amazing and somehow we did not have to say anything else, we simply went crazy fucking each other wildly for hours. When we were both completely satisfied, he promised me he would be back. He grabbed his coffee and went home. Now I am left wondering when the next visit will be.

Pro Bono Work

It’s hard being so far away from her. It doesn’t get any easier. Being separated by 3,000 miles is never an easy task, but especially so when you are so madly in love and lust as my wife and I are. Jo’s in New York at the moment, and I’m stuck in Los Angeles. Sometimes my services are required on the Left Coast as well, and I get paid very well for it. Very, very well if you catch my drift. It’s funny, that we are so open with our sexuality, so free with it always. But we are still able to keep it to ourselves when we are apart from each other (outside of “Professional Engagements” of course).

When I heard her voice over the line this morning, I couldn’t help myself but to picture her. Her creamy, perfect skin, delicately hung on her perfect body, covering her perfect, perky breasts, her perfectly amazing ass, and every other little crevasse and perfect corner of her body. Her beautiful face the crowning glory of this picture of perfection. I can see her eyes sparkling, her full lips, moist with saliva, her tongue darting hungrily between them, her biting her bottom lip gently, looking so hungry, so hungry for my throbbing cock. I tell her that I can see her, that in my mind, she’s right in front of me.

It wasn’t long before I told her how badly I wished I could make love with her. I told her how I would kiss her if she were here with me, my hand behind her waist, other hand at the nape of her neck, pulling her tightly against me. Letting my tongue slide slowly between her hungry lips, I bite her lip gently, pull her tighter against me, and let my hand slide down between her gorgeous ass cheeks, just letting my fingertips brush softly against the lips of her dripping wet pussy. I knew by this time that her pussy really was dripping wet, and I could hear her moaning softly and panting a bit on the other end.

“Go on”, she tells me, and I’m only all too happy to oblige her as I slip my now rock hard, throbbing cock out of my jeans and continue. Tighter I pull her against me, almost lifting her as I kiss her deeply, biting her lip just a little bit harder. My hand again slides between her legs, and this time I let my finger slightly part her pussy lips, just enough to feel how wet she is. I let some of her juices stay on my finger, so I can taste her… So sweet, so delicious. She really does have the most incredibly delicious pussy I’ve ever tasted. This time as I let my hand slide back down between her ass cheeks, I mean business, so I lift her leg and wrap it around me, as I gently pick her up onto the bed and lay her down softly.

As I climb up and let the tip of my cock brush against her rock hard little clit, she lets out a beautiful little whimper, and I know that she’s touching herself now… “I have my toy now” she says, but I already knew by the noise she had just made. “Stroke your cock” She tells me next, as if I had not been already. We spent the next ten minutes working Pro Bono for each other, and it was amazing. It was like I was there, it was like we were in the bed together. I could see her face, feel her skin, smell her hair and taste her pussy, and it was unbelievable. I’m sure that she could taste my cock, feel my sweat under her fingertips, and feel every touch, every kiss, every caress and every stroke of my huge cock inside her.

We came so hard together, and it was one of the best orgasms either one of us had had in a while. I know this because it made Jo squirt, and I came on the ceiling somehow. These are both slightly unusual occurrences. It’s only the second time either one of us had ever had phone sex that wasn’t for work, and the first was a few days before, but after that I think that we both seem quite happy to continue to enjoy each other when we’re far away. We both know that there is not another person on this planet that can turn either one of us on like the other. It’s funny, but you don’t realize how much you love someone, or how much they really turn you on until they aren’t around. Anyway, I guess in closing we just want to say, never let anyone tell you that there’s no joy in working Pro Bono.

Sweet Seduction

I usually find a way to get exactly what I want, need, crave from men. I guess you could say I have a way of using my very best assets to achieve my goal. I wouldn’t say it’s all just manipulative seduction though, I am more of a sweet, sexy girlfriend type that enjoys making you feel good too. What would it take for me to seduce you into bed? If I showed up at your place wearing nothing but my naughty knee high stockings and a creamy pussy would that be all it takes? I kind of like a good challenge so if it’s gonna take more than eye candy believe me I’m up for it.

Creamy Chloe kisses,

Muah Muah!!

Mommy Is Waiting!

Mommy Morgan is waiting for you, Baby!  Hurry Home!

Mommy wants to play today.  I am wearing my favorite, sexy lingerie set.  Black bra, panties, garter and stockings, with a little robe draped over my shoulders. My skin is soft and warm.  I am wearing that perfume you like.

I want to kiss you and hold you.  Pull your face into my breasts, nurture you and love on you all day!  I want to touch you and kiss you all over.

Hurry Home, my love!  Please don’t keep Mommy waiting too long!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan