Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Waiting for my Master

I’m trying to be patient and wait here quietly like he told me to, really I couldn’t move even if I wanted to seeing as how I’m handcuffed to the bed with my legs locked into a spreader bar. I want to moan, my pussy is so wet now that I’m lying here in a puddle. My master said he would be back to play with me later, but I have no idea when that will be so I just wait here, pussy throbbing and wet, nipples rock hard in their clamps, completely vulnerable and unable to move. When I heard a key in the door, I got really excited thinking it was him, but it was my building’s maintenance man. He walked in shouting that he was here to check my fire alarms, but when he walked in my room and saw my on the bed like that he forgot all about the alarms. His cock was rock hard as he approached and I begged him to please go, I didn’t want to get in trouble with my master. He just grinned at me as he climbed on the bed and pulled his cock out, he said if I was so scared of pissing off my master, why was my pussy so wet and I really couldn’t answer him. He fucked me so hard, taking his time with it until I just couldn’t hold back anymore and I squirted all over his cock. I hope my master isn’t too hard on me when he finally gets here!

Horny MILF Pussy

If you ask me it’s the best around and I know my wet hot box is always fucking horny. No matter how many times a day I make my married pussy squirt it’s never enough for me. I crave cock like 24/7!! I can admit to the fact that I am obsessed. Right now I am just laying back on my bed, sexy panties pulled to the side, playing with my hot clitty. Just think if you came over and caught me. Such a married slut always looking to get her pussy off why not be the man to do it? Give me what it is I crave the most, your throbbing man meat deep inside my hot MILF cunt. Fuck me anyway you wanna I promise you this I will make your cock shoot a huge load of creamy cum for me like never before.

MILF Cindy

SO Hot 4 Teacher

I have always had like this major and I mean MAJOR crush on “Mr. E.” He’s so sexy and funny too he always makes me and my girlfriends *giggle* in class. We cross our sexy fingers every new school year hoping that we will all be in his class. We like that he’s older and fantasize about being married to him. I fantasize about a lot more than that and well, as luck would have it I got what I wanted and more!

It was the weekend at my parents summer house on the beach when I saw Mr. E playing volley ball. I hope I didn’t drool to much but I couldn’t help it there he was looking hot and so fuckable. I had to text my girls right away and let them know. I even sent a couple of hot pics of my teacher to them so they would be really super jealous. I watched and plotted while he finished up his game then ran up to him and gave him a really big hug.”Wow, Sunny where did you come from?” His eyes raked ever so slowly over my tiny,sexy body and I just seductively smiled and licked my lips. I was going to have him today and I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

We walked up the beach flirting and chatting awhile before I finally talked him into letting me see his condo. Giving play by play to my girlz the entire time was so much fun. I could just imagine them being so jealous after all, I would be the first of us to have him.

Once we got to his place, It didn’t take long before I had his teacher cock throbbing for my young, yummy pussy. He kept telling me we “Sunny, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Your so much younger than me and I am your teacher I can get into a lot of trouble.” But, my sexy french kisses and soft strokes up and down his hard shaft made me impossible to resist. His fingers going crazy searching my hot pussy and rubbing up and down my clitty drove me crazy! I was so close to giving him all my yummy juice when I felt his warm,wet tongue slowly probing my tight,hot hole. “Oh just fuck me Mr. E I want your teacher cock more than I have ever wanted anything!” I moaned when he finally thrust deep inside, scratching his back with my nails making sure to leave my mark. I couldn’t believe how hard my hot pussy came all over him or how good it felt to feel his creamy load shoot inside me. Mmmmm…so yummy and I can’t wait to fuck teacher again.

Sexy School girl  kisses,


Teasing Girlfriend

I know I am and love every second of making you rock hard for me! You know your hot, naughty girlfriend can be such a cock tease. The skimpy little outfits I wear and even my sexy lingerie that shows off my young, tight body. You can’t resist me even if you tried and we both know how quickly your will power fades when I am close to you.I like giving you sexy french “Sidney kisses” up and down your chest, down your tummy and all around your aching bulge! But, I’m careful to never linger there to long I like to tease you first. Just how hard can your naughty girlfriend make you, well let’s find out I’m definitely up to the challenge.

I am going to love pushing you to the edge and back a few times before I decide if my boyfriend get’s to cum or not. And, that’s when it get’s really hot. You know you love it.

Hot licks,


Is it something you crave? To be completely controlled by a strong, beautiful Mistress who knows exactly how to bring you down to your knees? I would say I’m much more of a “switch” though I don’t really like putting labels on myself or anyone. But, lately I have been exploring the erotic world BDSM and finding that it’s very, very hot. I am more than intrigued and would love to talk to more men about your experience or role in this lifestyle.

Are you a foot slave? Do you love to worship your Mistress from head to toe? Or do you beg for pain and like it hardcore even extreme at times? Maybe a toilet or ashtray slave?  Are you a panty boy that would do anything for a dirty pair of your Mistresses panties? What about strap on play, do you love being an anal slut for your Domina? Perhaps, you are the dominant one in the relationship and if so how do you train your sex slaves?

I would really love to share a kinky fantasy or just a very sexy, fetish based conversation with you soon.


