Monthly Archive for December, 2009


I can’t seem to get this vision off my mind. The thoughts leaves me with a smile or grin…

I’m in an office with a guy. Me leaning against the desk. Wearing just a black blazer, black bra and thong, black thigh highs and black heels. We kiss. One of my legs are bent and he is holding it. He rubs his crotch against my pelvic. He’s fully clothed. I manage to unbutton my blazer, revealing just a bra. He lifts me up and places me on the desk. I unbutton his slacks and start stroking him. He leans me back on the desk and pulls my thong to the side. With two fingers he wets it and starts rubbing my clit. I proceed to moan and want more. He slides the tips of his fingers down my soft lips and slides them inside my pussy. In an upward motion he rubs his fingers inside me, massaging my walls. My wetness is heard as he finger fucks me.

I take his hand out, bring it towards my mouth and he watches me sucking my own juices. He moans as he watches, stroking his cock. Moving closer he takes the head and teases my clit with it. Rubbing it up and down and then he stops above my pussy. I begin to moan and he slides it in slowly. Watching the head disappear inside me. Bringing my knees to my chest and my ass in the air, he grinds into me. Thrusting and tapping my insides. My breasts bounce with each thrust. He lips one leg and kisses it.

I am about to cum but he pulls out. Gestures me to stand up and bends me over the desk. Rubbing my ass and with a quick spank. My legs spread apart, he fucks me from behind. With every thrust my body quivers. I moan and cry out in pleasure. Just picturing myself in heels with his pants wrapped around his ankles, god that is fucking hot!

Damn I need to get fucked…


New Years Release

 I am all alone tonight. I need to feel someones touch. Feel his lips against mine. Feel his hot breath on me. I close my eyes. I can almost feel your body pressing against mine. Sigh. I let my hands start to wander. I move them over my body imagining they are your hands. I move them along my curves, feeling my hips, my breasts, my thighs. Circling around on my body I let them drift over my belly and up under my shirt. My hands move dreamily over my skin. The feel of my fingertips is feather light. I can feel my nipples hardening as my fingers move closer to my breasts. I lazily let them drift across the top of my bra. I can feel my hardness. My fingers tuck into the top of the cup and I circle my nipples. God. I instantly feel the desire pulsing in my cunt. I move my hands in deeper and roll my nipples between my fingers. Heat shoots through my pussy. I arch my back and pinch my nipples harder. God, it feels so good. Needing to intensify the feelings, I move my hand back down over my belly and slip it into my panties.
My fingers brush over my pubic hair, teasing it. I drift my fingers down to my clit and linger for a moment, just pressing on it. Giving in, I begin to move my fingers in small circles. I suck in my breath, my fingers on my nipple pinching harder. I can feel your tongue on me, your teeth grazing me. I moan softly as the pleasure starts to rise in me. My fingers are bringing me to that place, that place where the world starts to disappear and all I can feel is desire, want, need. I push my fingers further down my slit invading my wetness. My fingers are slick against my skin. I open my legs wider and push a finger inside me. My hips involuntarily push up to my hand. I stroke my finger in and out slowly, leisurely, enjoying the sensations rippling through me.
But it’s not enough. I remove my hand from my breast and tug at my panties. I need them off. NOW. I push another finger inside me, imagining your that cock is thrusting into me. I move my other hand to my clit, rubbing a harder. I see your body in my mind, moving above me, thrusting into me. I need you. I want you. God. I moan again. I push a third finger inside me, frantically, desperately. My fingers work faster on my clit. I prop my leg up, spreading my legs further. Opening myself up to you further. I’m so close. I can feel my cunt starting to pulse around my fingers. My clit is throbbing. I need to cum. Imagining you, right there, touching me, fucking me. Oh god. I can feel it. I can feel your cock. I can feel your hardness. I can feel the heat searing through me. Oh god. that’s it. My hips push up into the air, my hand buried, deep in my cunt, my fingers on my clit. I groan. My cunt spasms around my fingers, pulsing, clenching. Oh. Oh. Waves of pleasure rush over me. I can feel it in every nerve, every muscle, every essence of my being. I let out a rush of air, gasping for breath, cumming so hard. Groaning loudly, I feel the release.
Relaxing myself back down on the bed, I continue to stroke my clit softly, gently, riding out the rest, enjoying the feelings. I slowly remove my fingers from my cunt and bring them up to my mouth. I lick off my sweetness, knowing how much you love the taste of me. Sigh. Such wonderful feelings. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I want to cum with you tonight. Call me, and let’s bring in the new year together.

Fetish Phone Sex

I’ve been a very naughty girl…so naughty, in fact, even Santa had to take a turn! *giggles* Do you enjoy having a beautiful young girl over your knee….or on her knees, brightening that bottom to a lovely crimson shade? I must admit, my pussy drips at the thought of a good sound spanking…and it is even more fun when you are pounding me from behind while you spank me…teaching how YOU want me to behave, what a good girl I could be for you. Maybe you enjoy being on the other end of a beating. Either way, it is sure to be sexy as hell, and loads of fun! Think you have what it takes to keep me in line…I’d love to test that theory…and promise me you won’t be gentle!!

