Monthly Archive for November, 2011

Force Me Again

I love it when “G” calls me. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING hotter than when a guy calls me who loves my ultimate fantasy as much as I do. “G” loves to rape me, well after awhile it doesn’t really end up a rape at all. How can you rape the willing? How can you force someone who is enjoying it more than the person who is doing the forcing? My pussy gets so wet and I love that. I so look forward to every rape fantasy call that I get. Although don’t get me wrong, I am very versatile and I go for pretty much any kind of role play, the more taboo the better! So rape fantasy phone sex is my number one favorite call but my second favorite is incest fantasy calls. The more taboo the calls, the better. How about we combine my 2 favs, a forced incest call. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Give me a call now and let’s play.

Age Play Autumn

Busted By Daddy

I love this time of year because it means more time at home. As much as I love being away at school, there is nothing better than the comforts of home. I love to masturbate at all times of the day. I’m the kind of girl who gets horny all the time and I hate being somewhere where I can’t just slide my hand down my panties and rub my pussy. When I home I can do that so easily. The other day I was sitting on the couch at home watching tv. I was home alone and figured I would be for a while so I put in a porn and started to have some “Me” time fun. I didn’t even hear my dad’s car pull or him come inside the house. I have to admit I am not even sure how long he stood in the doorway of the living room watching me fuck myself. I didn’t notice him until I had a really hard orgasm that made my legs shake. I turned and there was Dad, watching me. I noticed he was turned on as well, I am hoping it was me that turned him on and not the porn that was on tv. This wasn’t the first time my Daddy has caught me with wet fingers and I am sure it won’t be the last.




Get On Your Knees Now!

I want you on your knees while you look up at me and remember my pussy is to be praised by you and it is the only one you will ever worship. Don’t ever forget what my pussy has done for you. You are always there at a snap of a finger when I need to get this pussy off. Your skills are always improving. You learn each day what it means to worship me. You take such pride when you slide your tongue up and down the folds of my pussy lips. Watching you suckle my juices out of my sweet honey hole. It’s your job to make sure I cum multiple times. I expect nothing less from you. So get down on your knees and show me what you’re capable of.

Konfess 2 Kendall

Have you been a bad boy? You know Princess Kendall loves it when you are bad. I love having the chance to punish you the way that you deserve. We both know you love to be punished, probably more than I love to do it. You love it when I yell at you and demean you. You know that it’s only right that I put you in your place. Tell me, what have you done that has you so scared to call me? You usually don’t stay away this long. Have you done something you’re ashamed of? You know you won’t feel better until you’ve confessed it all to me. I love to listen and I listen very well while I figure out what your punishment will be. I will be waiting to hear from you.

~Kinky Kendall~

Family Fun Whore for my Perverted Step-Brother!

Being your dirty incest step sister slut was the highlight of my week.  My big step brother showing me how much of a horny dirty pervert he really was made my pussy super juicy.  Even more so I loved him guiding me to being even nastier than my wildest fantasies have ever been.  Knowing his cock was so super hard for me had my slit dripping wet.  The best part though was the suggestion that we include our even younger sister in our nasty little fun.  We corrupted her sweet innocence together and watching him shove his cock in her sweet little cunny drove me over the edge.

Make Me Your Whore

My pussy is totally at your disposable tonight. I will do things to your cock that you could only imagine. It’s about time you invited a real cock whore into your bedroom and kick out your boring wife. I’m very submissive and will do anything you ask me. I know you’re not use to hearing that, but with me; you will hear many things your ears don’t often hear. I’m a filthy talker and I’m addicted to cum. I will talk so nasty to you till I get what I came for and that is your hot, sticky load right down my throat. Make me your whore tonight and I promise you wont ever regret it!

Southern Comfort

I’m a hot southern gal who is sweet and sexy and has a naughty side. Being a bad little girl makes my pussy drip with my luscious juices. I love putting this sweet mouth to work. You stand in front of me, my mouth closing over the head of your cock while you let out a moan. Moving my mouth up and down your shaft taking my sweet time giving you pleasure. Applying pressure with my lips, my tongue making love to your cock. Kissing the tip with pure seduction my hands sliding between your legs cupping your balls, massaging them gently with my fingers. Your thrusts becomes harder with each moan. These lips where made to worship your cock, tasting your hot creamy load. I’m one of the sweetest naughtiest girls you will ever cum with.

Sexy Licks,

You COMPLETE Me Lover!

Thinking of my sexy french lover and the way we make each other explode with passion. I love how he calls out my name over and over until his cock is totally drained. I can only imagine how his cock would really feel deep inside my creamy wet slit and how my pussy will tightly squeeze his hard cock. I want to feel your arms around me in the mornings after we have been making sweet passionate love all night. I know how much you want that as well. Whisper in my ear how much you want and need your American girl! Do you think of me even when you are with another? I only want to share my warm naked body with you, feeling your hard tight masculine body next to mine. Just the thought of you drives me insane! My lover, it just gets better all the time. You complete me!

Seducing your wallet

I know most of you think about becoming a money slave and the thought of it totally turns you on. You’re probably afraid to be controlled by a woman like me. Well, you should be scared. It’s erotic, dangerous and I can push you to your sexual limits. It thrills me to take your money and spend it. Ruining and destroying you like the loser you are. You are nothing but a doormat to me and I will take everything from you. You just need a little nudge or a drop kick to get your sorry ass in gear so open up your wallet and call me.



The Best Anal Exam Ever!

Thanksgiving is over and my need to stuff something is still lingering in my dirty thoughts. So how about a really deep prostate exam? I know you have been wanting to feel my long gloved fingers pushed all the way into your tight, little ass! Also, now would be the perfect time to introduce you to my new little toy! One that is sure to fill you up and reach that swollen prostate gland; giving intense pleasure to that area! There are so many ways I will extract semen from your hard cock, making you squirt loads of cum all over my nice clean examining table. I know how much you enjoy having your balls drained and believe me; the nurse will take very good care of you! Come on in! The office is back open and waiting on you. Oh yes, maybe a nice warm enema will be available for you as well.

Naughty Nurse Loretta