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Shopping Fun=Road Head

I started dating this guy a few weeks ago. At first I was I kind of only planned on him being a one night stand. I mean haven’t you ever hooked up with someone that you thought it wouldn’t really go anywhere with them? Well that was my mind set when I started dating this guy. I fucked him, it was fun while it lasted but I really didn’t plan on ever hearing from him again. The next day he called me though and was persistent so I went out with him again and again and again. No we’re going on week 3 and I sometimes want to kick myself in the ass for even thinking he was just going to be a one night stand. This guy knows how to please a woman and in more ways than one. He spoils me in and out of the bedroom. We have fun together. The other day he took me shopping. I love dating guys who like to spoil their women with shopping trips. I got a new purse, some sexy lingerie and clothes and sexy perfume. I of course had to reward him for all he bought me. On the way home I gave him one hot and fantastic blow job. I love giving road head, it’s even better when he didn’t expect it or ask for. I can’t wait until our next date!

Summer Time Slut

There’s been a heat wave going all around the country and I have to admit, the heat makes me horny. You know how a werewolf acts when there is a full moon? That’s how I act when it’s hot out! I go crazy until I find someone to fuck! It’s like I can’t get enough sex! I bet you would love to be around me when the heat wave begins. I am a bit of the nudist because of the heat, always finding reasons to take my clothes off and wear very little. Guys around me of course do not complain about my lack of clothes. Tonight I am turning the air up, getting naked and grabbing all my toys to play with. I will be masturbating whether I am on a call or not. So if you are hot and horny and want some hot chick to talk to. Give me a call!

Just for you daddy

Dear Daddy,

I know you are nothing but a small dick, lingerie wearing, cock sucking bitch BUT…I still love you. Kinda sorta, in a weird way. Seriously daddy, I know what you are and that is why I call you to my room when my boyfriend comes over. I wanted to say thanks for sucking his cock so good last night. I couldn’t believe how big he got and how good his swollen, wet cock felt in my tiny pussy. Mommy has really been training you well huh daddy! Anyways, he fucked me so good after you sucked him and then came like a ton in my little cunnie. I hope you like the way his hot, creamy jizz tasted in my hot twat.

TTYS Daddy!!!!!




Boy in the black hood

Maybe it was the way you came into my bedroom with your tail tucked between your legs and head down so submissively. Weak, willing, and eager to be sensually dominated by a sexy,young red head. You mumbled something about not being worthy and I bent down to unzip your hood. Placing my soft finger over your lips I told you to be quiet and prepare for the hottest mix of pleasure & pain you have ever experienced.Down on your knees with a black leather hood covering your face and a tight, black latex thong positively panting to serve. I must admit the thought of sensually molesting you and making you my bitch made my pussy fucking drip. I took my time, enticing your fetish cock and balls with all sorts of wicked teasing. And, what a fuck worthy cock you have I must say. The minutes lingered and slowly turned to hours and your moans turned to muffled screams until you could take no more.

Fuck it was hot-

Sensual licks, Jade

Mommy Morgan does it all

Hello baby boy! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed you this weekend. We do have our share of naughty fun don’t we darling? Mommy Morgan loves to take care and nurture you in the most sensual of ways. Most wouldn’t approve of our “close” relationship but we don’t care. Mommy knows what is best and the two of us sharing very intimate moments is so special I could never give it up.

I know you love to watch me dress too darling, you always have and I am always seductive and sexy for you. Mommy doesn’t really have to try to hard though does she baby? That’s because I am 100% MILF and this hot, mature, slutty mommy loves nothing more than using my sexy body to lure you in my bedroom.

Come one come all to my adventurous sex playground and see what kind of naughty, hot fun we can get into.

Anything goes with this Mommy.

