Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Hairy Creampie Anyone?

It’s your little girl Emily. I know you have been craving some of my hairy pussy. You just love how natural it is and it feels so good when your cock rubs against it. What I really love is when you give me huge cream-pie and it looks so hot when it gets in my hairy, teen bush. I love to rub your hot load all over my pussy and after your hot explosion it would really make your little girl excited if you licked me clean!

I can’t help touching my hot little pussy right now, I just need you here to fill it up! I’m ready for you to give me a hairy creampie!

Your little Emily

Hard Core Domination – Pain Intensifies his Pleasure

Wow, I just realized that I have not blogged here for quite a while. I took a few weeks off because I been busy with a big move. I moved from Indiana to Chicago. Apartment Hunting was difficult.  Hard to find an apartment with thick enough walls, so neighbors don’t hear me while I am on the phone. Chicago is so big, but I love it.  I signed up with a temp agency, not so much for the money, but for the opportunity to meet hot Chicago men.  Working as an office temp, the guys are always falling all over themselves to help me, take me to lunch, and flirt with me.  I love a well-dress man in a suit and tie.  These sexy business men enjoy looking at me in my black pencil skirt and heels.  I save my sexiest lingerie to wear under my most sophisticated black suit. I love the power that I have over men.

As I make my way around the city, I spot submissive men in the crowd. Sometimes I see a submissive man begging for hard core domination just by a look in their eyes.  I return a wicked little smile to acknowledge that I know his secret to be dominated.   I think of these faces when I conduct a hard core phone dominant phone session.  Find a great deal of satisfaction in hearing that little moan, a man begging for more pain, and then begging for mercy as he administers nipple clamps, a belt, a whip, and restraints on his cock and balls. Ultimate gratification for me is knowing that I have full control of his orgasm.  I know just how much pain to apply to hear him until he begins to beg to be allowed to cum for me.

At an underground BDSM club, I see one man on a regular basis in need of Cock & Ball Torture (CBT). He is a real pain slut. On the surface he could be any guy.  He lives in the suburbs with wife and kids. He is tall, successful, quick wit, and striking blue eyes.    Many people might find him rather intimating, but not me.  I know his secret.  He can be only be stimulated sexually by pain.  On the surface it seems ironic that this high power executive grovels at my feet. He is whipped a couple times of week and receives 30 minute CBT sessions at a time.  Watching him wince, hearing his moans, hearing him beg for more, giving him more and more pain, is exhilarating. Finally, I allow him to cum. He can only experience this level of pleasure when it is mixed with pain.



69 = My Favorite Number

I just love cock!  I love big cocks, small cocks, slender cocks, thick cocks! I think my favorite cock is my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my girly curves my round ass and my sexy tits. A real sexy, “girly” girl. I love to wear sexy lingerie, heels and dresses, but I love my cock!  Check out my pics.  Let me know what you think of my cock and my tits!

I crave a cock in my mouth.  I bet you do to sometimes.  I can never get enough of oral sex.  I am addicted to the taste of cum.  I stroke my cock all day long, fantasizing about my cock being in a sexy man’s mouth.    I masturbate several times a day, seems like I am always hard and horny. What I really love is finding is a man who enjoys sucking my pretty lady cock as much as I enjoy sucking his cock. 

While he sucks my cock, I thrust my cock deep into his mouth, our bodies inverted into a hot 69 position. Fucking and Sucking!  Blowing big loads of cum into each other’s mouth.  So Fucking Hot! Don’t you want the best blow job that you have ever had?  I suck cock just like I want mine sucked.  Slow, deep, wet warm mouth…just the right amount of pressure from my lips.  I take it all the way down, always.  

I think I am the ultimate phone fuck buddy.  Hot girly curves, pretty voice and a long dick all for your pleasure!


Taste Me.


My personal man whore!