Love and Licks….and a Happy New Year!



Femdom Phone Sex Fantasy

 If your favorite femdom phone sex fantasy could come true, it might start like this …….

Tonight, it’s just you and me.  As I tie you up and blindfold you, I see how aroused you are.  Oh, little do you know what I have in store for you.  If you did, you’d probably be cumming right now!

You see, tonight’s the night when I’m going to push you to your limits.  I know your secret kinks and fantasies, especially THAT one.  You know the one  – the one you get all breathless over when you describe it to me…the one where you blush, but yet you have such a huge erection.  Yes…THAT one.  Are you ready for it?  Are you ready for me to indulge your secret, twisted little fantasy?

Are you sure?  Remember the saying “be careful what you wish for?”  Oh my, look how hard you are!  And look at how much your cock is dripping precum.  Is it because I’m about to make your secret fantasy come true?  Or is it because you love when I rake my fingernails up and down your inner thighs and across your balls?  Mm, maybe it’s because you feel my hot breath on your cock and balls and you know that if you could move your hips forward just a half an inch, my lips would touch you?  Mmmmm…I think it’s a combination of everything, isn’t it, boy?

Tonight is the night when your secret fantasy becomes a reality.  Are you ready for me to push your limits?

What are your secret desires?  What makes your pulse race?  Call me and tell me your secret femdom phone sex fantasy.

Sissy Bitch Gets What He Deserves!

I go to a swingers party with this hot stud I’m dating right now. We met another couple and my boyfriend was interested in playing with her but her husband was a complete small dick bitch. I just laughed when he took his pants off. I told him my boyfriend was going to fuck his wife but I was not interested in him. He kept begging to fuck me but I would just laugh at him. My boyfriend had his wife on her knees and was pounding the fuck out of her pussy doggie style. Finally, I just grabbed that bitch husband of hers and put him on his knees and had his face right at my boyfriends cock and his wife’s ass. I put one hand on his back and two fingers in his ass and made him jerk his cock while watching his wife get her pussy stretched out by my boyfriend’s huge cock. While my boyfriend was fucking her, he was stroking his little cock on his knees while I was raping his ass. Finally when my boyfriend was ready to blow his load he pulled his cock out and blew it all over his face!  I just laughed my ass off. Because soon as my boyfriend did that he came all over himself.

Happy New Years daddy!

They say that whatever you are doing at midnight of New Years Eve is what you will be doing for the entire next year.  So I am going to be right here rockin’ all of the daddy cocks on the phone.  I want my entire next year to be filled with huge orgasms and all the daddy cum I can handle.

Tight Teen Torrie

Happy New Years!

All guys love to be petted.  A tender touch, a soft kiss.  Don’t you want to come home from work and be greeted by a warm and attentive woman?  Not some caddy chick that is always bitching and complaining but a real woman who knows that peace of mind and a soft touch is all that most men want in life?

You want to be appreciated for who you are.  You want a woman who is a lady, but who is also that slut that you need in the bedroom.  A woman that knows how to tease and seduce.  A woman that knows how to touch you in every way.  Intimacy is about growing bonds and sharing.

Lets get intimate together babe, and bring the New Years in right…

Do you think about me?

Do find yourself thinking about me when you’re at work sitting at your desk? When you’re in some tremendously boring meeting do you drift off thinking about my body, voice and slipping your cock inside of me? When your driving home, do you think about our last erotic phone conversation? Does your mind start to think about me when your in the shower? Feeling my wet, naked body against yours. When you’re laying in bed at night do you turn over and wish I was there? Do me a favor- everytime you think about me, let me know because I just maybe thinking of you…

Young Pussy Worship Phone Sex!!!

You love when I spread open my puffy, little lips so you can see the pink cunt you’ve been wanting so bad. You can’t get enough of my pussy, can you? You love examining it and putting your face closer and closer to get a better look. You take a big whiff…. and my pussy smell is so intoxicating it makes your cock tingle. You’re amazed how bald and smooth my little pussy is. You can’t stop petting and touching it. Tell me how bad you want to taste it? I know you want to push your tongue through my tight cunt and suck on my young girl juices. You can almost taste it now, can’t you? Please worship my pussy and I promise to give you a squirting shower all over your face!

Jizz Junkie Mandee


A Night To Remember!

Every year I have plans for New Years. I love to go out and party till the sun comes up. This year I am going to a small dinner party with friends and then coming home. I’m not feeling the crowds and the super expensive drink tabs. I’m thinking of spending my New Years with you this year. I think we can have our own little celebration all to ourselves. I’m in the mood to take things to a whole new level with you and satisfy every inch of your cock. So, if you’re like me this year and think phone sex is a much more enjoyable New Years then you need to call me. Let’s make a night to remember!


Cum To Bed With Faith,