Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Accomplice to Sin

 I never really thought of myself as a cruel person till I met Ted. We were bored drinking and drove around all afternoon looking for something exciting to do.  We talked about my phone sex job and all the kinky things guys want to talk about.

   He asked me what I felt the most taboo subjects were and I told him probably the accomplice calls. Then he wanted me to explain. I told him the story about one from last week were My boyfriend wanted to have a virgin and he knew my younger sister was still pure. So, one night we all three hung out and we let her drink a few fruity drinks till she was drunk and about to pass out. We helped her to bed and took off all her clothes. She looked so sexy laying there with her tight body and soft skin. I helped tie her down in case she woke up. I watched as my boyfriend started kissing her body and touching her all over, it was weird  just watching, so I started touching her too. I couldn’t believe what I was doing! I was helping my boyfriend rape my virgin little sister. I even kissed him as he was poising to mount her. She was still out cold but I covered her face with the pillow anyway in case she started to scream from the pain of him popping her cherry.

   As he started to push into her, she started to struggle and I pushed the pillow down harder as I was the accomplice to my boyfriend raping my innocent little sister. I sat on her chest and kissed him while he fucked her so hard that I believe she passed out from the pain. It was the most erotic taboo thing I ever did. I came all over her stomach. When he was finished we untied her and cleaned her up and dressed her in her night gown.  Tucked her in and if she asks tomorrow we will tell her she was having a bad dream.

Teen Incest Princess

 I think I am going to go sneak in my brothers room and climb in bed with him.  I saw him walking around today naked when he thought no one was home and his cock looked absolutely delicious.  Nice big fat mushroom head with the perfect bulging shaft.  A perfect cock leading to a set of balls that looked like they were absolutely full of delicious cum.  Cum that I wanna taste!  Mmmmmmmmm.  So should I go climb in bed with him and rock his world?

Snuff Pedo Whore!

Nothing is better in life than watching a little one struggle out of fear for their life.  To know that at any given second everything that is familiar to them is slipping away.  That last breath they take is usually the point that my pussy loses all control and I start squirting all over the fuckin place!  Die bitch die!

Let me be your ass slut

I love taking it in the ass! So why don’t you cum over here, bend my over that table and just give it to me real good! I will enjoy it so much and I know you will too! Anal sex is so hot and it gets me off like nothing else can. I know you love getting me off. I know you love sliding that thick dick inside my tight little asshole! So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some ass play fun! I like it deep and hard! I bet we could have a lot of fun together! Let me be your Anal Slut!

My Sissy loves Chocolate

You and I have a special relationship don’t we sissy?  And, you have been trained to suck cock like a sissy pro isn’t that right?  Well, you don’t have to tell me you love it because I know what a slut you are.  Sissy slut that is, always playing with your little pussy dreaming about black cock.  Oh yes, you have quiet the chocolate addiction and MIss Sky knows just how to make you beg for it.  Tonight I have a special guest waiting to be serviced and I expect you to come over wearing your slutty red dress and matching stilettos. Don’t forget the lipstick you know I like you wearing whore red when you suck cock like a good sissy slut for me.

Muah!!  Sissy don’t be late!

Miss Sky

AIM:  yournaughtysky

It’s Time Loser

It’s time for you to Worship my sexy ass body!

It’s been way too long since you kissed every inch of my skin and told me how fucking gorgeous I am. I can never hear that enough, so speak up LOSER! Don’t be shy, I love hearing about how wonderful I am. I love hearing about how hot I am. I love knowing how much I turn you on. But you are so predictable it is a little pathetic. Not that you can help it, cuz you are just a predictable, pathetic LOSER! It’s time to face your doom and accept your punishment! Hurry up before I decide not to be so nice and make your punishment even worse!

I Need 2 Ride U

I’m such a fucking whore for you and I don’t care who knows baby.  My hot cunt craves your big dick 24/7 and I need it NOW!  We have such great sex in so many great positions that I never know what we will do next, I only hope it will be fucking hardcore kinky.  Right now all I can think about is climbing up on you, spreading my sexy legs and rubbing my hot, wet slit up and down your shaft until you are ooozing pre cum then riding you until you give me all your creamy fuck goo. You know this slut wants it bad and I will do whatever the hell it takes to get it too.

Fuck Me Soon,



No Taboos.

No Limits.

Hey Bitches Did You Miss Me?

Since the site was changing servers and you couldn’t stroke your loser cock to my pictures, I decided to post a couple to make up for it. Thanks to you loyal losers who called , IMed and emailed me. You all will find something special in your emails tonight! Special rates just for this weekend only.

    And to all you losers who didn’t make the effort, I am going to give you a small treat too for you to make it up to me for not calling me all week.

30 minutes for 50.00

45 minutes for 80.00

So start dialing losers and lets get busy!!!!!

I love it when daddy comes to my room

  Since I was a young girl my daddy would always come in my room and sit at my desk and  have me undress for him or just show him my hairy pussy. Some days it was me fingering  my tiny hole for him.. or just rubbing myself. My legs  pulled way up legs spread wide open and everything on display for my daddy to look at. He  never touches me  because he wants me to remain pure .. but he still can’t help coming every night to look at me and stroke his cock into a pair of my little cotton panties.

  But what daddy dosen’t know I have been fucking my uncle and 2 cousins for afew years now. And  none of  my little holes are untouched.

Pleasing You

There really isn’t a single thing this hot sex kitten wouldn’t do for you.  I hope you know this sexy…mmm because pleasing you makes me so hot & wet. My yummy honey hole starts to drip when I think about how hard your shaft gets for me. *blushing* I like to tease you and talk dirty until you are absolutely rock hard. Then I like to show you how good kitten is with her mouth and purrrrr on your cock for awhile.  Slowly I lick and nibble on every inch of you.  Stroking as I suck…wanting to swallow all your hot,thick sex juice.

Cum feed me…kitten wants cream~