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Foot Job for fuck Buddy

I went out a few nights ago and found myself in the most delightfully erotic and unexpected sex scene. An old “fuck buddy” of mine showed up at the end of a very long night of drinking & dancing. I was tipsy and ready for anything when he did, so excellent timing on his part. He talked me into dropping by his hotel for a night cap and how could I resist. I know his cock well, it’s extremely nice, and the amazing oral skills on this dude are fucking off the chart. So, there we are reminiscing, fondling and spooning a bit on the over-sized hotel bed. He slid my strappy heels off and started to caress my sexy feet and toes. I honestly didn’t realize at the time how very obsessive he was with them, worshiping my tiny toes and arches of my feet. He squeezed some warm lube on his hands and then massaged my feet again. I instinctively knew what he wanted and told him to pull out that nice cock of his. The excitement was obvious as tiny drops of pre cum glazed the tip of his swollen head. I used my sexy toes to play with his ridge and then did circle eight’s all the way down his shaft, teasing. “Is this what you want lover?” He moaned and it was all the answer I needed. Squeezing his thick, throbbing shaft tightly between the arches of my freshly lubed feet made even more pre jizz erupt. The more he started to pump his cock in between them the more wet my hot cunt started to get. I absolutely loved his excitement with it all and continued to work his cock with my naughty feet and toes. “Go ahead cum on my toes baby I know you want to shower them with your thick, hot load.” He finally let go and I watched his creamy, hot jizz flow from the tip of his cock all over my feet. What a great start to an erotic night of fucking with an old friend.

Yahoo & AIM: calldaisymarie

Taking All You Want

I love to flirt and consider myself a natural born cock tease on and off the phone. But, sometimes my teasing get’s me into trouble and this wasn’t the first time. I’m a beach bunny and spend every second I can on the beach soaking up the rays, rollerblading in my hot little bikini, swimming, hanging with friends. You have been watching me for awhile being totally taunted by awesome curves. Such a young hot peach ripe and ready to be devoured. You find yourself growing hard in front of your wife thinking about me. Your obvious feelings of lust are becoming harder and harder to hide. (pun intended). It seems that every time you are trying to do the “family thing” sinful little Sidney shows up looking hot and sexy like always.

It was late in the evening and the sun started to go down. Your wife and kids were heading to the car and you were gathering a few last things. You saw me take my bikini top off and grin at you slyly. “That’s fucking it you have teased my cock long enough.” I didn’t even have a second to react before I even blinked you had me on my back on the warm sand. Your lips pressed hard against mine while your hands explored every inch of my hot little body. You didn’t linger anywhere to long the need was urgent so you quickly took all that you wanted. What surprised me the most was how much my honey holes loved the way you took complete control.

Phone Fuck Me

I seriously love getting my tight, teen pussy off with you horny men. And, especially you older ,married guys!  It’s so much fun being your naughty teen phone fuck, playing out all the extreme age play fantasies you have or talking about your most taboo fetish. I love hearing your rub your dick for me and the way your breath get’s all heavy and gruff. I slide my fingers as deep as I can in my hot teen cunnie and bang it for you, moaning for you to pound me harder. OMG you fuck me so good how could I not love being your naughty teen phone slut?

Kisses come play anything always goes with me!

Addicted to Anal

You take me by the hand and bend me over rubbing some lube on my sweet ass. I can feel your fingers working in and out of my tight hole. Closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation as you finger fuck my ass. Your wet mouth gliding over my tender cunt lips. I can feel your firm hands spreading my cheeks wider. Pushing back on your face slowly so you can taste all my juices. My ass accepts finger after finger stretching me open. My hips raised so you can position your hard cock against my tight hole. Rubbing the head against  my rim just like you did with your tongue, my ass sucking in your cock like no tomorrow. Cum and get yourself a piece of this ass. I’m needing a big fat cock to fill me up bad.


Cum Worship My Breast!

