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Can You Keep A Secret?

Can you keep a secret?

I am falling in love with you. It’s kind of hard not to. You have kind of snuck into my life and into my heart. When I hear your voice, you make me smile. I feel like I could tell you anything and everything. I feel like you understand me. I love how you tease me, I love how I can tease you. I feel like we get closer and closer every day with every call. You have done so much for me. You listen to me and you take the time to really understand me. You do things for me to help me out. With everything you do for me, it makes me fall for you a little more every day. Thank you for everything you do. You have become a big part of my life and I do appreciate everything you do for me! I hope you know that!

I do love you!


Age Play Phone Sex Whore

I am the perfect girl for all of your age play fantasies. I have the perfect look that you can fit into any age of your dreams. I have the perfect personality that will adapt to any role you have in mind and I have the perfect voice that will really top off your perfect fantasy. I can be anything your perverted mind can think of. I love being a nasty little Daddy’s Girl Slut. I am the perfect little sister whore. I am perfect as the sweet girl next door. You name it, I love to be it. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call and let me know what your naughty age play phone sex fantasy is.


Let Me Make It Better

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s the perfect time to let you inner freak and naughty side come out. I usually let that side out most of the time but I do enjoy seeing everyone else’s side come out too. In my house, the closet in my spare bedroom happens to hold pretty much every costume you can imagine. I never have to go shopping for a Halloween costume, I just open up my closet and decide what I’d like to be this year. I usually dress up in several different costume, a different one for every party I am invited to. Last night I went to a Halloween Sex Party and I dressed up in one of my many Nurse’s costumes. I love really getting into the role of whatever I am for the night. Halloween is the perfect time to be a nurse or a dr, there are so many bloody and dead costume and it’s of course my duty to try and save or bring them back from the dead! I had so much fun last night and hopefully you and I can have the same kind of fun tonight on the phone!


Having Fun at the Health Club

I Joined a health club because I thought it would a great way to meet hot horny guys.  I was so right!  My favorite place to pick up hot guys is the pool area.  I love just walking around the pool in my sexy bikini with my “big secret” which is not such a secret any longer.  Finding lots of guys who want to hook up with me and suck my cock.  I have lost count how many times that I have cum there.

I love wearing a bikini because it flaunts all my assets, my round girly ass, my sexy full tits, and of course, my cock.  I love it when a man gets hard just when he realizes how big my cock is.  Seeing him down on his knees, with eyes bright and begging for my cum.  I never disappoint when I pull out my cock and trace it over a man’s lips.  Entice him to lick and then suck my cock.  Some guys are so good at it. I can tell that they have sucked a ton of cocks.

This is how I met Jack.  Jack is rugged, handsome, strong, severe tan lines left over from the summer, and a hot little ass.  So far, Jack and I have just sucked each other at the gym, but I want to invite him over this week.  It took me a little while to get up enough courage to ask me invite him to my place.  Need to take him to my bed and fuck that tight little ass.  He wears these tight little swim shorts and they make his ass look so fuckable. I want to feel my cock between his cheeks and just give him an experience that both of us will remember.


Superhero Aimee

I get to be a superhero for the night. Although, I am called a superhero everyday from all my gentlemen callers. I know exactly what you like and I am the one who can get the most cum out of you. Every time I make you climax, you tell me you can’t believe how much you came but yet when you call back; I somehow make you explode even more. I guess that’s the superhero in me that has the power to do that.
I love how my tits gets your cock throbbing and you know I love nothing more than to jack your cock off with my tits. Go ahead, slide your dick right in between my breasts and let me take it from there. I will drain your balls baby and when you do release that big load for me; you’ll know from the huge mess you made that you’ve been saved by superhero Aimee!

~Happy Halloween~


Naughty Girl — Babysitter

I was home for the weekend and our divorced neighbor asked me to babysit his kids so he could take a date to a Halloween Party on Friday night.   I wanted to go out with my old high school friends, but I have always had a crush on him, so I said yes.  I am so glad that I did.

I was jealous that he was taking a lady out on date, so I thought I should torture him by wearing my tightest pair of jeans and little white t-shirt.  He seemed to notice. I got that “look” when I took off my coat and bent my ass up in the air to pull my ty books out of my back pack. He was dressed in a really unoriginal costume—a pirate.  We went over the details and watched him kiss the kids goodbye.  I wore the kids out, so they went to bed early for me.

Pulled out my Psychology book and read the required chapters. It is amazing how much school work you can get done without any distractions. After I did my reading, I was really bored. There was nothing much on tv except scary movies. The last thing you want to do while babysitting is watch a horror movie. I checked on the kids, sound asleep.

I started to feel a little naughty and explored the house.   I opened the door to his bedroom at the end of the hall.  It is really nice for a guy’s bedroom.  He has a big king-size bed and it looked really comfy. I climbed up into his bed and it was really comfortable.  Much more comfortable than the couch downstairs and up here I was closer to the kids.  Grabbed the remote, turned on the tv, and gasped when a porn popped on.  It was a sexy porn.  I found the remote, and backed it up a bit.   There was a hot young blonde getting her pussy pounded and then she sucked his cock until she got a face full of cum.

