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Wanting you again…

Being with you again made me realize how much I missed you. It’s like your cock found it’s home again deep inside of me.
I feel so sexy dressing up for you and every time I put on my hot lingerie my pussy starts to moisten because of the anticipation of being with you with soon.
When you walk in the room and you see me sitting on the edge of the bed, I can’t help but to notice that big bulge in your pants. I love knowing that big cock is all mine and eagerly awaiting to fuck my holes.
We fuck so good and why we ever stopped I’m not quite sure but I’m here wanting your cock again.
Ready for you,


He came to our office seeking help with a small problem and I do mean small. Some how my patient is finding it difficult to keep his cock erect and that is an area of expertise I specialize in. With all my knowledge of the subject and using all my special little instruments, I am sure we can fix his problems in a very satisfying way! First, I showed him my exam table and instructed him to take off all of his clothes. Right away he seemed really nervous, so I kept telling him in my sweet sexy nurse voice that it would be okay. Finally, he was naked and relaxed on my table.  I noticed how small his penis was and wondered to myself if he had any self esteem issues going on and maybe that may have an effect on his cock staying hard. But soon I found out that it had nothing to do with his problem. After putting on my gloves and inserting my index finger all the way into his rectum, I began rubbing on his prostate gland and with in seconds his cock was at full attention! I could hear him making some really loud groans! Which instantly made me wet and so horny. At that moment, I knew what I had to do to help my patient. So, I grabbed one of my larger instruments and pushed it deep into his ass and I began fucking him with it as hard as I could and let me tell you that is when he really screamed with passion. Which made me realize his problem was only that he wanted and needed something big and hard shoved in his tight little man pussy to keep his little cock rock hard! He left our office completely cured! Cum see Nasty Nurse Loretta today!

I love teaching the young boys!

My nephew came to visit me this past week and my how time has passed, he has grown into such a great looking young man. He keeps telling me how great I look for my age, now isn’t that sweet of him?  Well, I just love it and when I notice him taking extra long looks at me it makes my nipples hard.  And, yes I have noticed how much other parts of his young hot body has grown up too! Very nice indeed. When he asked me if it was okay with me if he invited some of his old school buddies over, of course Auntie said yes by all means.  Some really nasty thoughts popped into my head.

The guys came over and it took no time at all before we were all drunk and having a fantastic fuck party with me as the only piece of pussy in the house. What a lovely time we had and my nephew was indeed quite hung in the cock department and lets just say his young friends were holding their own as well. I really enjoyed teaching those boys how to fuck and be fucked by a real mature woman! So come to me if you really want to learn about the art form of fucking your Granny!!! It will be my extreme pleasure to teach you.

Let’s Get Kinky With It

I am not one to mess around when it comes to sex. When I am horny, I want it NOW and I want it good! I don’t like to waste time with polite introductions and all the other bull shit. Hell No! I want you to take your clothes off and I want you to have a hard cock ready to go and you better believe I am going to want that hard cock inside of me as fast as you can get it there. My pussy doesn’t require any prep time when I am horny, it will be wet and dripping, eager for your cock. When your cock finally gets inside, don’t take it easy on me. I want it rough and hard. I want it fast, I want every thrust to count. I want you to fuck me like your life depends on it. Do you think you can do that? Do you think you are man enough to give me what I really want and need? Call me and let’s find out!

Sensual Seduction…Like Never Before

You all know you love my voice! I mean, how can you not become addicted to it? It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It has you wanting more and more. But if you’ve never called me before, well then you don’t really know what you are missing do you? You’ve never heard my voice, you’ve never listened to me cum! My moans can make a man weak in the knees.

I like to start and take things slow. I like to first get to know the guy who is on the other line. I like to close my eyes while you tell me all about yourself. Then I want to tell you all the naughty things that I plan on doing to you. First I will have to take off every inch of your clothing. I want to seduce you slowly and sensually, not only with my voice but with my imagination too. I will make you so hot just by talking to you. All you have to do is call me, close your eyes and let me do all the work.

You are a loser, accept the facts….

Do you have any idea how unworthy of my time that you are?  I would NEVER actually fuck a loser like you.  In fact you are lucky that I even let you converse with me.

I am the woman you WISH you could have.  Who wouldn’t want me, I have a body to die for and my confidence level is through the roof.  I also have some awesome tits and the juiciest pussy you could ever imagine.  Of course imagining is all that you can do being I would NEVER let you actually stick that worthless wimpy stick you call a dick inside of me.

Endless Lust

When you hear my words your heart beats faster. I fill your mind with passion and lust that has been unexplored. My soft lips seducing you as we kiss your body begging for more. The touch of my hands as they wander your body sending chills through you. Our bodies pressing up against each other feeling the heat between us. Your feeling so over whelmed by me. You crave everything about me, I sweep you away when our eyes lock with each sultry, hypothesizing move.

Kisses Always,

Lusty Lindsay


More is always better!

The only thing better than 3 hot chicks making out is a super horny guy joining us.  Now I realize that handling that much pussy might possibly be a challenge but if you happen to have a premature “blowout” me and my girls will just use our toys to entertain each other until your cock is ready to conquer us thoroughly.  My wet fuckholes are ready for you babe!

Want to be my boyfriend?

I give all guys equal opportunity to make me their dirty slutty girlfriend.  It really doesn’t take much to impress me….some intelligent conversation and a creative imagination with a huge sex drive.  Guys always say they could fuck all the time but I have found that few can actually keep up with my sex drive.  I really want to fuck morning, noon & night every single day of the week, and extra on Sunday and rainy days.  I have the creativity to keep you hard, question is do you have the stamina to keep up?

Ending the Summer with a BANG

I hate that summer is coming to an end! I love relaxing by the pool in my skimpy swim wear and teasing all the men in the neighborhood! It’s honestly what I live for. So this weekend I decided I needed to have some extra naughty fun! I was laying out by the pool when my neighbor came out and was watering his plants. This guy has been drooling over me all summer long. I am sure he thought that he never had a shot with someone like me. But I was horny and willing to make the old guys summer. So I walked on over and without saying a word, grabbed his hose (the water hose that is) and starting to take a drink by sticking my tongue out, then I started to let the water spray all over me, getting myself wet. He was shocked, good thing he has a good heart or we might of needed to call 911. I dropped the hose and went right for his pants. I wasn’t going to mess around. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. The old guy couldn’t take it, luckily the only head to explode was his cock, right in my mouth! I love summer and I’m really going to miss messing around with my neighbors. Good thing that means college is back in session and I have college guys and my professors with mess around with.