My big swollen breast are aching to be fucked and they’re big enough to slide a big. thick cock in between. If you like to worship big nipples you can also twist them and bite on them if you so please and I know you want too. I love the way your eyes light up when my nipples are pushed into your hungry mouth. I love when you suck and lick until your cock is fully erect and ready to be pushed between my warm breast. All I want is to feel your hot load all over my nipples, needing to feel your hands all over my breast as you squirt. I know how much you want to feel my hot, big breast all over your face, smelling them and worshiping every inch of them, making them your prize only for your pleasure.

Busty Bianca

He Loves To Wear Ladies Panties!

So you like being dressed up all pretty in my panties and having your face made up with bright red lipstick all over your sexy mouth. All the time pretending to be such a strong man in public but you know how twisted your fetish really is. Watching you dressed up just for me makes me keep all your dirty little secrets. But, we both know the only way for you to get that little cock hard is to be a sissy ass panty boy doing everything your mistress asks of you! Even being used by men that are picked out by me making you go to all kinds of dirty night clubs and selling your sissy ass for free. I know how much you secretly desire another mans cock since your pathetic cock is so small, making you the little man whore that you are. You love having your pretty panties pulled to the side and taking that big cock deep inside your man pussy. So, whenever you need to be used and abused give me a call; your secrets are safe with me.. Maybe!!!

Titty Fuck Me and Give Me a Pearl Necklace

Hey Sexy Man!  Wanna get down and dirty with me today?  Do you want to give me a good titty fuck today? Have you ever given a lady a pearl necklace?

I have the perfect tits for that! It is so much fun.  Just stroke your cock for me while I lie back here and massage my breasts with massage oil. Watch me lube up between my big sexy tits.  Keep stroking your cock for me.  I grab your cock and bring it to my mouth.  I lick the head and then the shaft, getting it wet and super hard.

Now, Baby, place your cock between my tits.  Feel my tits surround your hard cock as I push them together with your cock between the girls. You fuck them so sexy!  Feel my tongue licking the head of your cock with each thrust to my mouth.  Keep fucking those tits until you leave me with a huge mess, a beautiful pearl necklace all around my neck!

Feels so sexy!


Confess Your Secret Desire for Cock

I know that you have a dirty little secret.  Your first sexual experience was with another guy.  You don’t share this secret with many people, but sometimes you have an uncontrollable desire for a nice sexy, hard cock in your mouth.  I understand your desire and your secrets.

When was the last time you sucked a cock?  Maybe it was last weekend or maybe it has been many, many years.  I don’t think it matters much.  The desire to be a sexy little submissive cocksucker is still there deep inside of you.

Dress up in your prettiest pair of panties and plan to do a session with me.  Let’s do a role-play where I find a very sexy cock for you. You will drop to your knees and lick the head, suck the shaft and drink his cum for me.

Maybe we can make it a threesome and I join in as well.


ATTN: Horny Housewife needs Dick

I’m all alone in this big ol’ house and in desperate need of some cock! My hot MILF pussy aches for dick 24/7 and I am so damn horny right now for yours. You know you want a hot, married slut to get you off and besides I do all the really dirty things you like good sluts to do. Come on over and let me see how hard I can make you before I bounce all over that awesome cock of yours. If cuck hubby comes home and catches us then it’s his lucky day because I just might let him stroke his nub and watch.  I love to show him how real men fuck my hot pussy.

Naughty Kisses & Licks,

Teen Phone Sex

I am a teen phone sex girl, and I think that your dick is the most wonderful thing in the world. There’s nothing that turns me on more than having older guys look at me and fantasize about fucking my tight little body. I love to tease, and gets so much satisfaction watching your dick grow inside your pants. My hands are delicate and tiny, but I have a talent for stroking that rod. I love to hear you whimper and moan while I caress your cock with my mouth, making your dick throb for me a little bit more. Most of all, I love stuffing my bald little pussy with your hard dick.
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