I started to feel a little sexy.  I tried to put my hand inside my jeans.  Damn, I should have worn sweats and I could have just slipped my fingers inside of them.  I took off my jeans and tossed them to the floor. I crawled back in his big bed and started to touch my pussy under my panties.  I just kept playing with my pussy until I came.  I watched the porn again this time from start to finish.  It was kind of stupid story and I wish I could have seen more of the guy, but the girl was hot.  I closed my eyes. Intended to close them for only a second, but he woke me. There I was in his bed with just my white t shirt and my white panties.

He didn’t look mad but rather amused.  I knew that I didn’t belong here.  I knelt up on the bed and asked him to kiss me.  His kiss devastated me.  He kissed me on the forehead, like a little girl.  After the kiss, my hand brushed his cock through his costume. He was hard.  I rubbed harder and he moaned.  He said that I shouldn’t be doing that. Asked him if he wanted me to stop but he didn’t answer.  I knew by the way he was breathing and the way he was staring at me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.  I opened up his pants and pulled his cock out. I stroked his naked cock while I looked straight into his eyes.

We have been studying nonverbal communication at school, and my body language was screaming “Fuck me!”

I sat back in the bed and just looked at him.  I watched him quickly become naked and get on the bed with me.  I stroked his cock until he took off my shirt and then kissed me.  Kissed me so sexy and passionately.  He whispered, “Miley, you are so young.  I shouldn’t be doing this.”  I knew I had to do something fast or he would lose his nerve.  I might be young but young girls suck the best cock.  I went right down between his legs, opened my mouth and sucked his entire cock in my mouth with one suck.  He was impressed, turned on, got so hard so fast, I was afraid he was going to explode too quickly.

He went down between my legs and pulled off my panties. He said, “If you are going to act like a big girl, you are going to get fucked like a big girl.”  He turned me over, pulled my hair, and fucked me hard, rough and fast. I came so hard.  He fucked me from behind and with one final thrust, he exploded inside of me.  He pulled me next to him and then he started snoring very softly.  I climbed out of his bed and watched him sleep.  I scurried around the room to find my clothes.  I slipped out the back door and felt the cold air hit my hot body. I walked down the block to my house with his cum dripping into my panties.

I left my psychology book there on purpose.  This way I have a reason to go back and get my book the next day.  If you want to hear what happened when I went over there the next day, call me.   (LOL)


Time to feed your kink!

I know how you like being forced to do all kinds of naughty kink! I am the only bitch that can make you blow that big load of cum and I just love having all that power over you. So you want me to make all sort of threats to blackmail you by sending pictures of our elicit sexual encounters! Well you know how much that shit really turns you on making your cock hard. Or maybe, I will blindfold your ass and have all my friends watch as I force you to worship my ass.  You will lose all control when I allow you to kiss me all over my beautiful little behind. Just keep drinking bitch because that is what I demand. I will have complete control over all that you want to do and just maybe when you are drunk enough it will be the perfect time to drain your wallet. After all; your bitch of a wife won’t fuck you but she spends all your money! Now how sad is that?  Just call me when you’re ready to be my man whore! Again.. I love using your ass.


Have you been thinking of me and wanting to make me your sexy hot nymph! One that will be all you crave and desire and making you tremble with just the thought of being between my warm thighs. I love to be wrapped in each others arms, kissing and feeling passion that is so deep and caring. I long to be your everything, pleasing only you! Let me taste you in that special way that you love so fucking much! Yes, slide your cock deep into my wet, warm mouth and feel my lips wrap completely around that shaft; sucking and licking until you almost squirt. But wait; not just yet! There is so much more I want to give you. Let me guide your fingers inside the soft wet spot and push them in deeper. I want to feel your fingers as you bring me closer to that climax, keep it up its coming…. Now!!

Hungry for you…

You walk in the door from a long trip with such a smile to see me. Knowing you have been aching for my tight pussy to be wrapped around your cock. I know those balls are full for me. Grabbing you and kissing you like it was our first kiss. But this time its a kiss that’s deeper and harder telling you how much I have missed you.

Pressing my body up against your cock. Stripping you down to nothing knowing I want your cock hard and rough. Seductively removing my clothes, you just cant keep your hands off my body. Taking me slamming me onto the bed spreading my pussy lips apart darting your tongue in and out furiously. You just cant get enough of me. Pulling me up by the back of my hair biting my neck as I guide your cock into my swollen pussy wanting  you to pound on this pretty pink pussy. Feeling you slide into my drenched pussy starting to give me the pounding I have been waiting for. My juices dripping down your cock to your balls. The sound of your balls smacking up against my ass making me want you to fuck me even harder. Filling my hot steamy pussy up with your cum.

Steamy Kisses,


Sissy Lover

There is nothing like a panty boy in full bloom. Wearing your best panties, lingerie, and thigh highs and plenty of make up to make you look like the whore you really are. I want you to stand before me to be inspected. I know I wont be disappointed. You might need a little work but I will help you with that. I will teach you everything that you are lacking. I know you will do your best to look like the perfect girlie-girl for me. You even know how to sit pretty with your legs crossed in a prissy manner.
You are the perfect submissive treat for me. I know deep down inside you want to beg me to whip out the strap-on and slam your tight little cunny like no one has before.