Kiss~Kiss darling,

Erotic Masturbation

What is it about being on my knees like this that just makes my hot *meow* tingle for you? I don’t really know but to me sensuality is a big part of what makes sex really amazing. I like to explore my body and take my time too. I have mirrors around my bed for this very reason. *blushing* Kitten loves to watch…

I like to finger my hot honey hole,spreading my legs wide and arching my back so I can see every sexy detail. My tight,wet slit and pink,puckered rosebud look so yummy when I am all hot and turned on. I rub my nipples and bring them up to my mouth so I can kiss them. *giggles* Sometimes you come in to my bedroom and watch for while before I realize I have an audience. I never mind though because your naughty sex kitten loves to tease and please. When you sit back and stroke your cock telling me how to touch myself I get so incredibly hot! Guide me and I will guide you, we can come together.

Meow Kiss Meow,


Uncle will you please come fuck me?

Really late at night I wake up so horny my little panties are completely soaked with my creamy fuck juice. Lucky for me my brother’s are always willing and eager to fuck my tiny holes. But, last night I was alone and I needed to be fucked so bad OMG. I didn’t want to use my toys or my finger I wanted a big throbbing dick to stuff me, pound me, fuck me like the young cock whore I am. So, I called you and begged you to come over promising never to tell Auntie a single thing. I mean why not fuck my uncle? I fuck my daddy, my brothers and even my old grandpa a few nights ago. When my slutty little pussy needs cock I get it where ever I can. And, I guess it’s true I am definitely a slut for incest sex. So, within minutes my uncle was in my bedroom big, throbbing cock in hand with his mouth devouring my young cunt. I didn’t last long even though your tongue felt incredibly fucking good I wanted your big, hard dick in my young little bald pussy. You kissed me and played with my tiny, perky tits while you shoved your cock in deep. You moaned and I moaned too begging for you to fuck the shit out of me. At last those final few thrusts of your swollen mushroom tip made my tiny whore hole squirt all over your incest cock. I felt you explode and your thick, creamy fuck lotion dripped out of my tiny hole, between my thighs. Mmm I can still taste your hot jizz.

Hardcore Incest Play with Lil Lou

No limits.

No taboos.


You know you want it

How long has it been since you really indulged in something extra taboo and forbidden? I’m your hot, sexy and sinfully slutty girl next door ready to rock your cock super hard. I love dressing up in sexy lingerie for you and being your fuck doll. I make such a great fuck because getting you off is what makes my pussy so wet. You know I will do anything at all to make you cum for me. So, stop stroking alone and come see me so you can have what you really want.

My sexy ass is yours take it!



Taking care of my man

I don’t know why but it comes very naturally to me. I just seem to know what it is men truly desire the most and I love making sure they get it. Especially with you darling, I do adore taking care of your every craving. Using my sensuous curves to tease and delight your every sense. My soft, sexy voice talking sweetly and seductively in your ear while I ever so slowly stroke your raging hard cock with my silky, smooth hands. Leaning in to kiss you long and deep, swirling my tongue around yours, sucking on it just a little bit. I love making you hard for me and making you want more of me is what I do the very best. You get lost in lust when I slide down between your legs and wrap my huge, swollen breasts around your hot shaft. The feel of my voluptuous tits squeezed tightly around your cock and then teasing you with my delicious cinnamon nipples. It’s only the beginning of a very long and luscious night of love making. I am ready to share another with you lover.

Soft Kisses,

Your Naughty Ashlee

Your Secret Is Out.. Kinky Crossdressers!!

My young next door neighbor agreed to come over and help me clean out my garage today and what happened before he left really floored me to say the least. I left him at my house while i went out to the store by the time i got back he was not in the garage so i put the packages away and headed up to my room. Once i got to the top of the stairs there were strange noises which made me stop to listen. As i got closer to my room i could see him sitting there in the middle of my closet wearing my heels and nylons and holding a pair of my panties in his hand and looking quite comfortable with the whole situation. So me standing there and getting turned on by the scene before me decided to take full advantage of this kinky young man.. I called out his name which caused him to turn around quickly making him drop the panties on the floor. The look on his face said it all.. He was caught dressing up like girl and now his secret is out so what will he do to make sure he is not found out!  I WONDER DON’T YOU? Lets talk Boy’s