All I can think of is how it feels every time I bring home guy’s with big gorgeous cocks and have them fuck me in front of your weak pussy ass! That makes me want to have them fill my pussy up with loads of cum and then make you lick it all nice and clean. You just love tasting all that cum and when I let you suck cock it makes you a very happy boy. I know you secretly crave big cocks as much as I do but you pretend as though you are not a cock loving man whore but I know better. I always notice how hard your little cock gets when ever I bring my fuck partners home and you wait patiently for all my leftovers. So, tonight when all those big cocks have loaded my pussy with cum and I am feeling totally fucked then and only then can you have a little fun being my clean up boy! So be prepared to swallow lots of creamy cum and I really can’t wait to see your lips wrapped around all those hard cocks. Call me and let’s play!

You’ve Never Been With A RedHead Like Me!

I’m a natural redhead that enjoys my life and I love sharing it with others. I am a true gentleman’s companion. 

Did you know that true red heads only make up 1 to 2 % of the population? No wonder everyone is so fascinated with us. Have you ever been with one?

 I love to take my time in pleasing the right man both in public and behind closed doors. I will leave you thinking about our encounter for days. You will never feel rushed or unwanted when you are in my arms.

 I love all roleplaying fantasies and am fetish friendly too. I bet I’ll do what “she” won’t do. I have a collection of toys that I would love to use on you as well as myself. Care to try something new?

My Best Friend or My Lover

She is beautiful in her own way. The way she looks at me when we talk the softness of her skin when we hug. We wanted each other so bad the passion in her eyes making me rip off her clothes as she did mine. It was just a matter of time this was going to happen. Leaning over grabbing her breasts in both of my hands putting her nipples in my mouth biting them teasing her. I know how bad she wanted my body my hands ran down her back feeling her soft, smooth, silky skin kissing her down to her mound. Her hot box was so wet with her sweet juices spilling out of her. Her clit swollen and aching with anticipation. My tongue rolling side to side around her sensitive clit spreading her legs further apart sliding my tongue even deeper making her squeal louder for more. It just didn’t stop there we went all night long. My best friend has now turned into one of the best lovers I have ever had. What are best friends for!
Steamy Kisses,

Needing Your Touch

When I don’t hear from you for a couple of days I start going crazy because I need your touch. I know I don’t feel you physically but mentally I need it. It’s your voice that stimulates me and when I hear your masculine voice on the other end of the phone my pussy instantly starts to moisten. Pleasing myself without you is not the same and my orgasms are not nearly as intense as when I am with you babe. Do you feel the same or is it just me? I hate to think of the thought that you get off without me, but of you do, is your orgasm any different? I like to think that as much as we want each other, we need one another.

I want you now and I am needing your touch.

Xo, Caroline

Stranger Cock

I love going out with my friends and then ending up ditching them and going home with complete strangers. I think it’s incredibly hot having strange cock on a weekly basis. You just never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes the men can be disappointing; either their cock isn’t big enough or they’re just really bad in bed. If that happens, I just end up leaving. I’ll make up some excuse to leave so I am not wasting my time. Then they’re the guys that totally rock my world. I’m always excited going back to their place and seeing what kind of package I get to open (winks).

I love being single because then I get to have all the stranger cock I want in many different shapes, sizes and colors!

Tight Little Laney 866-278-6755

#1 Jizz Junkie

Hey guys, it’s your favorite girl Jizz Junkie Mandee! If you don’t know by now why they call me that; I will catch you up to speed. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is big loads of jizz! I absolutely love jizz all over my face, tits, in my ass and my all time favorite place for your cum is inside my tight, teen pussy!

I love old grandpa cum to boys my own age. Of course, I like old men’s cum the most! The best cum is the really thick, clumpy jizz, makes my cunnie wet just thinking about it.

One night I was really craving cum so I invited 5 of my dad’s friends over and I made them all jack off in shot glasses. When they all shot their big loads, I drank every one of them and even my dad’s jizz too! I’m so ready to do that again but with 20 guys!

I could totally live off of cum! Are you ready to give it to me?

Jizz Junkie Mandee

Her family is surely missing her now…

I often wonder what her last thoughts were as she slipped away.  The fear in her eyes tells me they couldn’t have been pleasant.  You would think she would have been thinking about how much she is going to miss her family or who is going to take care of her little puppy when she is gone.  However I think her very last thought was chastising herself for being naive enough to fall for the whole “hey I have an ipad2 at home you can test it out first if you want to before buying one” that I fed her at the electronics store….. Stupid people = Dead bitches!