Fucking my boyfriend’s dad

Last weekend I went over to my boyfriend’s house and we had a little party with dad’s well stocked liquor cabinet. Of course, we didn’t really expect to get caught but by the time his dad got home my boyfriend was already passed out and I was more than a little wasted. I was wearing nothing but my sexy high heels and his dad was staring right at me.

He was really super angry at first and threatened to tell my parents. I was totally freaking out and begged him to let me make it up to him. “Well there might be something you can do Lucie.” He pulled out his enormous cock and I seriously gasped. I couldn’t believe how big he was especially compared to my boyfriend. I licked my lips and told him I would do whatever he wanted. I already wanted it in my young, tight pussy so bad. I stumbled over to him like a drunk little slut and wrapped my young, soft fingers around his throbbing rod. Stroking it only made my honey hole more wet and I couldn’t take it anymore. I climbed up on top and shoved his swollen mushroom head in my hot little pussy. It was so tight it hurt but the pain was so worth the pleasure. I begged like a good little teen slut and fucked me until my itty bitty hole dripped honey down his shaft. I moaned and slurred out his name so loud the neighbor’s could probably hear but I didn’t care. I wanted his cock all night and when I felt him explode so deep inside me I knew his son’s dick was never gonna be enough again.

Naughty Kisses,


loulou4phonesex: AIM & Yahoo

Flexible Baby Britt

Did I ever tell you how flexible I am? My body is very petite and super bendy. Could you imagine what my barely legal slim body could do during sex?
When I was younger, I use to do splits and bends in my bedroom. Little did I know, it would be useful when I started having sex with older men. Guys love to bend me into all different positions while they’re fucking my tight, little pussy and ass.
I had sex with a married guy and he took full advantage of my flexible body. He couldn’t believe that my legs could go behind my head and he had complete access to both my tiny holes. He told me his wife couldn’t nearly bend in the positions I was in and after fucking me once, he’s totally addicted. He couldn’t believe how tight my bald, little cunnie was and now his cock can’t get enough!
I could totally spice up your sex life with my incredibly, flexible body. What position do you want me in first?

Magic Hands

At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from my new hair stylist. I’m always a little bit leery when I try someone new. A girlfriend of mine highly recommended this guy and assured me that I was in very capable hands. She made this sort of sexy sigh as she referred to his “magic hands.” Her naughty little smile and look in her eyes was more than enough to both intrigue and excite me. Besides, her hair always looks amazing and it seems that every single time she has been at his salon she seriously glows! I wanted a some of what she was getting and I wanted it bad. Some pampering, the royal treatment from a man who obviously appreciated women and positively lived to please them as well.

When I arrived he led me to the back and showed me to a private dressing room where I slipped into a little sheer black robe. Already I was feeling relaxed and somewhat thrilled at the same time. I couldn’t help but notice his constant gaze on my long,golden strands. “You have such beautiful long wavy hair Chloe, come over here and let me shampoo you. Sinking way down in my chair I arched my back, tilted my head back and let the warm water trickle gently down. Then he touched me and I felt the very magic my girlfriend was talking about. It was like the most sensually erotic thing I have ever experienced, it made me tingle all over. And, just when I thought I would melt I felt his magic hands find their way to my tight, wet love canal. The experience was more than orgasmic and far to incredible for words.

Moaning for more,

Creamy Chloe

Fuck Me

My entire body tingles when I feel you walk up behind me and your heated breath brushes across my neck.  Just as soon as your lips hit that sensitive spot right under my ear I can feel my pussy instantly getting juicy.

Your lips finding their way between my legs simply makes my day.  NOTHING feels better than a thorough pussy licking.  I want it, I need it, I desire more of it.  Your tongue probing my most intimate places.  I feel as if my entire being is revealed to you while I lay there with my legs wide open and vulnerable to your constant attention.

Lick me,  fuck me and use my body to fulfill all of your deepest fantasies.


Ladies, Watch Out! I Want Your Man!

I love to dress sexy, and guys notice me!  Wearing thigh high stockings and heels and letting the skirt lift up just enough to expose maybe an inch of my bare naked luscious legs is enough to make your man hard. Guys can’t help but notice my ass and my legs.

I am a sexy girl. I do things to draw attention to my mouth.  I wear super shiny lip gloss.  Guys find my mouth completely kissable, but they really want to see my lips wrapped around their cock.  When I am out, I always get a drink with a straw.  Guys get hard when they see my lips sucking on that straw. They immediately start to fantasize about my mouth around their cocks.

Guys can just tell by the way that I use my tongue that I am a wild girl in bed and i will do anything kinky. When guys feel my hand rub their arm, they think about my fingers on their hard shaft. I make guys cum so incredibly hard.  I love hot, wild, sexy sex and no man is off limits to me.

Guys can see that I am a girl with no inhibitions.  I will make out with another girl, so your guy is looking at me instead of you.  Yeah, I can be quite the cock tease, but I never leave a cock hard for very long. Guys have a sense about girls.  Guys know that I will lick their ass and let them fuck mine.

Ladies, watch out!  I can steal your man away from you right under your nose.